Dangal Final Screen Count

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Dangal Final Screen Count

Dangal is set to be one of the widest releases in Bollywood. As per the official announcement Dangal screen count in India will be 4300.

The screen count is in the range of Salman Khan starrer Sultan which was released on Eid. Dangal will also face cash crunch issue yet the number of screens are high. The primary reason for that is the demand for Dangal was huge as the recent films were box office flops.

Dangal will also be released in overseas in around 1000 screens. It is the widest release in North America, UAE-GCC, UK, Australia. However it will not be released in Pakistan.

The total screen count of Dangal is 5300.


  1. Aditya ranjan Reply

    Sultan was 5450 screens.. i being die hard salman fan remember exactly..

  2. Wow…but sad for not releasing in pakistan..actually no need to release in pak but want to show Aamir power to haters….still it will smashes each n every record…. Wait n watch..

    • SALMAN KA FAN Reply

      bhai pehle tune likhta hai “sad for not releasing in pakistan” aur phir likhta hai “no need to release in pakistan”.
      likhne se pehle decide toh karle confused aadmi. aamir height se bhi chota ho gaya tera dimag.

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