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Dishoom Tarde Response and Reports

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Amod Mehra: (Trade Analyst)

Dishoom is amateurish & veeerry predictable.. but.. Varun redeems it with his sincerity.. Good one weekender !!


Girish Johar: (Distributor)

Dishoom opens to a goodish start 40% aprox in early shows from a wide release.


Anupama Chopra: (Critic+Journalist)

Dishoom is slick, seductive, disposable entertainment.

Can I request Rohit Dhawan to please give @akshaykumar with a manbun his own movie? He was simply perfect! #Dishoom.


Rohit Jaiswal: (Trade Analyst)

Dishoom opens to 20% occupancy in Morning and early morning shows in Bengal.

Every1 praising @Varun_dvn work in #Dishoom… Dear @Varun_dvn ur dad (David uncle) must be soo proud of you.. big hug to you….


Prakash Jaju:

Dishoom should collect between 10 & 12 Cr today.

A theatre owner of a town just called me ” Film ki report acchi hai, mass & students dono ko pasand aa rahi hai.


Raj Bansal: (Distributor)

Dishoom opens to average collections in the morning shows as expected despite very good promotion/Publicity.

Jab twitter par Bollywood celebrities picture dekhkar ek din pahle se tweet karna shru kar de toh samjoh picture flop hai.


Komal Nahta: (Trade Analyst)

Dishoom is a winner for all. Fast-paced entertainer with good performances.



I have watched many Waahiyat films in my life and 100% undoubtedly Dishoom is in the top of that list. I give 0* to Dishoom.

Dishoom has got earth shattering opening of 10% all over India today so congratulations to entire team.


BOI: (Trade)

Dishoom had a good to decent start on day one with some pockets seeing a good opening while others were on the lower side. The occupancy is around 30% which is lower than what Baaghi opened earlier this year.

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  1. krk ki Bibi ka ****.. main a movie nahi dekhunga but i hate krk review … pura world ka sabse kachra aadmi

  2. imran bro par wahi sabse famous hai john se jyada log aaj kal krk ko jaante hai review video khoob famous log uske review entertainment k liye dekte hai

  3. Bollyarena you metioned krk a critic why are you insulting yourself …he is only #Tuchiya no 1 and critic not at all..!! Jhandu kahin ka..!!

  4. All The Time Entertainment Movies Lover Reply

    How Could u as Bollyarena can Call Critics Expert like this so called KRK, Are you Guys Afraid of him to Abuse your Site, No Matter How Bullshit and Abusive hi is and without Respecting the Hardworking ones he is but I,m really so sorry to you that u making publicty to this Badly Criminal Media made person who think he is Gangester but good for thing

  5. Like all critics KRK gives his genuine review if he is not PAID :P

    So Dishoom is SUPER FLOP

  6. Sameer_real Reply

    Ask KRK to review first his own DeshDrohi…

    Then comment on others.


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