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Dangal chasing Bahubali 2 Worldwide Gross

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When Aamir Khan’s Dangal became the highest grosser of all time, it was thought that this record will remain intact for quite some years. However, within five months, Baahubali 2 has smashed Dangal lifetime record. The film crossed 1000 crore in worldwide which seemed an impossible task for any Indian film in near future.

However, Dangal is again chasing Baahubali 2 records with its release in China. The film has already grossed more than $40 million in China in its 9 days and could do more than $100 million in China if local trade experts are to be believed. Thus there is a possibility that the worldwide gross of Dangal surpasses of Baahubali.

Below is the worldwide collection of Dangal and Baahubali 2 as of now.

  • Bahubali 2: 1232 cr (15 days)
  • Dangal: 1049 cr (including today’s estimate collection in China)

The difference between both films is 183 crores. Dangal is expected to do $15 million on Sunday. Thus after this weekend, the gap between both films will be shortened to just 100 crores which Dangal can easily cover in the remaining days.

It will be a historic achievement if Aamir Khan again manages to reclaim the all-time number one Indian film in worldwide. Though Bahubali 2 can again come on top as it will finish its lifetime run at 1500 crore from just phase 1 and is already set to release in many non-traditional markets.


  1. Buddhabhushan R Kamble Reply

    Right but is very close fight….
    That is Growths of Indian cinema

    BB 2 1450+ lifetime
    Dangal Is superfastly chasing& Come Near to
    The Mega Industry Blockbuster Bahubali

    Just Amazing
    Today 16 MN
    Tomorrow will be 20 MN

    Just fenomenon

  2. “”Though Bahubali 2 can again come on top as it will finish its lifetime run at 1500 crore from just phase 1 and is already set to release in many non-traditional markets.””

    thanks @bollyarena for delivering this line

  3. hahahaha

    On Thursday Dangal will beat BB2


    Aamir-the biggest megastar 💪👊🙏

    • Dangal reached 1000cr mark After 5 month of its release and another side BAAHUBALI 2 reached 1200cr mark with in 15 days of its release. No one say Dangal isn’t a Good movie every one know its very nice movie with a beautiful social message but another side Aamir fanes are totally illiterate jo kehate hain Baahubali to kuchh ni hai Aamir ke samne, Dangal ne to Baahubali ki asi tesi kar di, baahubali to gaya ye vo…
      RIP is the only word for those illiterate people.

    • Botha movie are doing very well and i feel proud for both movie equally But Parshya degreasing Aamir fan at all… Please don’t do this man.

      • If any Indian cinema lover don’t feel proud for Dangal and Baahubali it means that person not loves Indian cinema he loves his favourite actor only.
        Its just not about Parshya its about all those guys who’s thinking like this.

  4. prince sharma Reply

    in non market it will not due to long movie and there are wars better than this in terms of vfx

  5. Kaha Gaye South wale bahot uchal Rahe the. .

    Dangal ka mazak udda Rahe the

    Come on aab uddao mazak.


    It’s our turn to show u BB2’S AUKAT


    • Abe tu uda raha the south walon ka majak jab se baahubali release hui hai par tera hi majak ban ke reh gaya us din se. Sab jante hai Dangal badi achhi film hai vo China me itna nahi bi kamati to bi vo achhi hi film rehti uski quality kam ni ho jaati. Par baahubali teri samaj se upr hai jise tu itna bhla bura kehta rehta hai.

    • you cant beat BB2 indian collection in his whole india.

  6. Dangal-1600cr

    BB2 will have to do 200cr in 2nd phase which is impossible.

    From Thursday BB2 will chasing Dangal.

    hats off MR.Aamir-The biggest Global Megastar.

    • hi y r u downgrading BB2 both of them r great film as Aamir khan film i dont u to say like this

  7. #Dangal Crosses ¥80M Mark in China on Saturday. Till 5.30 PM IST : ¥82M / $11.87M [Note : Figure Included Ticketing Surcharges] #BOI
    OMG balloobilliii to gai hahaha

  8. Be sensible Parshya. Dont be paranoid. Both dangal n baahubali r pride of indian cinema. Atleast dont degrade aamir by putting all this crap like kahan gaye south india wale ….. Aamir himself has saluted ss rajamouli for delivering a magnum opus like baahubali.

  9. itna sannata kyun hai bhai…

    sab south india shift ho gaye kya?


    Aamir ne to sabka band bajaya bhaya…

    • You will get admitted in mental hospital for sure, Prashya very soon. Calm down and chill. Neither Baahubali Star Prabhas nor Amir Khan will give you Rs.1 from their pockets. You are destroying your own life by behaving as mentally sick and degraded person. I feel sorry your parents as they have to suffer the pain when you go to mental hospital and you will have to be treated by a South Indian doctor.