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Dangal 9th Day Box Office Collection

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Dangal 9th Day Box Office Collection: Dangal is creating records with each passing day. It’s the second Saturday for the film and it continues to storm the box office. The has shown big growth today also despite the fact that Friday was too high. Take a look at Dangal collection report for the 2nd Saturday.

Dangal 9th Day Box Office Collection Estimates

Dangal has set the box office on fire as it was extraordinary today. As per the very early trade estimates, Dangal 9th day collection will be in the range of 23 crores. The night shows can push the total to a little higher.

The overall trend was exceptional as the film opened to a huge 55% occupancy. It went high up to 75% in the noon shows and maintained the pace in the evening too. It will be interesting to see how it will fare in the night shows as tomorrow is New Year holiday. The Northern circuits, which were strong in the first week, are now having record collections. At many places, the occupancy was the same as the last Saturday. It is simply insane as such trend has never been seen before.

Today Dangal Saturday collection will show a more than 25% growth. This is an unprecedented result as Friday was a record number and with such big numbers, growth is extremely tough. But Dangal is doing the unthinkable at the box office. It has again recorded the highest 2nd Saturday collection of all time beating Bajrangi Bhaijaan record. Now it is heading for a gigantic 2nd weekend.

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Dangal 9th Day Box Office Collection

Dangal box office collection in 9 days will be 239 crores. The film has now beaten Chennai Express and Kick lifetime collection to become the sixth highest grossing film of all time. It will cross the 300 crore mark in the second week and will be only behind Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK.

The advance for Sunday is extraordinary and has never been seen before. In fact, it is even bigger than opening day advance of many other biggies released this year. Dangal collection on Sunday can set a new benchmark of 30 crore.

Dangal 2nd Saturday Collection

23.0 Crore



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
239.12 Cr


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  1. Rajesh Kulkarni Reply

    Unbelievable collection wow kya stardom hai Aamir ka salute the biggest iconic superstar of Indian cinema .

  2. Aamir's Biggest Fan Reply

    I am New to Bollyarena And I support Parshya
    Dangal 400 Crore Domestic
    950 crore worldwide

      • Musical bAnDA Reply

        Tomorrow i will be going to watch #dangal once again with my 11 friends… Bahut ho gayi pehlwani ab dangal hoga dangal #boxoffice_on_fire

      • kese pata chala wo bro he ki sis????? btw i know u all but nvr comment here. congrats for the award :)

      • yes We watched two times …and again watching third time ….Amir khan is Amir khan …no comparison with Srk and Salman ….Srk and salman needs best director …music …big banner …Hit actresses but Amir make hit film on his own …

  3. People say that Aamir depends on good content. They are wrong, his stardom simply is unprecedented !

    • Jitni muh ootni baatein gour kitno pe karna….. Tera bhi din aayega us din hi sab chuka ke rehna…. Bhed ki Aa ah kar ke badle… SHER ki ek dahad hai pyaare… DANGAL DANGAL.

  4. Form is temporary but class is permanent . superstardom ends one day like Rajesh Khanna , amitabh bachchan but classic movies last forever such as pyasa, mother India , lagaan, mughle ajam, and many more. New superstar will be born tomorrow but dangal movie lasts forever in the hearts of people. Its masterpiece movie .

  5. Dude never forget the great example “Andaz Apna Apna”, it was super flop when released but 90% of indians of new generation wants to see this movie everytime irrespective of any fan followings. This is the class and respect it.

      • Irfan Khan Reply

        Yes but Aamir Khan smashed him by acting skills in Andaz Apna Apna and I saw that movie with my cousin consecutive 3 days night shows at Vijay Talkies in Dahod (Gujrat) in 1994. And so many times has been watched on T. V. … Classical Comedy movie

  6. mangal….mangal….mangal…mangal………..

    mangal….. mangal……DANGAL…. KO !!!!!!!!!

  7. Stardom and content together can create records thats why Aamir is so successful. People of India always beleives that Aamir is going to deliver great movies and that turns into box office numbers. It seems to be one man race at this moment, Salman is at 2nd place and no one is close to Aamir and Salman.

  8. Only aamir can beat aamir… dangal dangal.. celibirate new year and dangal sucses.. and also sulta.. sultan also great movie of the year..

  9. These are real high benchmarks!!!

    Do you guys here make box office predictions as well?? Any film u guys think can challenge records being set by Dangal??!!

      • Neutral fan Reply

        Don’t think so. See, Dangal had such a blatantly obvious patriotic and feminist element shoe-horned into it to force viewers to be emotionally attached that repeat viewing was inevitable to reach 350-400 crore. Not saying that Dangal was bad, it was brilliant, just nowhere near ‘the best movie of the year’, forget decade… Same with Sultan, the fact that Salman was beating up foreigners was enough to make India go mental, despite the atrocity of that film. Indo-Pakistan peace in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, again shoe-horned in to make the audience cry. PK; peace between religions…

        On the other hand, unless Aamir forces the director to add an unnecessary emotional element to Thugs of Hindostan, neither does it have the capacity nor scope to challenge the 300 crore mark since it is about Indian thieves in the 1830’s. The only thing about it which is compelling is the trust we all have on Aamir’s content – otherwise it cannot reach near Dangal levels at the domestic box office at a time where all India want now is a mediocre film (like Sultan) which makes them feel proud or emotional because of any mention of India.

        Obviously overseas it will probably break all records at that point since overseas box office mainly relies on content not patriotism.

        • Nice analysis….but in 2018 conditions will be different such as ticket prices,screens and audience choice…I think TOH will have 5 days of extended weekend
          that means 200cr conirmed in weekend only.after that WOM will play the role.if u notice D3 had average story still it ATHG…. But Aamir will not do the mistake that made with D3.thats why i think Aamir will break his own record of Dangal….

  10. Vikram Bhalla Reply

    Hi Bollyarena team

    Your site is quite informative and accurate wrt box office collections. Is it possible for you to give city wise breakdown of collections (at least for major films like Dangal) for major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad?

  11. What kind hit is this?
    No Kareem.. Katrina.. Deepka.. Anshuka..
    No item song..
    No remix..
    No villain
    No foreign locations
    No romantically duet
    90% cast is unknown..
    And still creating DANGAL world wide..

    • Its only because of Megastar Aamir and content……….
      Dangal’s record will be safe till TOH……

    • Amir makes movies for family,if he has item songs and sexy heroines he also be a disaster,all his movies from Lagan to dangal are on similar philosophy,the other stars should take cue from him and dare to comes with such movies

    • Tu is se better tha na drama bna leta movie Ku ….wase bi na tu dance , na koi personality , is tra ki movies he kr sakta ha 5.4 inch …movies entertainment k liye Han na ka baak baak bala balla bkwas ….bullshit pk &BBJ is better than dangal …