Dilwale Word of Mouth

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Dilwale Word of Mouth:

The word of mouth is our new feature.  It will be updated for all big films. Upon this factor we will also predict lifetime collection. PRDP was the first film for which we successfully updated word of mouth & lifetime collection.

The feedback will be taken from the audience who have actually watched the film in theaters. The general perception in the media and social networks will also be considered. And lastly the box office numbers will also play a minor role. Let’s take a look.

Dilwale Word of Mouth: 6.4/10

Box Office Collection: 140-150 Crore


The feedback from metros is below the mark. In cities it is mixed while excellent in small centers. The youth has given a thumbs up to the film. Do note that we have taken most of samples from Delhi, Punjab and Mumbai due to our limited resources. The final word of mouth will be updated on Monday after taking more samples from other places. (Updated)

Previous WOM Meter

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo
220 Cr
215 Cr
75 Cr
68 Cr
140-160 Cr


Also tell us what you think about Dilwale word of mouth in the comments section.


  1. Dadudh dadudh Reply

    bolly arena have look dilwale appel only for fans because all trested reviews are negative wom mixed screens are limited with clash BM also good side of reviews so i think srk fan base take a hit verdict after Wknd movie completly down & not big take adv of next week holidays so my prediction 180-190cr lifetime

  2. 160cr to par karle 190-200 ke bareme badme sochna … he he lolllll

  3. If movies does not sustain on Monday than there is no chance of 200 cr despite of having many holiday and 3 open week

  4. I think 170 -180 will be the final life time after SRK manipulation of daily figures. Its is trending towards down, whereas other release BM is growing day by day. It will be sure shot winner. It will be clean HIT.
    Dilwale has no chance from Monday onwards. Only in holidays, Dilwale had chance that to very limited.

  5. dr Arun Kudva Reply

    I have watched both the movies. My kids liked ddilwale my wife liked bhajirao mastani and I liked both. Dilwale will make you laugh while bhajirao has class!

  6. 170 cr is hit zone but looks it will not come in 170 so may be dilwale get max average verdict if fall below 150 than it may get flop verdict

  7. So if WOM meter is to believed then Dilwale will fall in the region 150 crore , look at the prediction and actuals. Actual are always lower than prediction given PRDP and Tamasha

  8. Boliyarina team plz prdp life time callection update (in indiya all version)

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