Dilwale has made 155 crore profit even before the release


Shahrukh Khan is currently busy in shooting of his Christmas release Dilwale The SRK fans are eagerly waiting for the release of film that brings back the iconic pair of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. Now if reports are to be believed, Dilwale has already made 155 crore profit even before its release.

SRK's own Red Chillies Entertainment is co-producing the film with Rohit Shetty Productions, has apparently set the target of a whopping Rs. 230 crores that will be recovered from the sale of various rights.

Distribution: (Domestic 130 cr + Overseas 40 cr; Total 170 cr)

RCE will be distributing Dilwale themselves in the domestic market and have already sold the rights of the film to various independent distributors for a whopping total Rs. 130 crores. At the same time, overseas markets play a big role in overall box-office collections as SRK has a huge fan following in overseas too. RCE is in talks with various distributors for overseas, out of which Yash Raj films (YRF) is a front runner and tentatively, the overseas sales is valued at Rs. 40 crores

Music: (Sold to Sony for Rs. 15 crores)

Simultaneously, while its common knowledge that Sony has acquired the Music Rights of Dilwale, we hear that music giant has shelled out a stunning Rs. 15 crores on the same. However, a source within RCE denies this saying that the figure is rather low, "The music rights of Dilwale sold to Sony will be the highest priced rights till date within the industry, more than the Salman Khan film (Bajrangi Bhaijaan) that sold for Rs. 18 crores.

Satellite: (Expected revenue Rs. 45 crores)
The minimum expected revenue from Satellite rights as set by RCE is Rs. 45 crores. Though RCE is planning on inserting an added clause in the agreement which states that if the box-office collections of Dilwale cross a certain benchmark (let's say Rs. 250 cr) at the box office, the overall rate of the satellite/TV rights would proportionately increase.

With the combined sale of the rights (Domestic Distribution, Overseas, Music and Satellite/ TV) RCE stands to make a stunning Rs. 230 crores, while the production budget of Dilwale is estimated to be Rs. 75 crores (Cost of Production Rs. 60 cr + Print & Advertising Rs. 15 cr) excluding Shah Rukh Khan's fees. Thanks to this effective and meticulous planning, the makers of the film, RCE and Rohit Shetty Productions, has already made approximately Rs. 155 crores as pure profit even before the film releases.

Tell us what are your expectations from Dilwale in the comments section.

2 comments on “Dilwale has made 155 crore profit even before the release”

  1. Great news for producers ... So as per ur sources the film is bought for 170 cr (130 domestic + 40 overseas ) by distributers.. So to break even the film has to make net collection of 260 cr in india (since 50% goes to exhibitors and 50% to distributors) and close to 100 cr in overseas .. So this film has to make minimum 360 cr theatrically.. In order to become a clean hit it has to net minimum 540 cr worldwide ( 50% over & above the total cost to distributors + exhibitors).. So when the film releases it is this magic fig of 540 cr the film should collect to become a hit..which i think is impossible ....will seehow bollyarena reports

  2. Simple C @! ( NODKTMS @ Nenu Oru Daruva Kyo Tell Madiri Systems : Life Doctrine ( Profits : Take : Rs 155 - Rs 200 Crores ) & Non Profits : Give : Rs 1 Crore @ For Ex : Chennai Floods Relief Funds @ my Research Work Systems @ EX ) Wisdom Vision Strategy Success & Failure Systems

    I " think ", the film concept may be successful of making profits but certainly not sharing the wealth with the communities & societies ( @ for ex : Chennai Floods Victims @ Relief Funds ).

    On a comedy note this looks like neither Dhimak nor Dilwale systems but simply of Beggarwale systems @ reality life systems of Profits & Non Profits Industries & Organizations .

    I'm a simple & humble IT professional works for both the non profits & profits industries & organization @ innovation concepts systems @ reality : I hardly made a " paisa ", nor did I visited Chennai City for almost close to two decades in giving back to my origins via diverse non profits ( for ex : ViBHA & MN : Naam Kaam Aur Charity @ NODKTMS : Log Jante Hai Systems ), of simply Lakhs & Crores .

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