Dangal Box Office Collection in Taiwan: Historic

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Aamir Khan starrer Dangal has done historic business in Taiwan. After 17 days, Dangal box office collection stands at approximately $1.63 million (10.50 crore) as reported by the local press. Though official numbers have not been released yet.

The film has shown big growth in the third weekend and is at the number one spot at Taipei box office beating all regional and Hollywood films. The number of shows was also increased. It was released in 61 locations nationwide last weekend, expanding from 50 locations the previous week.

Dangal has now become the highest grossing Bollywood film in Taiwan beating another Aamir Khan starrer 3 Idiots. Dangal overseas collection now stands at $32.33 million. It has become the 2nd highest overseas grosser of all time beating Dhoom 3.

It is unprecedented, to say the least, that a film like Dangal has done such kind of business in non-traditional markets. Also, it was not a commercial film like 3 Idiots or PK but Aamir Khan’s fan following has helped to get an initial and later it has grown due to the extremely positive word of mouth. There are reports that Dangal will release in China in June and is expected to do huge business there also.

Aamir Khan also thanked his fans in Taiwan in a video message.


  1. Rambo Sarcastic Reply

    750 crore crossed. Taiwan and China audience is almost similar.
    So, if PK can do 140 crore there, Dangal has every chance to do 200-250 crore in China.
    Every chance of becoming the 1st 1000 crore movie of India!

    • Dr.Jhangir Khan Reply

      tumhare Lejhnad ko bolo idhar udhar bhik mangene ki jaroorat nahi…..Midlle east tak thik hai USA bhi ok…Taiwan or japan/china….LOL…thode din bad….THE LAASH will go bhutan, Burma, bangladesh….nepal….

      SRK sir please thode se paise donate karo AMir ko bichara India ki izzat utar raha hai….

      how come taiwan PPL understands techniques of PHELWANI……KAMAL hai calculator ka…..sidah siadh 10cr….hahahaha

      • Neha jangid Reply

        It’s now about Amir or SRK but India. The movies is representing India and us Indians. Can you please see the good side? Agar ye SRK ki movie hoti toh you would habe been be the one praising him. Or Taiwan k log kya zinda nhi jinhe pta nhi ki BOXING kya hoti hai (common sense) it was about an Indian father who wanted his daughters to win gold for india. Can you feel proud about it?. Be a more indian than being a bollywood actor’s fan.

      • Gulf/US are not overseas markets,these r just more or less indian diaspora.China/japan/taiwan r real overseas markets.
        Wresting is not understood by taiwan wah.but FYI These movies r running on aamir’s stardom which he earned through 3I.
        Just coz SRK/Sallu don’t earn a penny there,those markets don’t matter to u as they don’t contribute to WW of ur fav.

      • Wow grt……. It’s mind blowing news…… Always think positive Nd don’t compare any1 with others….!!!!!

    • SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base Reply

      Congratulations all Aamir Khan Fans and Indians, Indian films have now become a great industry! Hopefully it should cross the 50million mark overall so it can cross 1000cr worldwide! Aamir Khan truly a genius actor and has in the past 5 years proven that no one in the industry today has a better sense of filmmaking than him!

  2. OMG DANGAL ……..srk and salamn fans still think like…..” somebody stop dangal business” but as you know its unstopbale.

  3. Wow.. Mind-blowing.
    Now this is called Megastardom not local stardom.
    I m sure Dangal will do historic buisness in china.
    Definitely 900cr ww

  4. karan Singh Reply

    Superb collection. No one can predict collection of Aamir sir’s movies. We just can say, unbelievable collection. It will definitely enter into 1000 crore club after China release.
    #Dangal Dangal

  5. Finally you posted after insistance from me several times.

    CHINA RELEASE IN JUNE.Expect min 20m$ in china,after china there is a release in S.Korea and then Japan.900 cr WW cld be done.

    • Pranaybharath Reply

      Fool like u shouldn’t get over excited…. 1 million mean 10 lakhs not 10 cr this kind of foolish sites r promoting fake news n idiots like u believe them…in June there will b pirates in China so even tubelight don’t do more n in July there is spiderman…till now dangal did 730 in Taiwan if at 17 days it did 16 lakh as shown here then it would end with 30 lakh n in China max is 10-15 cr due to high nativity difference….hence if it will really find a place in China it would end up with ww 750 cr at positive attitude … any fool can say 800 n some even saying 900 cr lolll it can’t even beat pk…just because pk did 100 cr in China every film don’ worked because its comedy film where Chinese like comedy…dangal won’t release in China even it release it won’t do more than 10-15 cr…even before official announcement how this c@ppy site mention dangal will release in China n how ppl r believing it blindly…apart from that how can people believe 1.63 million as 10.5 cr …for all exitment here have brakes its 1.63 million is true figure but its Indian value is 16 lakh

      • prince sharma Reply

        it is $1.63million not in indian rupee 1.63million so $1.63= 10.5cr

  6. It is quite difficult to understand the kind of business Aamir’s films do outside India . UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, UAE and Taiwan !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The fan following of Aamir is increasing with every film all over the world . If Dangal repeates the business of PK in China it will become the 1st 800 CR Worldwide Grosser . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lucky