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Dangal 2nd Sunday Box Office Collection Update

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Dangal 2nd Sunday Box Office Collection: Dangal has a bumper start on its second Sunday as per the early trends. It is performing very well today as the occupancy is touching the record numbers. Dangal collection will witness a big growth today thanks to the holiday and New Year. Check out Dangal 2nd Sunday collection updates.

Dangal 2nd Sunday Box Office Collection Update

Box Office Report:

The film has opened to around 70% occupancy in the morning shows which is a huge huge number. In fact, the occupancy is better than the opening day. North India has opened to housefull shows in most of the multiplexes. Even the rest of India is performing better than the opening day. The advance for today is also very high.

Today is a Sunday but there is an additional advantage of New Year holiday which will aid Dangal collection by 5-10%. As yesterday the shows were affected in the evening and night due to New Year celebrations. Thus noon shows will pick up further and it will be houseful in many parts of the India. Today’s Sunday will set a new record and will collect an insane amount.

Dangal 2nd Sunday Box Office Collection

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As per the occupancy, the film will collect better than the opening day but ticket rates are now back to normal. Though it also has got a tax free status which was not there in the first weekend. As of now Dangal 10th collection is targeting for 30 crores if the evening shows do not face drops. They have been steady in last few days except yesterday.

The Aamir Khan starrer has collected more than Rs. 239 crore at the Indian box office in just nine days. The actor is again competing with himself for highest grosser of all time His last few releases Ghajini, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3 and PK are the biggest hits in the industry ever.

Noon Shows Report:

Dangal has stormed the box office again in the noon shows as the occupancy has gone on to insane levels. The multiplexes are gain reaching to capacity levels especially in North India. Such scenario has never been seen before in the second week. It is again set for another historical day the box office.

Stay tuned for more updates.


2nd Sunday

2nd Saturday



Dangal 10th Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

As per the early trends, Dangal 10th day collection will be over 28 crore. It has chances to touch 30 crore but that will depend on how it fare in the later half of the day.

We will continue to update this page throughout the day with latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Tell us what are your views about Dangal 2nd Sunday box office collection (10th Day) update in the comments section.


  1. 28-29cr. If it shows big growth in the evening and night shows then 30cr is confirmed ✌

  2. this weekend 300 pakka
    lifetime 370 cr
    aamir u rocking man and giving shocking to fankha fans

    • @ Jonty – everyone’s waiting for nice promising films including Raees and Kaabil…..

      This is article is for Dangal though!! :)

      SRK need to take rebirth to have such standard of movie. As aamir always does… Full entertainment movie without compromising his content.

  3. gaatlin jnr Reply

    thats calles aamir khannn…………….he is the best of bollywood………..

  4. I hv seen the movie yesterday and and movie was fantastic. But my sincere request to BA that pls no comparison with Sultaan or any other khan movie.
    For me Aamir is powerful actor and Salmaan is powerful entertainer. I think SRK has no place between them. And in my opinion where Sultaan ends Dangal starts. And on box office performance Sultaan opens like earthquake response and it has only one week to get maximum benefits and Eid is no more national holidays and its advantage limited to some states.
    For Dangal has many benefits like high tickets price, tax free status in big states like UP harayna etc and christmas and new year holidays benefit especialy in school and colleges for max 10 days all over India.
    So no comparison between figures. Its going to break all previous records shortly.
    So money wise Aamir is biggest gainer but response wise Salman khan start any movie like thundestorm.
    So my thumbs up with Salman khan.

        • dude, shame on you because you twisted facts and not able to accept Aamir is a bigger crowd puller. He just is understated than Salman. Christmas fell on a sunday so did new year. so I am not sure which holiday you are talking about. Secondly Aamir played a unconventional role for a star of his stature. Let salman play a 60 year old man and father of 2 daughters and have the movie focussed on rank new comers- then lets see how much the movie earns..

          • Dude shame on you for not accepting that tax free in 3 big states, high tickets price and if u dont know that school and colleges are closed for 10 days and no new movie released till 3 weeks than u people creating over hyped situation. U forget that Sultaan 30 plus for straight five days ok. Iam just saying dangal getting these benefits and what wrong in admitting in that & If it becomes highest grosser than what wrong in it.

            • movie lover Reply

              @nj who gave u the right to compare aamir with 3rd class actor salman if anyone file a case against u then u’ll be arrested …sharukh and salman are little more popular then aamir becoz they host awards shows,they got 8cr. Money for dancing in but fact,they will comment each and evrything so they can stay stable in social media but in case of aamir his promotion is very limited,he dosent do anything for the fame wat other actors do fir bhi itne box office,itna records so accept this aamir is as same as.other khan but gave epic movies for the legacy

              • Bro amir is nice but he has ego problems so he not come to any awards shows nd I thik u not remember what he says about over countries yar desh ka khata hey aur desha ke khilaf wo aur iski wife bakvash karti hey so plz amir is only money maker men ok bro 👍

            • Ab dangal hoga Reply

              Kya school colleg, high ticket rate ka rat lagake baithe ho… is good so it collected all heart…. Dangal is pure homemade dish and dangal is fast-food… Both are tasty but dangal is healthy for sure….

            • That’s the power of Aamir khan, that so called Super and mega star by u people are not ready to take panga with Aamir khan.

    • Abe holiday sab Sunday ko Miley dangal ko ….soch agar weekdays pe milte to aur gand phat jati bhaitards ki…..sultan got 4 holidays in a week but still look bauna in front of dangal collection ……SK is always chasing aamir accept it or die…..because SK already accepted this fact…..aamir competes only with aamir megastar of bollywood

      • Shame tum par q india eid par 1 holiday hoti h log ziyda pasand Christmas larte h india m ziyada people muslim n h sultan ke sath competition tha kabali ka

        • satish rana Reply

          Dangal se compition isliye nahi tha ki… darrrr.. if you remember #pk e next weekend pe #linga release hui thi or north india main band baj gayi.. thats why? No compitition..

        • Stop lying kabali released 2 weeks after sultan I remember coz kabali Friday was declared national holiday coz of super stars film 15 June I believe.

    • ya …can’t be compared 😜
      One r fr mindless fan
      Other fr intelligent audiences
      One do mostly copy paste flims frm south
      Other gives 200 percent fr each move he has done so far
      One is bad boy of Bollywood other is Mr perfectionist 😄


    • Dude u cant understand some simple facts though……when eid starts salman earthquake strts….after the holidays ,look at the drop in the collection frm 30 to 10……aamir inspite of demonotization….and for ur kind information cristmas long holidays are given only to catholic institutions……so ofcourse u can compare the collections…..acting wise aamir is the best….money wise aamir is the best…but stardom i believe salman khan but my thums up to aamir khan….but oofcourse u cant ignore srk hes also one among the best.

    • Movie ka matlab sirf entertainment nahi hota….

      Usse kuch sikh bhi milni chahiye,,,

      Public entertainment me k liye jati hai other movie dekhne…

      But amir khan ki movie kuch na kuch jaroor sikha ke jati hai…

      Tum log bhi sikho…. Sirf collection dekhte mat baitho……

      Amir is the best….

    • Super Rubbish post from NJ all I want say is….”ki aap poorosh hi nahi Maha poorosh hai”, it’s show that you have no brain. 1. NJ when you yourself admitting that tickets rate are higher then other movies than how still people are watching this movie in huge numbers, each day collections are over 20CR ??? 2. Tax free are only applied to few states only. 3. Both Christmas and New year fall on SUNDAY so no extra holiday for the movies.

      NJ so ja mere lal….. warna “Crime master GOGO aajayega.

    • Bhai donn say anything you haven’t notice but sultan has 5 days of weekend & as far as performance is concerned Dangal yet not been dropped under 20 crores till its 10 days of run just see sultan 30+ in first 5 days when weekdays starts from 30 falls down to 15 or even 12 so its the content not the hype or stardom which makes a great movie. If you see salmans best movie since 2009 till date on which you can count on is Bajrangi other movies were totally rubbish

  5. Today will be 31cr.
    If it crosses 15cr on monday then get ready for 400cr club…
    I think Dangal will do 400cr.
    Founder of all club Mr.Aamir
    Hats of….

  6. Do not give excuses brother. Sultan released around 100 more screens in India than Dangal and was not effected by demonetization. Sultan was an average film however Dangal is a masterpiece. Aamir competes with himself only. Salman comes 2nd. Agree with ur point that no other are near this 2 Khans.

  7. it will touch/cross 30 cr today…….fingers crossed!!!

    30 cr on second sunday is an insane number!!!

  8. If it does 29cr on Sunday, the 2nd weekend will be 71cr.
    10-day will be 197 + 71 = 268cr
    132cr away from 400.

    It will get there.

    Mon-Thu it will do 50-55cr. So 268 + 52 = 320cr

    3rd weekend it could do 30cr. So 320+30 = 350 cr.

    Then Mon-Thu could give 20cr. So 350+20 = 370 cr.

    4th weekend will could be around 15 cr. 370 + 15 = 385 cr

    Then 8 cr on Mon-Thu gives 385 + 8 = 393cr

    7cr in the 5th weekend and days after that = 393 + >7 = >400

    • Amit meher Reply

      239+30(2nd sunday)=269 crores
      Then mon-thurs=56 crores(approx.)

      total=269+56=325 crores

      3rd weekend=30 crores
      Mon-thurs=25 crores

      Total=325+30+25=380 crores

      4th week=20 crores(approx.)

      Total=400 crores

  9. Tariq Ahmad Bhat Reply

    Amir khan is the real king of bollywood
    Mindblowing acting in Dangal
    Hop move wil start a new club of 400 crores.

  10. Aamir is Now enjoying what
    SRK enjoyed in 1998-2007
    Salman enjoyed in 90s and 2010-present

    So all are greatest and have unique records…
    Respect all….


  11. Zaid