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Commando 2 Total Box Office Collection & Verdict

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Commando 2 is a flop at the Indian box office. The film has collected slightly higher than the prequel Commando released in 2013. There was no point of making a sequel when the original even could not collect 20 cr.

  • Day 1: 4.25
  • Day 2: 4.0
  • Day 3: 5.0
  • Day 4: 2.25
  • Day 5: 1.90
  • Day 6: 1.65
  • Day 7: 1.45
  • 2nd Weekend: 1.05
  • Day 11-14: 0.50
  • Total: 22.10 Cr
  • Tamil & Telugu Version: 0.35
  • Grand Total: 22.45 Cr

Commando 2 has collected 3.91 crore in overseas with Gulf contributing around 2.5 cr. It is a flop outside India too but the achievement is that it has registered some numbers whereas most of such films are washout in overseas.

  • India Gross: 30.98 cr
  • Overseas: 3.91 cr
  • Worldwide: 34.89 cr
  • Verdict: FLOP


  1. Roric - the srk hater Reply

    When the first was avg, what was the need for making its sequel and also no one want to see action of electricity (vidyut) becoz his father tiger has come to Bollywood

  2. Aman Mishra Reply

    Quality Of A Movie Cannot Be Measured With Respect To The Amount That It Has Earned !
    Never Underestimate The Capacity Of Vidyut Sir.
    Commando#2 Is Superb

  3. Est Total Cost of Production + Prints + Ads = 20cr

    Est Total recovery = 35cr to 40cr

    If my Math is correct that’s around 15cr to 20cr profit

    • ram gopal verma Reply

      real costs
      Est Total Cost of Production + Prints + Ads = 30cr
      Est Total recovery = 35cr

      not a very good, do proper research before commenting

  4. Pintoo Mishra Reply

    Commando 2 very nice movie and fantastic action
    Vidyut sir is real action and stunt man his mom also martial art expert
    Vidyut is greater than tiger accordingly martial art
    U am also bug fan of tiger but vidyut is more greater than tiger in real action
    Movie collected approx 35 cr. And budget is 20 cr so movie is hit
    Abhi vidyut ki starting hai in future vidyut will be superstar and his movie will collect 100 cr. Wait some year
    His all movie was mindblowing
    Like force, command, command 2, …….

  5. Budget is around 12 crores +8 crores printing and promotion-20crores n the collection is 36 crores worldwide so its a hit movie

  6. nice movie vidyut give his full performance and best action and new stunts

  7. It was indeed a good action packed performance by vidyut….loved the movie.

  8. it was a fantastic movie . fight scens of this movie are very nice.

  9. awsome movie and the action performed by vidyut sir was astounding as an martial artist is my favourite ,tiger is good but vidyut is u sir

  10. how can u call a movie flop which has earned 15cr profit????

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