Captain America Civil War 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection

Captain America Civil War has shown good growth on its second Saturday. As per the official figures Captain America Civil War 2nd Saturday collection is 3.27 crore. As expected, the film had an upward trend as multiplex oriented films tend to do so.

Captain America is another success from Hollywood as it is expected to cross 60 crore. The film will be a super hit venture and will be among top 10 highest Hollywood grosser in India.

Total59.25 Cr
Day 18.53
Day 28.79
Day 39.81
Day 44.59
Day 54.05
Day 63.57
Day 73.38
1st Week42.72
Day 82.02
Day 93.27
Day 103.56
Day 111.44
Day 121.31
Day 131.20
Day 141.11
2nd Week13.91
Day 150.35
Day 160.65
Day 170.70
Day 180.26
Day 190.23
Day 200.23
Day 210.21
3rd Week2.63


  1. @Bollyarena

    In the First Stanza the Collection is showing 2.43cr & not 3.27cr…………..
    Pls correct it.


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