Bollywood Diwali Releases and Clashes Since 2010

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Ajay Devgn’s Golmaal Again and Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar are all set to clash at the box office during this Diwali. The festival is considered a good period from a business perspective. However, the recent Diwali releases have not fared up to the expectations.

In this decade, only two films have emerged blockbuster during Diwali from a dozen of films. There is not a single highest grosser of the year in the list. First, let’s take a look at the previous Diwali releases and their collection.



1st Day




Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo
Super Hit
Happy New Year
Super Hit
Krrish 3
Jab Tak Hai Jaan
Son Of Sardar
Ra One
Golmaal 3
Action Replay


Most of these films have taken superb opening but could not sustain that well in the longer run. This has to do something with content as Diwali has not seen a universally accepted film like Bajrangi Bhaijaan or Dangal. Also, the release period is not that friendly as compared to Christmas or Eid.

There have been three Diwali clashes in this decade and all of them involved Ajay Devgn. Golmaal 3 was the clear winner back in 2010 against Akshay Kumar’s Action Replay. It was the fourth film in Bollywood to cross 100 crores mark.

The last two clashes turned out to be very ugly. After a long spat with YRF, Ajay’s Son of Sardar lost the battle against SRK’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Though it managed to emerge hit at the box office. Last year he fought against Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil with his highly ambitious project Shivaay. Despite all the hype, Shivaay opened to a poor note and was only saved by Diwali.

This Friday, Ajay Devgn will be again battling again but this time against a much smaller film. The target audience of both films is also different so it will not be a that much of an issue this time. Though the fight for screens and PR game is going on and it is not an as healthy clash as it seems.

What are your opening day and lifetime predictions of both films? Let us know in the comments section. Also, stay tuned with us for all the coverage of Golmaal Again and Secret Superstar.


  1. Ajay ne sallu, srk, Akshay sabko beat kiya hai diwali pe

    Shivay(single screen) >ADHM

    Now again Ajay will beat SS but its a small movie with Aamirs cameo.

    Hats off to Ajay 👒

    • No doubt, hats off to Ajay.

      In JTHJ vs SOS, I will call Ajay’s victory a moral one as he was up against the might of Yash Raj. He lonely battled against the might of Yash Raj, SRK, Katrina, AR Rahman with lesser screens. JTHJ was touted as Yash Chopra’s last film. The film had incredible hype and SOS was the underdog. SOS scored lesser at BO so I will still call it a tie (as both were hits) and more of a moral victory for Ajay.

      After victory against SS, Ajay’s CV will improve even further having fought battles against all SRK, Akshay, Aamir, Salman and coming out un-defeated.

        • Yes that is the only blemish on his CV. But there are always exceptions. Even that loss to Ranbir was not a one-sided one i.e. it was not a disaster (as per BOI, Shivaay is below average and not a flop).

          Overall he has remain un-defeated on Diwali occasions having clashes with top stars.

          • No it was not onesided ,Shivaay collections from Weekend 2 to lifetime were quite similiar like Jthj vs sos.
            My advice to Ajay Sir is he should now be able to control some views of his regarding these Film critics calling them fools is not that wise. You can see how Critics keep on bashing his movie reviews very few were able to exhale the way Judwaa 2 did.
            2ndly he should reduce number of Niche genres. Sorry to say Ajay fans and neutral audiences i have No expectation with RAID. His relationship with Ileana if rumours were to be believed should be terminated and instead choose easy talented and audiences trustees like Bhumi i think she is a very fine actress compared to Ileana. The only person that you can guarantee a Multiplex Niche genre release is Akshay kumar. It wasnt easy as many may think but winning back multiplex audiences mood the way Akshay did deserves an applaud and not “low budget or contenr movies” which we hear(even I due to retaliatiom have sometimes mentioned it).
            Wishing all the top Veteran Superstars all the very best in their upcoming movies.
            SrK Sir please after Dwarf for do more massy movies(you already have the audiences) but movies like Fan and jhms will only keep audiences stop coming after 1st weekend.

            • The last article before this @arena posted on Varun Statue,some kep observation.
              Sir its not that many of underrated Varun,no he is a upcoming superstar in progress that still has to be tested in various genres and mixed budget movies. Not until that please you are the first site that tagged him a superstar. My perception is simply no for now dont count your eggs before they are hatched especially in an unpredicted movie industry like Bollywood. Ranbir had more praises that Varun and was tagged the next biggest thing but what happened? Varun is not that far and its not our wish to diagree because after the Khans Kumar Devgn Roshan , We have to definitely stand by one of these young actors, if not are we going to be Supporting Other upcoming and already certified Regional superstars? No we will alway favour our own. So for no He is not but not far away.

              • He is in the league of Ranbir and Varun and currently ahead of them.

            • Modest fan Reply

              What makes you think that raid is a realistic movie and bhumi would be the right cast, bad casting is as bad as choosing a bad script and a bad director

        • First of all the credit for ADHM doesn’t go to ranbir alone. It had backing of Karan johar’s return as a director, top actress of present time, and music was liked and the fawad khan controversy helped that film to gain buzz. On the other hand shivaay had nothing except Ajay and it was Ajay’s star power alone which dragged it to 100 cr club. So shut up . None of the young stars can beat Ajay when it comes to opening without the backing of Karan Johor, Judwaa franchise, etc.

    • @ devgann
      Where r u
      Agar Roric se dar gaya toh thik hai warna tjhe apna no dene mai itna taklif q ho raha hai
      Mai toh lagbhag apne har comment mai apna no deta raha hun,BA’s tu hi dar raha hai
      Again I am giving u my no 7504304770
      Hope u will call or msg me this time

      • @Roric why cant you ignore him? If yoi observe for the past few days its like we unconsciously planned that We leave @Devgun vs @2.0 to keep on making irrelevant comments , nobody will interfere. Bro lets keep on ingoring both of them.
        If they were true fans of their respected idols they will not be bring them so down with childish comments so lets leave it as they are not REAL men /fans they are entertainers!! Time will come when they observe they are being ignored they will suddenly stop!!

    • Ajay-Salman fan Reply

      Salute parshya…for openly supporting Ajay sir…. I feel Diwali belongs to Ajay sir right from his first movie…Phool aur kante

    • promotion to is tarah ki jaise khud lead hero h ab bahana bana rahe h kuch n hota h good content h daro n agar content good na hota phir khair na hoti is ki ss itne promotion ki film hit karwane kelye

    • Single Screens was less but that does not mean it was the winner

      • Regarding His Single screens i have said it several times even flops like AJ, Baadshaho, Himmatwalla Occupancy were always superb and most his grossers have been from Single Screens,so as usual my hats of for him that aspect he is a real Mass hero just probably unlucky sometimes with his overal collections but definitely more than those freaky figures Bollyarena are posting up there if not most producer figures of ADHM is 110 at most Boi its even more lesser.

    • I think ss is releasing on diwali day so it may be less than 14 but 2nd day will be in the range of 17-18 cr im sure

      • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

        This Diwali there will be Sureshot Firecrackers💣💣💥💥
        Aamir Superstar vs SHETTY Again
        Which will win the clash ???
        If Secret Superstar hit Like
        If Golmaal Again hit dislike

    • Ceiling khan Reply

      Diwali actually was not really very profitable vecauseof the quality of films.. golmaal 3 was good…ra.one and sos and jthj were average movies. ..it is not needed to release a movie in diwali to make it hit…almost every diwali except 2010 there was a controversy..either inflation or ugly battle…actors should not clash as we have very few top actors..this yeat we have got just 5 clean hits- jolly llb, bkd, hindi medium, tepk, barielli ki barfi, shubh mangal (bt both were very small movies) thats why akki is important. ..he may not give bumper openings like khans or big grosser..bt ensures good content (especially fron 2014) and delivers constant grossers…he keeps the economics right which is doing the trick..anyway best of luck golmaal and ss

  2. Prashant abhishek Reply

    So , bollyarena also proves that Son of Sardar and Shivaay are not 100 crore grossers .

  3. Golmaal again: 15-16 cr
    Secret superstar: 10 cr

    Well finally we have got to read an article by you otherwise u were posting like a robot.

    Where is ur review section bollyarena??😔😔
    U havent reviewed padmavati trailer yet though it is most awaited trailer of the year

  4. Haters dont forget SS is small movie with Aamirs cameo in india.

    But it will be not a small film in overseas

    I can bet SS will beat Raees in overseas even with Aamirs cameo.

      • Bajrangi Baha’i Jana and sultan also worked due to content not because of salmon alone. And yes, SS will thrash tube light even in worst case.

  5. Utsav Rajput Reply

    Wah @bollywood arena for raone you follow producer fig and for Ajay’s Shivay you follow trade fig these things proved that you are biased site

    • Ustav Bhai there are some questions you dont expect from certain selected sites. But ra1 did cross 100 crs thats for sure.

    • Even I have asked Bollyarena the question you asked but as usual they never give a void reason. Thats why i stopped asking them.

    • you’re the one who is biased. don’t you see they used trade figures for all other srk’s movies like jthj abd hny? and you only see the collection of ra.one?

  6. My Summary of Diwali clashes:

    Shahrukh & Ajay have been the champs in Diwali clashes. Whereas, Diwali has been poor for Salman and Akshay.

    Shahrukh won battles in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai vs Bade Mian Chote Mian, Mohabatein vs Mission Kashmir, Veer Zaara vs Aitraz, Don vs Jaaneman, OSO vs Sawariya.

    Ajay won battles in Golmal 3 vs Action Replay, ATB won against Blue and MAMK, Golmal Returns vs Fashion. He lost one against Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

    When these two Diwali champs clashed, it resulted in a tie both films being hits.

    Akshay overall has been poor in Diwali clashes. He has one victory in Garam Masala vs Kyun Ki. His one clash victory was against Salman.

    Salman’s record in Diwali has been worst. Lost against Shahrukh, Ajay and Akshay.

    Above are facts about Diwali clashes . Not intending to start fan war as to who is bigger star then and now. If I have missed any Diwali clash or mis-stated any clash result, let me know.

    • Only Akki Box office and Producer Figures are very identical Aamir Salman follows. Fact

      • Finally You refused to involve Diwali special highlights of SRK and Ajay movies pre 2010. Very important to highlight,seems you guys were not in good mood when writing this.

      • Agree on that. Have seen both SRK and Ajay manipulating with collections with SRK leading in that department. I am a SRKian still I am acknowledging it. Appreciate that others (Akshay, Aamir and Salman) do it lesser and least by Akshay I guess.

        But even if we keep those manipulations aside, one still has to accept the fact that SRK and Ajay have been the champs on Diwali occassions (just like Salman, Aamir and Akshay are on Eid, Christmas, Indepence Day at present).

      • Haan bhai sb ko pata hai ..zara singh is bling brothers entertainment etc ke trade or producer fig me nazar daali ..15cr ka difference hai ..100cr bhi nahi kia or itna kam me bhi 15cr ka difference ..singh is bling ka 1st day trade 16cr producer 20cr
        And salman? ..prdp or Kick ke trade or producer me 25cr ka differnce hai

  7. 3 idiots was 2nd 100 crore nett collector not golmaal 3 1st 100 crore nett was ghajini

  8. Prashant abhishek Reply

    Bollyarena, I have a question regarding HNY opening day collection.you neither give trade fig 36.3 crore, nor producer fig 44.97 crore.your given figure 40.02 is in between trade fig and producer figure.So due to high difference you supposed the average figure of trade and producer. Is circuit wise 1st day collection available of HNY ?if you have answer please reply .