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Dangal 3rd Day Box Office Collection

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Dangal 3rd Day Box Office Collection: The latest Aamir Khan starrer has finally managed to live up to the high expectations at the box office. The movie hit theaters on a normal Friday and had an excellent day. Later on, Dangal collection showed big growth on Saturday and now it has also recorded another health day on Sunday.

Dangal 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Update: Dangal has created history on Sunday as it will record the second highest single day of all time. Going by the offcial figures, Dangal 3rd day collection will be 42.35 crore. As expected night shows did not have any falls due to the festive period.

Dangal has a great start in the morning shows thanks to the Christmas holiday. The film started with 80% occupancy in the morning shows which went up to 95% in the noon and evening shows. The film set out the box office on fire in North India where it remained housefull throughout the day. Single screens were also super solid today as the film has grown more than double from Friday in some places. Actually, multiplexes have already reached to its capacity levels so the growth was largely depending on single screens.

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Dangal 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Dangal 3rd day collection is historic as it has set the record for the highest Sunday ever in the history of Bollywood. Earlier this year Salman Khan’s Sultan collected 38.51 crore on Sunday though it was the 5th day and there was no Christmas advantage too. It will also be the second or third highest single day ever behind only Happy New Year. The good news for Dangal is that trend is looking super strong. The film has shown superb growth every day thanks to its excellent word of mouth.

Dangal box office collection in 3 days will be over 106.95 crores. Dangal first weekend collection will be among the top 5 of all time. The film will get a benefit on Monday due to the festive period. The advance booking is looking great too. Dangal collection needs to be over 22-23 crore to get a real chance of becoming a big grosser. 250 crore is almost given due to open weeks and word of mouth. But the real challenge will be to cross 300 crore and beat Sultan.

Our lifetime prediction will remain the same (305 cr). It is the only film for which we have not changed any prediction (opening & lifetime).

Dangal Sunday Collection

42.35 Cr



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
106.95 Cr


Also tell us what are your thoughts on Dangal 3rd day box office collection in the comments section.


  1. anil-AKKI-jolly LLB 2 Reply

    Less than 40 crores ..
    Tomorrow’s collections will give clear picture of LBO….

    • Srk U.K. Fan base Reply

      Guys relax but people need to do understand that we only watch amir khan movies because he makes great movies, but we watch salman and srk movies because it has them in there, the truth is Amir can never match the superstardom of srk and salman
      He admits it himself when he said that even I have to stand up when srk or salman walk into a room because it feels like superstar has just walked in! But amir is a great actor and this movie will cross 300!!!

      • Srk and salman are very litlle in aspect of acting to aamir he is just marvelous.salman and srk are superstar AAMIR IS MEGASTAR.NO ONE CAN BE LIKE HIM EVEN MR BACHHAN CANNOT MATCH HIM.

        • Srk U.K. Fan base Reply

          Are you stupid? Do you know what superstardom is? Have a look at srk shows overseas in 2003 or 2004 that’s what you call superstardom, it’s when people faint just by one look of that star, people look up to salman as their pride and girls have fainted and cry thier heart out when they see srk that’s what you call stardom not when a few people scream for their favoritism star!

      • Aamir doesn’t need any so called superstardom, we judge an actor only by his acting.. And no one can beat Aamir’s acting and I think even srk himself must be knowing this.

        • Srk U.K. Fan base Reply

          Firstly ther are two type of actor one who prepares and one who just reacts to the emotions, Aamir Khan is indeed a great actor but he prepares himself on the other hand Shah Rukh Khan just walks in and acts and nails it! I’m not saying Aamir is a bad actor he’s prob the best method actor India has today but he doesn’t have that aura and stardom that srk and salman have! That’s all!

      • Are you heady right now??? See the last two duds of SRK ( Fan & Dilwale), still you think SRK is bigger star than Aamir.. I think you are just trying to hide the reality.. Aamir is the baap of SRK and even Salman….much better in terms of acting & script selection.. This movie will surely beat the lifetime collections of sultan and even his own movie PK..

        • Srk U.K. Fan base Reply

          Baap?! Where was this baap for the
          Past 25 years when no one even spoke about him all Bollywood knew was Amitabh bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan that’s all, where was this baap when srk was ruling the industry with back to back
          Hits when his craze hit such a peak celebrities around the world started to ask why is this guy so famous, why has your baap never been given titles like King of Bollywood
          King of Romance
          Because he’s a Great actor who will be known in the future for his acting and not for his stardom!

    • Srk U.K. Fan base Reply

      You know what you guys will never understand this cause your just stupid!! I’ll give you an example Avatar is the highest grossing Hollywood movie but do you actually think Sam worthington is the biggest star in Hollywood lol 😂 tom cruise doesn’t even have a movie in the top ten so should we say that all of them other guys are biggest stars than him don’t be stupid guys!
      Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are something else Aamir Khan can never match
      Their stardom!! If he can tell him to come here pack the
      Stadiums like shah Rukh Khan does!! Tickets sold in seconds because that’s star power not movie power!

  2. dhAakAd Anup Reply

    Only 1 Full Holiday & Aamir sets BO on FIRE.
    40 Something Beyond EXTRAORDINARY.
    The BRAND AAMIR has proved that he doesnt need any Commercial Elements or Masala,Big Co-Star,Chartbuster Songs,Promotion to deliver
    Now I can Say Even
    Big Brand(D3) is nothing Without AAMIRs Legacy.

  3. So still it flunked to beat sultan weekend now i’m pretty sure it will do hardly 290 cr..bcuz of three open week if it realse ..anywhere except christmis lifetime under 260 cr..!

    • Irfan Khan Reply

      No doubt to go so far business…. Easily can pass 350+ crore

  4. Hahaha

  5. Aamir khan will become the box office king if he beats sultan. Happy for him but little bit jealous also…….loll

    • Irfan Khan Reply

      Aamir is only box office king and the real actor superstar….. Others are very behind to him…