Drishyam Review

Drishyam Review


Drishyam Review:

Drishyam is an upcoming thriller drama film directed by Nishikant Kamat. The film stars Ajay Devgn, Shriya Saran and Tabu in the lead roles. It is an official remake of a Malayalam film of the same name. Drishyam is scheduled to release on 31 July 2015.

Drishyam is a remake of the Malayalam film by the same name, which was directed by Jeethu Joseph. The same film was then made in Kannada as DRISHYA, and also in Telugu as DRUSHYAM. It is only recently that the film was made in Tamil language as well titled PAPANASAM, which starred the legendary Kamal Haasan.

Lets proceed to Drishyam Hindi movie review.

Drishyam Movie Review: Story

Drishyam tells the story of Vijay Salgaonkar (Ajay Devgn) who belongs to a middle class, running a cable TV business. His life revolves around his family consisting of his wife Nandini Vijay Salgaonkar (Shriya Saran) and his daughter (Ishita Dutta). They are living a happy life, till one day they have to face a terrible incident. His elder daughter was being assaulted by a boy named Sam in the school camp. He plants a hidden camera in the washroom and got her video. Then he demands sexual favour from her in return of MMS being deleted. Upon hearing this she raged with anger and killed him by hitting a rod. Sam was the only son of the IG Meera Deshmukh (Tabu).

Vijay then made a master plan that will help his family from the clutches of the police. After this begins the cat and mouse game between Vijay and Meera. Will Vijay be able to protect his family? Will he be able to prove himself inncoent? Watch the film to know.

Drishyam Review: Direction, Editing, Screenplay

The story of Drishyam is such that it keeps the audience guessing about what is going to happen next. As such the screenplay is very engaging and entertaining.  This is a completely nail biting tale and has you hooked to it. The climax, which reveals the truth about the entire case, is shocking. The dialogues are natural. Overall, the writers (Jeetu Joseph) have done a commendable job.

Nishinaknt Kamat direction is exceptional. He makes the narrative engaging from the start to the end and extracts fine performances from his cast. He does total justice to the film's exceptional script and his direction is spot on. However, his narrative style may only appeal more to the city-based class audience.

Editing is top notch. You will not lose interest even though the pace is a little slower. Vishal Bharadwaj music is very good. The background score lifts many scenes in the movie. The cinematography is simple yet so effective.

Drishyam Review: Star Performances

⇒ Ajay Devgan, it would seem, was born to play this role. He is absolutely extraordinary as Vijay and breathes fire in the scenes of confrontation with IG Meera (Tabu). He is suitably mellow in the romantic scenes. This is one of the best ever performances of Ajay Devgan in his entire career and he would be a strong contender this year for the best actor award for this film.

⇒ Tabu plays the role of Meera (a police officer) with flair and gets a haunting quality to her silence. Her beauty is such in the film that it reflects her state of mind. Her happiness, anger and pain speaks through her eyes.

⇒ Shriya Saran as Nandhani in the film, is great. Beautiful, innocent and smooth, she is better than most of her ungrateful roles.

What's Good:

♦ Deadly combo of Ajay-Tabu
♦ Flawless Direction
♦ Gripping Story
♦ Editing
♦ Unexpected Climax
♦ Screenplay


What's Bad:

♦ Slow First Half
♦ Limited Appeal


Drihsyam Review: Last Word

On the whole, Drishyam is a powerful action-emotional thriller which boasts of equally powerful dialogues and absolutely power-packed performances. The climax will leave you in shock and disbelief. Don't miss this edge to seat thriller.



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6 comments on “Drishyam Review”

  1. My rate for drishyam is 4.5 it is very fabulous and commendable movie. Everyone can watch it with their family .

  2. Drishyam : Masterstroke Script, Spellbound Thriller, Speechless Acting ! Overall Awesome Movie !! Its a must watch movie if you love good cinema with storyline. I know you guys love your family and i bet you ll know the importance of them in your life !!!

  3. drishyam is awesome movie......bajarangi bhaijaan is the bakwaas movie of the year please donot water ur time money to watch bajarangi bhaijaan

  4. Ultimate movie
    my ratings are 5/5
    cuz after a long time we watched a beautiful thriller
    Go for it its a watch movie who were still hoping for a better Bollywood movie.

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