Dangal Poster Out Tomorrow

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The makers of Dangal revealed the first poster on the very first day the Dangal shoots began but it was just a first look. The official poster will now be launched on Monday.

Says a source, “Aamir and his team have decided to unveil the main poster of Dangal on Monday. It will be out across all digital forums and Aamir will himself upload it on his social network accounts.”

Dangal will be hitting the silver screens during the time of Christmas this year that is on December 23. We just can’t wait to see the second poster.


  1. Naresh Rajwani Reply

    Dangal will be A all time blokbuster. Broken all records including P.K .it is a masterpiece by amir khan for indian cinema. Remember my wed.wait 23 Dec.

    • I’m never watch dangal…
      Because amir khan abuse my nation..
      If I’m become hater of global star SRK so that now it’s turn of bloody amir khan.

  2. dangal and mohenjodaro would be highest earning movie of the year…mojo trailer got mixed reviews but I believe movie would be great like jodha akbar….
    Dangal 250 plus ..
    Mohenjodaro 180 plus(with positive wom) …
    Shivay 150 plus (with positive wom?)..

  3. All The Time Entertainment Movie Lover Reply

    The Name Is Aamir Khan ‘ The Theme Very Famous One It Could Touch Every Girl in This Planet not only Motivateing Indian Daughers but all the Girls’ If BK Collected $120 Million US Dollar Why not DANGAL Could be First of it is Kind of Indian Flick Which Will be $150 US Million Dollar Bollywood Movie I Think That is Why Aamir Is a Universal Global Excepted Indian Superstar of this time !!!!

  4. Only thing that I am sure of is that this movie will be good regardless of it’s bo collection and that’s what differentiate Aamir from other Khans. WAITING……

  5. King khan fan Reply

    Banya ka damag meiyan bhai ka daring ka samnay sub kuch pheka par jay ga

  6. Dashing RJ Reply

    Dangal will be a good movie I think because Mr.perfectionist is doing the movie and hope it will broke many records….

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