Ajay Devgn demands an inquiry against Karan Johar after KRK leaked tape

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The latest clash is getting uglier.

An audio record of KRK has gone viral in which he confesses that Karan Johar paid him 25 lakhs to write bad about Shivaay.

Check out the live updates.


Here is Ajay Devgn’s official statement.


Listen to the audio tape.

Ajay Devgn also took to Twitter and shared the link.

Hear what self proclaimed no. 1 critic and trade analyst Kamaal R Khan has to say.



  1. BTW a corrupts country like india it’s not surprising that even the rich a bending this low. i mean that’s the real position of karan Johar hahahaa. SRK did the same against Tees Maar khan

  2. Losers have started playing politics even in the Film Industry. All fans of Ajay Sir and Salman Bhai & those who truly love Bollywood should watch SHIVAAY on this Diwali and kick out these losers from bollywood.

  3. Ajay-salman fan Reply

    Asshole krk is paid by kjo…iam going thru his hatred messages from last 1month…simply he will take the topic of ajay sir and scold ajay sir and shivaay movie and starts praising adhm and kjo.

  4. Salman ke lallu fan chup be ..SRK ka kyu bich me lata hai har baar, jake apne lallu ke liye wish kar criminal aaj bhi coart ke chakkar laga raha hai, lol

    • Sahi kaha.. lallu chkkar laga raha hai…criminal…
      Dnt knw the truth abt this controversy! But but adhm will beat shivaay for sure! Kjo is best!

    • because what SRK did with ‘Tees Maar Khan’ and ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai – Dobara’ was not right. he did wrong both times. During the time of Tees Maar Khan, he insulted the film during promotions because Farah Khan did not signed him for the film. Second time during, Chennai Express release, he requested Ekta Kapoor to avoid clash but later he refused to give enough screens to OUATIMD.

      • Then what salman did to raees was also not good…..
        First Srk announced the release date of raees then sultan announced to release on the same date and yrf has already fixed a deal with screen owners and also acquired lots of screen and was not ready to give even half of screens of sultan…..
        Ye salman ke lallu chopu fans patanhi Srk ke peeche kyu pad bye hai….

        And yes karan johar he ek rupiya bhi nhi diya hqi krk ko saala krk khudh me publicity ke liye aisa bol rha hai and latterly he also cleared that…..
        San milke pata nji karan ko kyu phasa rhe hai ajay bhi aur salman ke lallu fans….

      • SRK announced the release date first??? hahaha. saari duniya se jaanti thi ki BHAI ki SULTAN eid pe aayegi wo bhi bina announcement ke.
        aur jab Great Grand Masti ko release date 22nd july se shift karke 15 july karni padi thi leak hone ki wajah se, tab BHAI ne hi 2000 screens di thi unko. Tere SRK ne jo Chennai Express ke time Ekta aur Askhay ko cheat kiya waisa bilkul nahi karte SALMAN BHAI.
        aur isliye aaj SRK ko koi solo release nahi de rha kyunki SRK bharose ke laayak nahi hai. Ekta Kapoor ne bharosa karke dekh liya aur usey dhokha mila.
        Solo release bhi SRK jaise darpok log dhundte hai. EID 2016 bolke Jan 2017 karli shift kyunki pta tha SULTAN ka punch bhaari padta EID pe.

  5. Karan Johar to giyo.. He is paying money to another KRK to downgrade a superb movie.. Shame on these people.. This news should spread to everyone.. So that they can know the real image of Karan Johar.. Aur KRK ki to puri dunia ko pata hai..

  6. Salman Fan Reply

    Ajay did a great job by bringing this matter in media….now people will know the real face of KJO and KRK…..Vaise bhi no one believe in krk reviews as much I know, I also visit sometime his tweeter page just for fun, I like when people bash krk in his each tweets…..But really surprising that KJO did this, he is big producer and director if he did this then it shameless attempt……

    This Diwali only Shivaay…….

  7. shame on karan johar……..isko to sabak sikhana padega….
    aab to karan johar giyo…..only SHIVAH……THIS DIWALI……
    shame on bollywood industry…..such a GHATIYA strategy against Ajay…….
    Dont worry Ajay…we all with u ….Aamir fans,Salman fans,Akhshya fans…plz support to Ajay…
    he really work hard for Shivay……….n this johar wants to degrade him………
    shame on karan johar……..

    • Puri news sumo chaha sirf buri news nhi…..
      Krk ko karan johar paisa dega impossible…..

      Jab karan johar ne zorawar ko promote kiya that to krk se uski ladai ho gyi this(because of abuse comment by krk on karan)
      And all are saying karan will give money to krk…..really????????

  8. Shivay trust thr is too much hype nothing else…I’m fan of ajay devgan sir I respect him lot.but shivay is not a good movie.even ae dil hai mushkil also not good.its just my view…shivay only trailer is good…film will be very bad…hope it will do best business…

  9. Ajay sir please don’t involve such fool publicity for your film…you are legend and your movie not required such cheap publicity from cheap people…shivay I have little doubt about your film story..action good..but story ……..for ae dil hai mushkil that is another bombay velvet….

  10. Salman Fan Reply

    We have one Self Proclaimed No.1 Critic Krk and one Self Proclaimed No.1 King Srk in India….Both are same…LOL

  11. Cheap publicity from all three…krk.karanjohar and ajay devgn…bcz both films are bad very bad.

  12. anil-AKKI-OM NAMAH SHIVAAY Reply


  13. Everytime ajay devgan doing this…why i am still trying to understand this………..Clash with him is like talk with a person who dnt have a sense.

  14. Ajay is so stupid that he wants buzz from KRK… It was obvious that Karan didn’t pay KRK as no one trust this guy, he’s a troll that’s it. But Ajay only knows how to defame his adversary, as he did with YRF and Yash-ji in 2012. And everyone remembers that he later lost the case vs YRF, he was defaming them just to get some pity. #Shame #ThisDiwaliOnlyADHM

  15. Muhammad Faisal Reply

    Salman Khan ke fans ki yeh bohat gandi adaat hae ke wo hr mammale main SRK ko beech main le atey hae Salman Khan ne bhi tou Son of Sardaar movie Ko support Kia tha magr jab Tak hai jaan Movie ne us se zaida business Kia phir Salman Khan ne OUATM Dobara Ko support KIA magr Chennai Express ne zaida business KIA ADMH movie SRK ki kuch movies ki copy hai Jb ke shivaay Hollywood movies ki copy hae yaqein naa aye tou Hindustan Times ka article search ke parh lo

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