CBFC chief Prasoon Joshi slams Bhansali for film’s private screening

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CBFC chief Prasoon Joshi is unhappy with the producers of film Padmavati for screening the film without their consent. The reaction came after the makers of the film held a special screening of the movie in Mumbai for top journalists of India.

After watching the film, many have tweeted about the movie which has irked the ministry. Earlier the CBFC sent back the film to makers for leaving blank a crucial column in its application that requires them to state whether the work is based on fiction or draws from history.

CBFC chief Prasoon Joshi also criticised the filmmakers’ decision. “It is disappointing that ‘Padmavati’ is being screened for media and getting reviewed on national channels without CBFC having seen or certified the film. It’s myopic to treat certification process haphazardly to suit convenience. On one hand, holding CBFC responsible and pressuring it to accelerate the process, and, on other, hand attempt to subvert the very process, sets an opportunistic precedent.”


  1. Dr.Jhangir Khan Reply

    Sanajy leela bhansali say there is no scene between Khilji and Padmavti but there is intimate scene with rana ratan sigh…problem is for bhasali to not shwoing fim to this Kerni sena they even not approve intimate scene between Rani and Singh…this hiden truth from ppl….HAHAHAH…. Sanjay tu to gaya…it will not release likh ke le lo…

    • We will never approve intimate scenes between husband and wife. Husband getting intimate with wife is against our culture and religion. Sanjay Bhansali has no values

      • What if postponing movie and releasing it on its originla release date (Christmas 2017) has been altogether the plan of Bhansali. What if he delibrately pushed the movie so that he can get Christmas. Padmavati is right now as hot as it can be in the market. No need of promotion. All news channels are continously doing the PR job for Padmavati. Remember Negative or Positive, Free Publicity is aleays benefitial for the movie. If Padmavati releases on Christmas, it will be catastrophic for Tiger Zinda Hai. Bhansali can boast of beating two Khans ( SRK and Salman) in clash on Christmas and can establish himself as a brand bigger than Khans. Tiger can prove a tough challenge (in coparison to Dilwale) to beat but looking at the curent scenrio it does not look impossible. I will not be surprised if Padmavati collects more than Tiger on the first day itself if both release on the same date.

      • Not all the husband and wife are porn star who can get intimate in-front of camera, I am sure getting intimate in-front of several cameras belong to your religion/culture not the real Rajput !!

      • …husband getting intimate with wife is against our culture and religion…
        Who else is husband supposed to get intimate with !!! LOL

    • Batao ye ab ke chakkar me bechara Fukrey returns suffer kar Gaya ..8 December ko aane vala tha but Padmavati ki vajah se 15 dec kar Lia ..ab vaapas 8 Dec Ko kar skta hai but time nahi

    • Dr. sir Rajat sharma and arnab goswami clearly said that there is nathing like that in d movie. After watching this movie they found nothing wrong in it. Why cant u understand dr.? BM was also a clean movie.

      • Dr.Jhangir Khan Reply

        Mr.Rudra…RAJAT and ARNAB said…there is no single frame sharing by Khilji and PAdmavati but what if there is intimacy between Husband Ratan Rawal Singh and Padmavati this kerni sena appove…LOL..matlab Aasman se gire or khajor pe attke..

        they even not approving Padmavati dancing infront of Ratan singh Ghomar dance…but what if intimate scene in between them….this is fear factor for Bhansali which is stopping to show movie to this kerni sena…deep down he know he is playing…LOL

        mai 1000 times keh rah hu Bhansali cannot complete movie without love making scene…RAM LEELA and BM now PADMAVATI…boycott hu rah hai accha hu rah hai…next time he will not touch history..

  2. Dr.Jhangir Khan Reply

    ban this extra marital affair…..boycott this Bhansali…..throw him out of this country….jis ko auroto ki izzat karni nahi aati…Boycott Padmini…even boycott his BM to Air in TV…..

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      • TEMPERATURE Reply

        Dont know the problem of Ajay Sir!! Why is Ajay sir behaving like this!!😡…
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        the time Akshay sir uses to complete a day movie rehersal is same time this boy uses to write about Ajay….and you are still ungrateful making this boy Cry always!!
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      • Most Competitive Poll Reply

        Initially the competition was looking to be close. But at the end 2.0@2000cr has won it by a BIG MARGIN.

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  3. If Padmavati will get released with TZH then

    Screen counts

    Multiplex people will watch Padmavati
    Single screen people will watch both Padmavati n TZH

    for Single screen

    for Multiplex

    at d end Padmavati will beat TZH for sure
    coz Multiplex will help padmavati more dan single screen.

    • dean Ambrose Reply

      G4 ne SS KO kya dhoya hai parshya maza aa gya,,,,amir sir ka cameo hahahaha

    • bichaara parshya hosh main nahi hai… lol

      TZH.. whthr wt clash or not.. salman fans are in crores.. rhey will def go and watch.. 35cr pakka..
      Padmavati will hav other curious film goers.. 10crs..
      weekend – 100cr for TZH
      45cr for padmavati.

      common SLB.. pls release the film on 22nd Dec!!!.. agar dum hai.. tho tiger ko rokke dhika.. lol

      Agar industrys most successful director can push dutt to next yr.. yeah tho SLB hai.. lol

    • Go parshya baby go 😘 This Christmas we will have a party 🎈 🎊 if Padmavati clashes with TZH. No way TZH will win this clash

    • Hahahahah @Parshya apne aap ko aise dilase de sakte ho… 😂 😂 😂 hum mana nahi karenge… 😂 Patient ko recover hone ka mauka to milna hi chahiye na… 😂 😂 😂 Golmaal 4 ka fever dimagh tak jo chala gaya hai… 😂


    I think here is where SLB act will be used as a punching box from other mediums.
    But to be honest am tired of all this!!

    Best advice.. He shdnt release it now…till majority of the so called protesters and Slb team reaches a concrete conclusion…

    Good news is that whether the movie is released now or later an “additional” 15-20crs + or – minus will be a sure shot inclusion for weekend collections due to controversy of such magnitude.

    • Modest fan Reply

      this movie is actually in real trouble right now. anyway i m not interested in this dress up movie so i wont comment on this movie anymore.

      the movies i m looking forward for are
      1. THUGS
      2. robot 2.0
      3. rambo zinda hai

  5. Sanjay Bhansali,15 dec or 22 dec is d right time for release
    if u release Padmavati on 12 jan then it will have no buzz

    and also people already wasted money on TZH
    so people will not spend money for Padmavati

    So i request u and Vaicom plz release Padmavati on 15 dec or 22 dec
    definitely these dates will help d movie

    Dont worry about TZH.. its a weekend show thats it.

    • Dr.Jhangir Khan Reply

      so you are so sure ppl will wathc TZH…means this is your hidden thinking…TZH will be ATBB…..if Padmavati will release it will not cross blockbuster status..this is only you cares.

    • :D :D :D… tera dimaag kaisa hai flopstar flop hone ke baad??? :D

    • ToomuchFun Reply

      @ persya. Thik hai beta tera aawaz slb ne sun liya. Tere liye hi woh 22 dec me release karega.. don’t panic… :)


      Yaar Parshya bhai when Aamir gets solo no one disturbs him but clash for Salman that festive period why dont you want it solo?

      İ mean dont you think its going to be more of a man to man challenge if Salman is also given the oppurtunity Aamir gets for Xmas? Meaning as an Aamirian wont you like confidently say…”okay give him xmas as solo and lets see if he can cross ….Dangal…” it will atleast show that Aamirians now are Daring Salman…to do the same for a solo release…? İf it does not cross than it will be more prestigious to say Aamir record is untouchable…but if insisting for a clash i think it certainly means…Salman should not aim for Dangal record. Be confident bro! İ trust you, Let him also have a shot too…then you have everyright to feel top of the world if it fails..but with clash it kind of passes a message that Salman challenging Dangal or pk is not wanted. Just my opinion

        Its a universal truth that sallu fans cant break Aamirs record

        They say Aamir has no stardom
        But without stardom can we expect almost 400cr movie in domestic and 2100cr ww

        Before release of sallu films They
        always Says all records will be history but after release they said
        Movie had no content thats why
        Could not break Aamirs record

        But what

        Even if TZH will get solo release it will not beat PK forget Dangal

        Sallu fans its challenge for u
        Hai dum toh Dangal todke dikhado baad me no excuses

        Also clash will give d lesson to sallu fans that sallu has fake stardom

    • Aise ideal and unrealistic batein karke apne aap ko dilasa de sakte ho bro… @Parshya… Get well Soon… 😂 😂 😂

    • Sanjay bhansali ko suggestion toh aise de rahi hai parshya jaise sanjay bhansali iska phoopha lagta hai..😂😂@parshya
      Grow up parshya tumhe bhi pata hai padmavati kabhi TZH k saath release nahi ho sakti but dhamaal shayad clash ho sakti hai TOH k saath so TOH ko promote kro as tum apni stupidity mein already TZH ko promote kr chuki ho miss parshya aunty

  6. I want Bhansali to release it on 26th Jan. Curious to see what happens with the so-called “new clash king”.

  7. Sanjay Leela Bhansali Reply

    My-Ranveer duo destroyed SRK’s career.

    Now it is Salman’s turn. Padmavati is releasing on 25th Dec. Watch out Salman fans. We will make you cry like I made Salman cry in the climax of Hdcs.

    After Salman, we will take down the last remaining Aamir Khan.
    Then only Ranveer will rule. Hahahaha

    • dean Ambrose Reply

      Hahahaha ranbeer worst and ugliest actor of this decade,,,,,, salman sir ke pairo ka dhul h samjha,,,,, agar ye rule karne laga to Bollywood ka to band baj jayega SLB

      • Tum salman fan ho na?

        Tabhi ranveer aur ranbir kai naam ki khichdi bana kar kissi new actor Ranbeer ko bash kar raha ho 😂

        • Jaise kuch log sameer ko samir likhte hai btw jitna bhi try krlo padmavati release nahi hone wali 22 dec ko as kisi k pass guts nahi hai especially jab TZH ke trailer ko itna accha response mila hai..@sameer

          • No doubt TZH is looking strong. Still my view is if Padmavati clashes with TZH, Padmavati will win the clash. Padmavati is looking stronger on content which is more important for a bigger life time biz. This view is on the basis of trailers only.

            Chances of clash are v low as it will mean huge loss of biz for both. Padman will be a weaker opponent for Padmavati. Still I will throw a party 🎈🎉🎊 if the clash happens on christmas. You will be invited too

            And there is a difference between calling Sameer instead of Samir and Ranbeer instead of Ranveer. Significant change in name. I know it was a typing mistake by @dean but still gives an opportunity to do tafreeh

    • Dr.Jhangir Khan Reply

      Love your movies Bhansali Sir and your biggest fan here at Bollyarena.

      There is an impostor here who keeps bashing you using my name. Ignore that impostor.

      • Dr.Jhangir Khan Reply

        you are big importer…even you cannot show your real identity….LOL…be and respect yourself…and i hate bottom of my heart to Bhansali and Amir…they pick up controversial subject and create records….PK and BM now PADMAVATI now may be his next target…MUMTAZ THAN RANI LAXMI …etc etc…

        • Dr.Jhangir Khan (Importer) Reply

          True. I am the big Importer (biggest importer in India) and you are the big Impostor.