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Dangal 5th Saturday Box Office Collection in China

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Dangal 5th Saturday Box Office Collection in China: Dangal has shown good growth on the 30th day in China as the film has collected $3.90 million (25.40 cr INR).

The film has set new benchmarks even at the Chinese box office as it has set some all time daily records. It is running at a historic pace even with the release of Wonder Woman and Pirates of The Caribbean 5. The total collection of Dangal is now $164 million and it has entered into the top 25 highest grossers of all time in China.

Dangal is undoubtedly the biggest Indian blockbuster ever in overseas. In future, it will be very tough to beat Dangal worldwide gross even for Aamir Khan.

DayCollection (m)INR (cr)
Total$191.15 million1224.25 cr
Day 1$2.2714.67
Day 2$4.6930.30
Day 3$5.5535.86
1st Weekend$12.5180.83
Day 4$5.7837.23
Day 5$3.5222.58
Day 6$3.8824.89
Day 7$3.9025.02
1st Week$29.59190.55
Day 8$6.1239.27
Day 9$13.6687.66
Day 10$12.5380.24
2nd Weekend$32.31207.17
Day 11$4.9531.73
Day 12$4.9231.54
Day 13$4.2026.92
Day 14$3.7324.08
Day 15$6.0238.80
Day 16$16.35106.03
Day 17$11.7175.94
3rd Weekend$34.82224.44
Day 18$3.4222.06
Day 19$3.1220.12
Day 20$2.7617.80
Day 21$2.5116.19
Day 22$1.8812.13
Day 23$2.8418.32
Day 24$6.5142.27
Day 25$8.0552.05
Day 26$6.3440.92
Day 27$1.7611.33
Day 28$4.6029.61
Day 29$1.7211.06
Day 30$3.9625.50
Day 31$3.5322.71
Day 32$1.408.98
Day 33$1.258.03
Day 34$1.177.53
Day 35$1.107.07
Day 36$1.086.94
Day 37$2.1213.65
Day 38$1.9312.45
Day 39$0.724.63
Day 40$0.704.50
Day 41$0.654.19
Day 42$0.644.13
Day 43$0.523.35
Day 44$1.348.63
Day 45$1.278.18
Day 46$0.523.35
Day 47$0.513.28
Day 48$0.513.28
Day 49$0.513.28
Day 50$0.150.96
Day 51$0.352.25
Day 52$0.392.51
Day 53$0.231.48
Day 54$0.271.74
Day 55$0.291.87
Day 56$0.231.48
Day 57$0.171.09
Day 58$0.251.61
Day 59$0.322.06
Day 60$0.150.96
Day 61$0.150.96
  • 1st Phase: $30.70 m
  • Taiwan: $4.81 m*
  • China: $163.93 m*
  • Total: $199.44 m
  • 1st Phase: 736.16
  • Taiwan: 31.02*
  • China: 1056.63
  • Total: 1823.81 Cr


  1. It’s already crosses 200m in overseas but I can’t understand why bollyarena not giving d correct collection

  2. Looks superb really want dangal to do 2000cr or more by the end of its china run. Bollyarena can you tell me what’s the Bollywood record collection in Japan plz

  3. aditya sharma Reply

    Sir dangal’s 1st phase collection was 745.5 n in taiwan dangal now has collected 36.5 crores n still running……. Plz correct it sir 🙂

  4. @Bollyarena, most collections from china are from hindi version with subtitles rather than dubbed version.Please report this.In big cities,99% showings are in hindi version with subs.Dubbed version is mainly running in small cities.Few Aamir hating sites are spreading false propaganda that it’s all dubbed version.Atleast 500cr wld be from hindi version in china.In Taiwan,it’s only subtitle release.

  5. The film has set new benchmarks even at the Chinese box office as it has set some all time daily records.

    It is running at a historic pace even with the release of Wonder Woman and Pirates of The Caribbean 5.

    The total collection of Dangal is now $164 million and

    ….. it has entered into the top 25 highest grossers of all time in China.

  6. Wow unbelievable it’s really hard to achieve this in future ur right bollyarena

  7. Devansh tiwari Reply

    Tomorrow it will cross
    200 million$ only in overseas…..
    Mind blowing…

  8. prince sharma Reply

    bb2 OS with 2500screens(6 languages)=307cr dangal with 1000screen=210cr bajrangi with 900screens=190cr. Lol

      • BB1 in hindi with 1500 screens 115-120cr
        Jisme next week Bajrangi release ho gya tha….baahubali ki screens kam ho gya tha…..less than 1000

      • @bahubali

        bhai BB1 ne to north india me 300crore kiye…

        but south me 100crore se b km kyo kiye…😂😂😂

        south me Bajarngi bhai …b nhi release hui thi

        or BB1 to souh ki hi movie thi…

        to kya us time south me manipulation nhi hua tha😂😂😂😂😂

        jesa Rajmouli ne btaya tha….

        south k collection 100crore se 500crore tk kese phuch gye…

        @parshy @ramiz @prince @raj_kumar

        @karan singh

        @salman king


        • @mahaveer

          Tuchiye bb1 overall ww only 4000 screens pe laga tha….tab 650cr

          Jisme 1500 screens hindi (1800 screens rest languages in india and 700 overseas) ka tha….aur 115cr ….jiske 1 week baad bajarangi ne screen kam kra diya…..nahi toh aur jyada hota…..

          Matlab baki language me hi kamaya….more than 70%

          Aur tuje rajamauli ne personally bataya bb1 me manipulation hua tha…..

          Wo magadheera k liye kaha tuchiye jo 2009 …means aaj se 8 saal purana movie hai….

          Sala hazam nahi ho raha south ka movie hindi me 500cr… bollywood star k dream me nahi tha abhi tk….bcoz unka traget 400 cr cross krta tha na…..

          • @are bahuu

            bhai ye bta…1500 screen me north india me 300 crore…

            or south me…mtlb apne hi elaake me…

            1800screen pr 100 crore se b km…😂😂😂😂😂

            bhai tu es baat ka jawaab kyo nhi deta😂😂😂😂😂

            vo b Magdheera k directer ss rajmouli ki movie….

            • Abe @mahaveer

              Tu itta confuse kyu lg raha h… shock toh nahi lga h tuje india me baahubali2 k 1300cr dekh ….

              Abe ab dhyan se dekh aur padh

              Baahubali 1

              “”1500 screen “hindi” hindi hindi…. (north)
              jiska collection 115-120cr””

              …..padhna nahi aata ya…hindi nahi aati…

              Baki 1800 south languags (south) pe 350cr collection and overseas around 80-90cr collection
              (Overseas bhi most of the screens south languages me hi thi)

              Ab tuje padhna nahi aata ya hindi nahi aati ye tu jaane….

              Sala north south me uljha rahega kaha se samjh aayega tuchiya

              Magadhheera 2009 ki blockbuster thi…..aur ye south ka director h ssrajamauli hi hai…….jo ye baat bol bhi rha hai….
              Bollywood walo me toh wo bhi dum nahi…ki accept kr sake ki ve ghapla krte……

              • @mahaveer

                Khud kuch imagine kr rakha hai…isko baar baar likhega
                Aur sochega ye sach me badal jaye 😂😂😂
                Aisa nahi hota re….
                Bollyarena ki saran me jao kuch gyan mil jaaye..😂😂😂

  9. Parsu Adhikari Reply

    Aamir is a massive superstar. He may not have huge fan following and crazy fan followers like SRK and Salman, but what is work for him is his dedications towards the work. There are hardly anyone who hates him professionally. The fact that he is loved by everyone is something what it makes him global star. He’s just ridiculous actor ! Massive respect for him to be changing the course of Bollywood.

    • He alredy have got 5 million followers twitter now he has 21million twitter

  10. prince sharma Reply

    2.0 can break bb2 record of india or go near to it but OS record of dangal take decades to cross or 3 idiots 2 has potential

  11. Only Aamir can break this record 👍

    No chance for balubilli or the local star!

    • Baahubali….ka record tod liyo india me.fir….

      baat aagar china k record ko todne ki hai toh…..
      baat india k record ki bhi hogi…..dum lgawa liyo….amir se aagr toot sake toh….

  12. Reply

    Kal 10 mn$,aur 6th week 30mn$ ,7th week 50mn$ .dangle 5000 crore sure manipulation ka jamana hai.Kuch bhi ho sakta hai.TOH break avatar record ,aamir world ka sabse bada manipulation star,confirm ,check kar lo Google pe

  13. It’s 165 million. Your addition is wrong. Look at China box office figure.

  14. @bollyarena

    kal tk ka apne collection 1803.97 crore btaya tha

    or Aaj ka collection 25.40 crore

    to dono ka total

    1829 crore+ hoga…☺😊

  15. @Arena,Taiwan’s collns till may has also been released.It’s 5.68M$ in Taiwan till May31.please correct.Congrats Aamir fans,200M$ crossed in overseas.

    • @raj_kumar

      5 mhine phle , tum mazaak me , baar baar type kr khte the….

      dangal 1000crore kregi….1500 crore kregi….2000crore kregi…


      dekho tumhari baate sach ho rhi h ,

      tumhare words luckey h Aamir k liye😂😂😂

    • Shahnawaz Khan Reply

      Aamir ki chalti hai toh tum chaddidariyoon ki kyun jalti hai…. Lolzzzz…..

  16. @Bollyarena
    Do you really feel TZH would have come on this Christmas if there would have been any Aamir release? For last 8/9 years Aamir and Salman movie’s have had almost similar openings and lifetime is far better for Aamir may be due to content. This is for India only. In overseas Aamir is far ahead.