Chef Trailer – Saif Ali Khan

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Chef is a unique tale of a journey that Roshan Kalra (played by Saif Ali Khan) undertakes to find out his true priorities and source of happiness. It’s a story of food and love and family and togetherness. And that of a father’s rediscovery of the bond with his son.

Chef is slated to release on October 6th, 2017.


  1. Looks interesting. Raja Krishna hope you deliver a good follow up to Airlift

  2. Forwarded 2 times in b/w …
    if trailer is that much boring cant imagine movie

  3. I’ve seen the original Jon Favreau’s Chef & it is one of my favourite All time movie. I’ll put it on everytime I am feeling down & it instantly lifts my spirit up. I sincerely wish very best of luck to Saif & Raja Krishna Menon. If RKM can make this even half as good as original Chef then his will be a classic.

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