Deadpool 2 Teaser

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After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry’s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavor – finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of World’s Best Lover.

Deadpool 2 will release on June 1, 2018.


  1. Sallu fans u will have to cross 285cr for TZH if u want a sallu’s average above 200cr

    Now no one catch Aamir
    If TOH collect 400cr then Aamirs average will be above 360cr

    Hey dum toh Aamir ko beat karke dikha do.

    😂 😂

    I can understand sallu fans feeling
    Bechare kabhi no.1 pe nahi aa sakte.

    • 2.0 @ 2000 cr is obssessed with ajay.

      @honest man is obssessed with srk

      @ dr jahangir is obssesed with aamir


      @ parshya you are obssesed with salman

      Have enjoyed your comments @parshya number of times but you do go overboard at times with salman bashing

        • Enjoy your comments in general. Though I compared you with honest man, 2.0 & dr jahangir, will rate you as commentator above them easily. Just go slow on Salman :)

      • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

        Forgot 1 more Sambha
        @temperature is obsessed with Ajay
        in the guise of srk n even goes to the extent of bashing his fav. SRK himself
        Mental Patient 😂😂😂😂

        • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

          Acc to BOI

          Dhamaal (2007) – 32 cr (semi hit)

          Double Dhamaal (2011) – 45 cr (Avg)

          Blockbuster Franchise ever

          New Addition Ajay Devgun 🙏🙏🙏🙏
          He deserves it….

      • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

        Forgot 1 more Sambha
        @temperature is madly obsessed with Ajay
        Being an SRK fan (Fake/so-called)
        He hardly comments about srk n never comments against srk haters….
        Mental Patient 😂😂😂😂

    • Agar Dhamaal. Release hogyi to Uske sth to smjh jana 400 ka 200 b nh hoga

    • Atleast sallu below 100 cr movie nahi deta chahe dull period mein release kre example jai ho..parshya aunty SS ki kitni collection thi?diwali pe release huyi thi naa oops aamir ki movie nahi thi SS 😂 @Parshya

      • Waise height wise line mein khada kiya jaaye toh aamir no. 1 hoga for sure @Parshya aunty😂😂

    • aaku seth2 Reply

      There is a fear in the mind of parshya why bcz he know that one day amir khan record will be break.
      that’s why he produce new formula to tell people that amir is not defeated by anyone but i think amir is not a great actor within 2 years AGAR akki doing one film or salman doing one film then all the record of Dear Amir khan going to be break.
      even alone bahubali 2 did this where there is not a bigger star than ranbeer kapoor yet prabhas is breaking the record of dangal & become the hindi first higher BOI film..
      dear parshya I like your FEAR… Don’t worry recorrd bante hi h break hone ke liye…..

  2. Parshya Bhai bhul Gaye ye deadpool 2 ka status he Yaha bhi Salman nam ki jap kar rahe he lagta he inko Salman fobiya ho gaya ache doctor ko dikhao parshya Bhai…..
    Well deadpool 2 teaser very NYC waiting trailers with more expactation

  3. Good example for parshya:
    Virendra sehwag 2 triple centuries
    Sachin tendulkar many more centuries than sehwag,but not able to break sehwags record…no triple centuries..

    So who is great sewag or tendulkar…?
    I think all knows the answer

    Similarly who is great..amir or salman…i think all knows the answer..

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