Brothers Fourth Day (Monday) Box Office Collection

Brothers Box Office Collection


Brothers Fourth Day Collection:


Brothers has shown significant drop on its fourth day. According to official figures Brothers Monday box office collection will be 6.23 crore.


The film has already suffered from an average Sunday. Today was a normal day so the drop is always expected But Brothers third day collection has shown a drop of 60% which means that film has not sustained well.

Brothers box office collection in 4 days will be around 58 crore. It has become the 9th highest grossing film of 2015 in just four days. It will also surpass Drishyam tomorrow to grab the 8th position.

The expectations from this Akshay Kumar starrer were huge. Brothers had one of the best release period and also had not much competition for 3 weeks. Yet the film has underperformed at the box office.

Looking at the trend it seems that film will find it tough to sustain on weekdays. The cost is also on the higher side which will make it even tough for Brothers. The film should collect over 120 crore to be in the profitable zone.

Brothers Monday Collection (4th Day)

6.23 Cr



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
58.31 Cr




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5 comments on “Brothers Fourth Day (Monday) Box Office Collection”

  1. Brothers is an excellent.movie well adapted for the Indian audiences. Superstar Akshay Kumar is absolutely a delight to watch. Superstud Siddharth Malhotra is fantastic with his smoldering but quiet role. Jackie Shroff is superb. Jacquilene Fernandez has got her first performing role. And the first are choreographed by the same action team of Warriors, and they have done a marvelous jpb. Director Karan rocks. Producer Karan Johar has got a winner.

  2. Now why did Akki have to display grey hair and white beard to show that he is Siddharth's elder brother. In no hindi movie ever did any body take a chance like that. Now who will like it if the older brother looks like a grandfater himself and beats the younger brother. Even in Warriors they did not show the older brother with grey hair and looking old. That is where things are going wrong for Akki.

    Baby and Gabbar is back were excellent movies and had the potential to do a business of 200 crores to 250 crores. But it is all because of Superstar Akshay Kumar's fault. In the last six months Akki was seen everywhere in a salt and pepper, greying hair, white beard look off screen at every function, public outing, screening music release, etc. He looks good as an old man too but, the Indian audiences will reject such an ageing star. Baby and now Gabbar is Back have done good business because of the story, editing and direction and word of mouth. Not because of Akshay Kumar, however good he was in the movie. I don’t understand why a handsome, fit and a young looking superstar like Akki would want to throw it all away by going ahead and donning the old man look. Akki is much fitter and younger looking than some of the new, young stars on the horizon. A lot of success of a superstar depends on how he presents himself.

    So why is he doing this? Does he not care for himself, his producers, his distributors, exhibitors, his financiers, the studios and above all fans like us who add to his success?

    Akshay Kumar is stupid to have done what he did. To be seen in as an old man. Now the audiences have a perception of him as an old haggard man. Not the stud that was Superstar Akshay Kumar. That is the reason that Baby and Gabbar is Back could not bring in the desired first weekend collection which the other young looking Khans, Roshans and Devgans bring in. Akshay Kumar himself has written the epitaph of his superstardom.

    Now he can never play a lover boy or a young man. He can never do a Namastee London2 or a Dhadkaan 2. Audiences will not accept him. It might be too late to change his looks and look younger. I am sure it would not be difficult for him at all , as he is one of our fit and young looking actors.

    In the past Akshay used to look good, young , tall, handsome and piping hot, but he did wrong films. But now he is marvelous and best in roles where he does not laugh and beats the antagonist black and blue and wins. But he is getting his look all wrong. First off screen and then on screen.

    But it could be too late as he was seen often for the last six months in the old and haggard, salt-and-pepper beard and grey hair look.

    Now if Brothers fail Akki should be magnanimous enough to take on the blame on his strong shoulders as with his old man look, he is destroying himself and people associated with him.

  3. @sameer

    very true!

    akshay is not understanding indian fans mood.

    the mentality of indian fan is different from hollywood fan that they accept their superstar in old look.

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