Dilwale Recovery and Verdict Clarification

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There is a lot of confusion about Dilwale box office verdict. Few days back, we have updated the verdict which has sparked a controversy.

Some section of the media is labeling Dilwale as a flop which is ridiculous. How can a film be a flop which had a recovery of over 200 crore. Yes that’s right.

The film recovered 95 crore from satellite rights, music and other sources. The distributor share from India and overseas will be over 130 crore. So it means that film has recovered around 225 crore. Even some of the big hits has not recovered this amount.

On the other hand there are people who have the opinion that Dilwale is a super hit/hit. But the film was sold to regional distributors in a huge price of 125 crore. That means it should collect over 200 crore to recover their investment which has not happened. Yes the film has performed extremely well in overseas. But you can’t give verdict on the basis of that.

Our stance is quite clear on that. We update the verdict on the basis of the actual budget and theatrical and non theatrical recovery. So Dilwale will be a Semi Hit.

There is a disappointment in the trade because expectations were very high. It was considered as a sure shot 200 crore grosser. Though the film has underperformed but it is not as bad as being pictured in the media.

Tell us what are your views in the comments section.


  1. Balika Bad-hu Reply

    Film is a Hit in India & Blockbuster in Overseas &
    Overall a super hit.

  2. Bollyarena see this factor-
    Dilwale sold in 130cr (90 cr domestic 40cr overseas) In domestic distributer share will be around 75cr and overseas share will be around 60 cr
    Total distributer recovery 75 60= 135cr
    So In terms of distributer recovery its allready a clean hit also….what do u think it should be a clean hit or.not??

  3. Dilwale is more profitable than Raone
    while Raone was also a Hit
    ..that means Dilwale’s verdict should be a clean Hit

  4. Dilwale blockbuster…. 321 cr worldwide in just 14 days….srk super magic….after ban’.planned protest,ban in 5 state…cancel show….bjp MNS RSS bajrang dal….very narrow minded people… Still Dilwale collection 150 cr approximately business life time in India…. This is the power of srk…Dilwale blockbuster….. Agar koi aur actor ke sath aisa hua hota to wo mushkil se wo 70 cr Kama pata India me….bjp destroying India….. Ye intolerance nhi h to kya h? Srk pride of India… Love u sir forever… 80 percent of overseas understand India means srk country….

    • U absultry right,raj love u so much,kisi ne chamaj nei chate,u opion exillent.kas sob ne tomhari Tara chochte,love u

    • ha ha ha blockbuster lollll srk ki aukat bas hit tak hai last 6 yr me sirf 1blockbuster CE .. aur vokh mat hansi aarahi .. distributor sab Jake dekh ro rahe aur srk gali derahe .. ha ha ha blockbuster ha ha ha ha abe sukar kar ke semi hit boldiya lolllllkk

  5. Laude Jhant ka hai ye site, saala bikau site hai ye. sahi kaha tha kisi ne ke SRK har site ko paise dekar apni taarif karwata hai….
    Terminator Genisys. Budget $150 million
    North America Box office : – $90 million Worldwide box office : – $500 million but it was called a failure.
    but u know that it was only theatrical collection and total collection was above 2 – 3 billion dollar but still it was called flop. don’t u have common sense. How Satellite right music right and other right is 95 crs explain me. and how domestic and overseas share is 130 crs explain me ?
    Ra.One was aslo a flop but Bikau sites like u said it as Super Hit. Thats why we called him media created sites.
    Then how Brothers is flop it should be Hit, Baby is average how ? it should be Super Hit, Singh is Bling is Hit how ? it should be Blockbuster. GIB should also be blockbuster…. and u biased site said PRDP as Super Hit with collection of around 430 crs How ? explain us ?

    • Fan_The_500cr Reply

      Got the answer. ..now don’t fart on indicine again..flop flop…

    • Jo bhi ho bastard,tujko kitni paisa thia bm ne,tu paisa khati to toh sob ko Teri Tara chamajti kutto,budget 100 core,dilwale ,bm 125 cr,movie wiki ki charg kore thekhis,sala,

  6. FAN_THE_500CR Reply

    in your short article you gave nightmare to haters who are calling its floped…thanks Arena…
    but still you didnt mention is it hit or super hit

    • Ok logo ko pata hai,tu sala khud ki chos,Gus khata hai,srk ki Teri Tara non eduketet nehi hai,hamari logo ki demag Teri Tara Pagol nehi hai,

  7. haroonn1986 Reply

    Good article. So dilwale is Hit in India nd blockbuster at overseas. Worldwide super hit.

  8. Fan_The_500cr Reply

    Dilwale more profitable than kick jail ho security guard ek tha Chua. …