The Bombay High Court has declared its final verdict on Salman Khan’s controversial 2002 Hit and Run Case. The actor has been acquitted of the charges as prosecution failed to prove them.

“No evidence against Salman Khan. Acquitted from all charges,” declared the Bombay HC today.

It further said that, “On the basis of evidence submitted by the prosecution, Salman Khan can’t be convicted.”

The court had earlier today observed that the prosecution failed to establish the case against Salman.

The court also observed that appreciation of evidence by trial court is not proper according to principles of jurisprudence. There has been a faulty manner to establish procedure for connecting  chain of evidence with regard to biological evidence, the court added.

This judgement comes as a huge relief for the actor and his family, who have been tensed over the verdict of the case for years. All the Salman fans are already rejoicing about the fact that the actor has got a clean chit from the Court.


  1. bollyarena great great great & huge great your hard work allways be happy all of you thank u very much salman & His family also fans big relif now


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