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Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani Box Office Collection Comparison

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Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani Box Office Collection Comparison:

Its been a phenomenal week at the box office for Bollywood. Both Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani are doing very good business at the domestic and also worldwide markets. The worldwide gross of both films have crossed 300 crore in just 5 days.

It is itself a big achievement for Bajirao Mastani that it is being compared a megastar Shahrukh Khan’s masala entertainer film.

Let’s analyse some key facts about both films.


Bajirao Mastani

SRK, Varun
Ranveer, Deepika
105 Cr
120 Cr
IMDB Rating


Now we will take a look at Bajirao Mastani vs Dilwale box office collection comparison. We will update this page daily so bookmark it.

1st Update 23 December:

So far Dilwale has a lead over Bajirao Mastani. Ranveer Singh starrer surpassed Dilwale on Monday but on the next day collections were in the same range. Now a neck to neck battle is going on. It will get more interesting when the holidays will start.

Update 25 December:

Dilwale has beaten Bajirao Mastani in the first week. But on weekdays, BM has a 7 crore lead over Dilwale. This means that it will hold better or even shows growth in the second week. The film is all set to cross 150 crore. As for Dilwale is concerned, it will depend upon the trend in second weekend.

Update 28 December:

The gap between Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani has shortened to 3 crore. Ranveer starrer is expected to cross Dilwale tomorrow. It will remain ahead unless some dramatic turnaround happens in coming days which is very unlikely.

Update 31 December:

Bajirao Mastani has finally beaten Dilwale. The lead will be further higher in coming days. The new year weekend is coming which will boost the collections. The final margin between Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani will be over 25 crore.

Update 5 January:

Bajirao Mastani has performed extremely well in new year weekend. Dilwale has also sustained but the gap between both films has widened further.

Update 8 January:

Dilwale ha slowed down and is about to finish its run now at around 150 crore. The other release Bajirao Mastani is expected to sustain and will finish over 180 crore.

Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani Collection Comparison



Bajirao Mastani

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
1st Week
102.65 Cr86.15 Cr
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
 3.20 5.60
Day 12
 2.75 5.40
Day 13
 2.25 5.05
Day 14
 2.30 5.35
Day 15
 3.41 7.50
Day 16
 1.90 6.0
Day 17
 2.40 7.0
Day 18
 1.13 2.30
Day 19
 1.02 2.20
Day 20
 0.83 2.05
Day 21
 0.78 2.0
4th Week
 2.04 10.20
5th Weekend
 0.35 3.15
31 Days Total
147.73 Cr184.16 Cr
Grand Total
Semi HitSuper Hit


We hope that both films do well at the box office as there is a lot of potential. And also Christmas season is approaching which will give a huge boost to the collections of both films. Stay tuned for more updates.

Also tell us what are your views about Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani box office collection comparison in the comments section.


  1. Srk is manipulation again as per trade dilwale did only 8.5 cr it’s behind from bm on Tuesday also but he don’t want to lose so he is just manipulating

    • mukesh kumar Reply


    • Santoshi Naidu Reply

      Jhakas–are you blind??, can you not look around and see?, Dilwaley is a HIT!, BAjirao is not even the true story, they have ‘manipulated’ the entire story–its become a love story–DONT see the heroism of Bajiaro–for which he is known, we see the romantic side of him throughout the movie–AB ROMANTIC movie hee dekhnee hai to why not watch the KING of Romance?, I saw both te movies, but felt cheated after watching Bajirao–not at all what I read or learnt in school nor does it compare to the historic events that actually happened with Bajirao–everything was twisted and changed.
      Lastly now tell me who ties your shoelaces, as obvisouly, you cant.

    • Its not SRK…..its EROS who are manipulating…..Bajirao will be a flop because of its Budget

      • Fan Oscar for shahrukh khan Raees 500 cr India Reply

        @admin… worldwide collection…. Both film release worldwide…. And bhakta protest planed ban in 5 state… Show cancelation of dilwale in India… Dilwale has less than 1500 screen in second week….. Bhakta spread extreme negativity of dilwale…. Still Dilwale 380* cr worldwide…. Dilwale hit in India and atbb in overseas…. This is big slap to haters n bhakt….srk rocksss

    • Fan Oscar for shahrukh khan Raees 500 cr India Reply

      Srk baap of haters…380+ cr…worldwide… Dilwale… Still house full in overseas….

  2. Jhakas,,kuch agal sikho,its not just Bollyarena figures just go check their sites too will be the same,srk and team wa snot promoted the film in india,because was because was busy outside of india for the promotion,now he has started the promotion of the film in india,that all was planed to start the promotion in india after first weekend before the Christmas and for sure the result now on top,and this is his first step Dilwale will add the most awaited song on Christmas day which was not in film,Geo Badshah

  3. Dilwale flop movie Reply

    Coming days bm lead dilwale and bm collection 160 crore or dw 150 crore wait and watch

  4. according to boi … Monday – 2nd Sunday …. bm dilwale se aage rahega … but red srk ka pata nahi olog to 4cr ko vi 10cr bana sakta hai lolllll

  5. @zamil – Boi trade figure always correct tum apni aKal laga promotion karna sa log Jabardastimovie nahi dekhta I saw dilwale it’s good that you are telling in fact after interval there is nothing

    Srk should do contant movie now otherwise currently he is no 3 if he don’t do contant he may lose this position also

  6. srk said … raess & sultan no class … bcoz Salman, Ali Abbas, chopra tino mere friend hai so ek film pi6e ya aage hogi … raess complete this January so sekhte hai …
    Salman said —- sultan release eid … not Cheng release date …
    he he dar gaya lollllllllllll .

  7. Jis banner k neeche Salman khan kar rha h ..vo SRK k dum s he chalta h…ab tu puchega kise…DDLG s phale YRF ki flop dekh..phr tu Chak d India s phale dekh …or chhod latest sun 11 flop thi YRF ki …aditye Chopra ko khud drction m aana pada …SRK ko laye vo Rab ne bna di jodi ….

    • Acha wat about Ek tha tiger which YRd said historical blockbuster

    • Dhoom 3 and ETT are the biggest hits of Yash Raj so stop talking bullshit. Agar pehle se aamir aur salman ke sath kaam karta to abhi Yash Raj bollywood ki sabse badi company hoti.