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Bollywood Fan Wars

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Guest Article by Zohaib:

Note: The article was posted a few months back. It looks like that we have another fan war between the fans of SRK and Hrithik Roshan due to Raees vs Kaabil clash. Do read and let us know your views.

Thanks to the social media, people have got the freedom to voice their opinion about anything and everything. They are quick to love as well as hate celebs at the same time. Take a look at some of the interesting fan wars.

Salman Khan Vs SRK:

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are two of the most popular actors in India. Both are globally renowned stars and have a massive fan following. There has always been a debate among fans who is a bigger star. But rivalry entered into a new phase when SRK and Salman have a fight back in 2007. Later on, Salman achieved his lost stardom with the blockbuster success of Dabbang and continued its winning streak with back to back blockbusters. Since then this fan war has turned ugly many times.

Fan clubs of both actors are always ready to pull down the other star. Their Twitter trends were in a very bad taste when Salman was acquitted of all charges from the court. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo had a big opening but it witnessed falls on Monday. SRK fans started to trend Pray for PRDP. Salman fans started trending Dar Gaye Dilwale in response considering Bajirao Mastani trailer received an excellent response. When SRK talked about intolerance row, he was abused on social media.

There are fan clubs like SRK Warriors and SKs Combats and their only job is to criticize the other actor for the whole day. There are also many parody/fake accounts of both actors. Both actors patched up a couple of years back but their fans are so faithful that when the news of their hug broke out, both the sides were busy arguing over who must have hugged whom.


SRK Vs Aamir:

Aamir Khan remained away from fan wars until 2008 when he revealed in a blog post that his dog name is Shahrukh. Since then both actors have been taking a dig at each other. Aamir has also given a tough competition in overseas where SRK was dominating once. Though Aamir fans are less active on social media, still the war between fans is going on.


Akshay Vs Salman:

Back in 2007 Akshay was ahead of Salman in terms of box office ranking. But Salman Khan made a comeback in 2010 and has not looked back since then. Akshay fans accuse that Salman is nothing without Eid. This has led to a debate and war between fans of both actors. Though they have worked together in many projects.


Ajay Vs SRK:

There always have been a cold vibe between both actors. Ajay Devgn locked horns with SRK when he released his Sons of Sardar against Jab Tak Hai Jaan. That was enough to start a war not only among actors but also fans.

Hrithik Vs Shahid:

This is a very interesting battle. Instead of box office power, the main reason for the fight is dancing skills. Both actors are extremely talented dancers and there is always a debate going on who is a better dancer. Both actors also clashed in 2014 when Bang Bang and Haider released on the same day.


Hrithik Vs Akshay:

Hrithik and Akshay live in the same building and enjoy a good friendship. But the upcoming clash of Mohenjo Daro and Rustom has not gone well with the fans. Akshay fans criticize Mohenjo Daro trailer and HR fans make fun of Akshay’s box office record. Hrithik unfollowed Akshay on Twitter (unknowingly) which added fuel to the fire.


Ranbir Vs Ranveer:

Another growing battle is between the two young actors Ranbir and Ranveer. The main reason is Deepika Padukone who was with Ranbir once and now dating Ranveer. But the recent success of Bajirao Mastani has given this war a new angle.


Varun Vs Sidharth:

Both actors made their debut together in Student of the Year. Since then both actors are compared with each other. Alia Bhatt is also drawn into the debate sometime. So far it is done in a decent manner.


SRK Vs Akshay:

Akshay Kumar is considered among the right wing people while SRK is known to have liberal thoughts. The fan base of both actors has a different background. So there is always tiff going on between fans. Recently when Fan flopped, Akki fans mocked SRK big time as it had failed to cross Airlift and Housefull 3. Meanwhile, SRK fans argue that worldwide collection of his every film is higher than any other of Akshay’s film.


Ranbir Vs Salman:

Another instance where a third person (Katrina Kaif) became a cause for animosity between two people. Salman fans hate Ranbir for dating her while Ranbir fans claim she looks best with him. There is too much hate in this war. I remember fans sharing Tamasha download links when it was just released. They have not met with each other for a long time now. It will be rare that Salman fan will be fond of Ranbir too.


Ajay Vs Akshay:

After Khans and Hrithik, it is Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar who commands the highest following. Both actors are in the industry since 90’s and are put against each other many times.


Deepika Vs Katrina:

Both are the top actresses in the industry right now and no reason why their fans are always on either side. Ranbir Kapoor factor made things worse. The funny part being that Deepika fans took Ranbir changing loyalties way too seriously and showed their hatred towards Katrina and not Ranbir. The same goes for Kat fans too. Fan clubs like Kat Haters Ko Maro and Deepika Warrioz are too interesting. Both actresses are not on talking terms.


Deepika Vs Kangana:

Kangana showed her talent in Queen and TWMR and won National and Filmfare Awards. Last year when Deepika won an award she dedicated it to Kangana. But in an interview, Kangana revealed that except Deepika, everyone has congratulated her. Deepika did not invite her to Piku success bash. And that’s it, another cat fight.


Kangana Vs Hrithik:

Probably the most unique battle front. Since both have sent legal notices to each other, a lot of bashing and character assassination of each other is done on Twitter and Facebook. A recent research revealed that in the last couple of months, Kangana was the most hated celebrity on Twitter as there were so many trends against her.


There are also some of the fan bases which support each other.

  • Salman – Aamir
  • Hrithik – Aamir
  • SRK – Ranbir
  • Akshay – Ranveer
  • SRK – Katrina
  • Ajay – Salman
  • Akshay – Sidharth


Zohaib is an Entrepreneur and guest writer for Bollyarena. Follow him on Twitter.

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  1. LOL. SRK Fans support Katrina? they hate it and always criticized and very do not want to SRK and Katrina played a couple again. Where the war between the actresses? Deepika and Katrina is not so important how Deepika – Priyanka, Deepika – Kangana, Sridevi – Madhuri

  2. As a Srkian I love Srk a lot. I also respects other actors..But I will react badly only when some stupid haters comments wrong this abt my idol.

    Otherwise I have no problem with other actors and their fans….

  3. Srk fans always and mostly supported Hrithik sir and Akshay sir( also young actors like Ranbir,Ranveer,Sushanth,Varun but didn’t supported Shahid that much).But didn’t have any problem with Amir sir.
    But Srk fans mostly had problems with Salman sir and Ajay sir(mostly Bcz of some arrogant fans)

  4. Simply testing Stardom not intending fan war

    Like – SRk,Akshay,Hrithik,
    Dislike- Salman,Ajay,Amir

  5. I don’t hate any actor and i comment less due to some reasons but sometimes i can’t resist myself from commenting or replying to some idiot users who think that only their favourite actor is best and rest are crap and they never praise other actors but talk rubbish about them.

  6. Dear Bollywood Arena, but this is not true, SRK fan opposed Katrina in fact, Deepika and fans are now more enmity with Priyanka (after BM) than with Katrina and Deepika and Sonam fans of war with each other. And Sridevi – Madhuri is a classic for all times)))!

      • Yes, but still in the article there are certain supplements. for example, “Kangana – Deepika,” Hrithik – Kangana, but in any case, thank you for this article

  7. Bolly arena fan Reply


    Akshay fans vs Salman
    “. vs Srk
    “. vs Hrithik
    “. vs Ajay

    Only one senior star fans is missing Amir khan fans.!!!