Does Akshay Kumar deserve National Award for Rustom?

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Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has been announced as the best actor at the 64th National Award. The decision has come as a surprise for many. No doubt, Akshay is a great actor but does he actually deserve National Award. With due respect to him, the answer is big no.

Rustom was an average product and Akshay did not have much to perform in the court room drama. Frankly speaking, most of the scenes involving Akshay were forced. He gave the same expression in most of the sequence. He was much better in Airlift which also released last year but probably there was Zee connection too.

National Awards have ignored exceptional performances like Aamir Khan in Dangal, SRK in Fan and Suriya in 24. Aamir Khan put his health at risk for Dangal and dedicated two years to the film. It went on to become an all time blockbuster and broke all box office records. Shahrukh Khan was seen in two completely different avatars in Fan and have to sit for hours for makeup. Kollywood actor Suriya was sensational in 24 and had three portrayals in the film.

National Awards Jury was headed by Priyadarshan who is close to Akshay and is working with him in his next film. Earlier in the past, Sharmila Tagore awarded his son Saif Ali Khan as best actor for Hum Tum despite the fact that there were many better performances.

Last year Amitabh Bachchan was announced as the best actor for Piku even though he was in a supporting role. Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh gave memorable performances in Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Bajirao Mastani but were completely ignored. Tollywood actor Vikram was also superb in sci-fi film I.

We have criticized Filmfare Awards for ignoring Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and their partiality towards specific actors. But it seems that if Filmfare Awards are biased then National Awards are getting politicized. Aamir Khan and SRK have been criticized for alleged intolerance remarks and have to face an outrage from the government too.

We know that we will receive a lot of backlash for this article. But Bollywood Arena is an independent portal and we do not need to be politically correct.

Do tell us your views in the comments section.


  1. Bollyarena u r absolutely wright.akshay does not deserve national award for the film rustom.

    • If u think amir deserves the award than why not give to bhumi padnakr..she also gained the weight and lost weight..bhai gawaro gaining weight and acting is completely deffrent..kabhi Dangal aur Rustom aur airlift ko beth kr back to back dekhna..u will realise kon acting kr raga he…I don’t kno how much chmchas of khans we have in India….

  2. Rikshawala96 Reply

    He deserve It The actors nailed it at that role after ignoringseveral times the national award give the justice for him well done akii

  3. Expected from you. Rather than bashing salute the legend Akshay kumar. SRK in fan? Can he say a single dialogue delivery without being over the top. He is the main reason why filmfare have been corrupted bigtime.

    • Except kkhh can u tell me 1 film of srk where he didnt deserve the filmfare award he got??
      Had he got for raone, hny I would have criticized that
      And mind u!! SRK didnt get an award of swadesh(national award), Saif got it that year for Hum tum.
      And which performancd of srk was over the top
      Deewana? Baazigar? Kabhi haan kabhi naa? DDLJ? Devdas? VZ? Chak de? MNIK??
      I agree he didnt deserve for kkhh or perhaps even dtph. Rest he deserved them

      • SRK didn’t deserve for KKHH? :-O You may say for DTPH, but how KKHH?

        • I dont trust filmfare of that year,
          They gave supporting actor award for a flop 90s struggler for kkhh, So!!

    • Agr srk yeh national award jeeta hota toh, tum jaise doo kodi ke haters jisse srk ko ghanta bhi farak nahi padta yeh bhok te the, srk ne national award bhi kharid liya, srk ki chalti hai toh tumlog ki q jalti hai

  4. You are absolutely right.. Being a akki fan I also don’t think he deserves a national award.. Lol

  5. He won the award only coz of Priyadarshan.He is the jury chairman.

  6. Here in kerala people have started trolling Priyan on social media for the special mention for Mohanlal ( even though his acting was excellent as usual in all his movies released last year).

  7. I am fan of Akshay but here he does not deserve national award sure for this time………….this time national award to be given to Amir khan or Shahrukh Khan for their superb performance in Dangal and Fan.

    Now really I hate Nation Award

  8. Bolly Arena Fan Reply

    This is what I am expecting……..Proud to be a Fan of this site…..

  9. He is the only actor in Bollywood who deserves National Award.
    He might have gotten many National Awards by now if he were not ignored.

  10. keep aside that i am aamir khan fan but how on earth someone say that akshy kumar acting was better then aamir khan dangal…… the national award jury surprise me… any how congratulation to akshy and his fans. boolyarena i am agree with you.

  11. Being alok nand Reply

    Akki does not deserve national award . Bjp ko support Karne k liye award Mila hai

  12. I do accept akshay is not eligible for national award for rustom but he is eligible for airlift i wonder how selection committee gave it for rustom and bolly arena why are you even bothered there are many times many awards ignored akshay movies atleast they didnt they nominate his films also we have seen that recent times then why dont you write such a huge article when his movies are ignored by the way every awards in the india are not genuine they are paid and i do accept aamir and srk has gave best performance than akshay but its a national award and national award wont be given to intolerance actors when they dont respect the nation then why did they even want national award….

  13. how can you name srk or amir instead of akshay kumar for best actor,it proves you have same mainstream mentality.I think manoj bajpayee should win for his extraordinary performance in aligarh.

  14. Do u mean to say Khangress govt gave support/awards to Khans in past now is BJP giving awards to kumar’s

  15. First of all i appreciate u for this article, u r doing excellent job by showing mirror to all fools who is appreciating akshay for NA.
    With respect iam saying believe me or not but akshay is not a very good actor, he is just an average actor. He start doing all this deshbhakti drama for NA and to save clash with srk, coz priyadarshan is his friend and he deal for this since b4 only. He is canadian,this is truth and it will not change.
    Bolly arena really appreciate ur work and like ur site more than b4, keep shining……..

  16. how can you name srk or amir instead of akshay kumar for best actor,it proves you have same mainstream mentality.I think manoj bajpayee should win for his extraordinary performance in aligarh.

  17. As u dont care abt others while writing this .we know akki deserves and we dont care for ur opinion.

  18. Mein avi vi shock mein hu…1000% agree akshay dont deserved national award….srk deserved krta hai national award k liye…..epic acting…

  19. Is Akshay Kumar better actor than others. Yes he is. I don’t know how u count on acting but Akshay deserve this award for mind blowing performance in the movie rustom. Airlift was better though.

  20. Great article ! Srk and Aamir should have been the winners this year, or even Sushant. Akshay was great in Airlift but average in Rustom. Sad that politics are involved in cinema nowadays…

  21. Absolutely spot on . I think jury has made a terrible mistake by deciding Akshay Kumar for Rustom . SRK, Aamir, Shahid and Sushant all were much better than Akshay . Nawaz, Manoj and Randeep were also appreciated for their performances . National Awards represents Indian Cinema and there were dozens of performances in Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood and Mollywood which were better than Rustom Pavri . I would have been really happy if Akshay would have won for Baby or Airlift . Big B in Piku and now Akshay Kumar in Rustom both were not deserving in my opinion . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Rahul kaushik Reply

    I think it varies from person to person…coz akshay was ignored at every award show and every year too..i think he deserves it in the past but the good thing is that he is now getting a national award. And bollyarena frankly speaking..he does four different roles in four different films every year… It’s​ just they can’t give award on yearly basis..so they have to tag a film with actor…but if u ask me…4 different roles for four different movies a year…then he surely deserves it.

  23. He won it for both airlift ND rustom ND deserved bit …. nd Really srk In fan better then Akshay in airlift ..Tumhara kch n ho sakta ganduo ..jalo magar diye ki tarah

  24. It’s ok BA at least AK is better than Saif Ali khan in Hum Tum

    Itni chamchagiri kiya h to ye Award to deserve krta hi h jese Anupam kher ko mila

  25. yeh! national awards are used to be political. it is so dissapointing to see undeserving one to win award . I will have been happy if deserving one will have won it. Aamir in Dangal, Srk in fan ,Salman in sultan, Shahid in udta punjab and surya in 24 are most deserving one. if any one of them have won I will be really happy . But akshya for rustam , Really????????

    • chandra prasad Reply

      lol tere list se salman ko nikal de wo filmfare bhi deserve nhi krta h