Can Dilwale Break PK Record?

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Q. What is the release date of Fan? (Virat)

Ans. It has been postponed and new release date is not announced yet. Fan is likely to release in first half of 2016.

Q. Can you tell how many screens are in India? Happy New Year released in 4500 screens. Is this the limit? (Jayanta)

Ans. PK was released in 5200 screens while Happy New Year was released in 5000 screens (Both Hindi & Regional). Bajrangi Bhaijaan & Dilwale can get up to 5500-6000 screens in India.

Q. Can Dilwale break PK record? (Mohit)

Ans. To break PK record content should be very solid. Dilwale will get earth shattering opening and if it sustains very well after first week which depends upon content of the film, then it has a chance. Anyway Dilwale should be targeting 300 crore club first.

Q. Will Brothers & Singh Is Bling cross 100 Cr in India? (Jyoti)

Ans. For Brothers any thing less than 150 crore will be disappointment. On the other hand Singh Is Bling will be depending on hit music.

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