Bollyarena Fan Box Office Tracking Goes Wrong

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So now most of you know that we track box office performance of every new film for at least one week. We post early estimates of that day at 9:30 PM. In most of the cases, they have been accurate (considering 10% difference as producers sometimes manipulate figures). At the release of Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani, we successful posted both films collection for two weeks and was applauded by fans and also many in the trade.

But in the case of Fan, Bollyarena has gone wrong over the weekend as the difference was more than 10%. Even trade was not expecting such low numbers and many exhibitors were also surprised. It is a rare case and the last film that we failed to track was Tamasha. Actually, it is tough to predict numbers too early for these kind of films as they have a varied performance at different centers. Though our prediction for Fan opening was accurate.

We are looking into the matter that what has gone wrong and will try to improve. As some of you are asking, we do not follow any of box office portal except Box Office India. We also have our own box office data centre.

Thank you all for your love and support.

Team Bollywood Arena


  1. wow just wow you respect the readers , we respect you – one of my fav sites

  2. I am following this website since last couple of months. I found it a very informative and good in terms of news related to Bollywood. Congratulations bollyarena and best wishes for future. Keep it up in the same manner.

  3. In an aim to improve one has to admit his mistakes rather than giving excuses to make up ur mistakes. Lots of respect 4 u @ bollyarena.Hope u will go far n become one of the most trusted websites.

  4. No one can predict accurate… thoda uper niche to chalta he Bollyarena….

  5. Bhai bht bht shukriya !aap ke viewers ku respect dene k liye.
    Aap ki site almost 8 mnths se follow kartao Nd I got lot of information from u guys…!
    Bhai aisi hi chalate raho,koi spam cmnts ko serious mat lo u r guys doing good job seriously Nd keep it doing like that??

  6. Hmmm…Nice BollywoodArena Team…Man Learns from thr mistakes…U too…appreciate ur good work and wish u good luck for Rocking Future….

  7. bollywood arena now any chance that SULTAN and raees hit together at box office.

  8. my second question is that there is any possibility[1%] that yash raj select srk for dhoom4.

  9. I was following number of sites but now I surf nothing but Bollyarena. It is the best site in terms of authenticity and accuracy.Keep it up .You will most likely become no 1 Site.

  10. Liked that you posted this and admitted about being wrong (instead of sweeping it under the rug). Ups and downs happens sometimes. Despite this, I think you guys do a great job about box-office prediction – whether it’s about daily updates or WOM features and so on… Has been following this site since the release of Tamasha. Not disappointed.


  11. I love your site more than my GF
    Best wishes to Bollyarena Team.

  12. Hriat Puia Khiangte Reply

    This is always the first website that i visited to read the box office performance of new releases.

    In addition, apart from the performance of a movie at box offie, there is a lot more to read interesting news pertaining to today’s bollywood world.

    With lots of love from Mizoram :)

  13. sunny singh Reply

    @bollywood arena …. Your site provides good and all latest information that why I love your site….. But you shouldn’t apologizes for your mistake because this is done by each and evey site and there mistakes are bigger than you

    • Sunny this website is different from others as this is only for fans. We like to interact with our audience and take their feedback.

      • sunny singh Reply

        Yes sir I know and that’s the best reason I love this site

  14. sunny singh Reply

    @bollywood arena what do you think fan was good, bad , worst or excellent movie….. I want your opinion plz reoky…

  15. Bollywood fan Reply

    It’s a very good website and the news and box-office figures are authentic. Keep rocking as you have done so far.

  16. Faiz Makki Reply

    Thats why I followed your site I always loved your articles plz always experimenting some thing new your Live QnA I love It more

  17. Bolly arena fan Reply

    Its okk. You can do better… We have faith in you.. Keep rocking..,.

  18. Onno from uk Reply

    I really appreciate you guys.
    U guys are truly number one.
    Love you so much.
    All the best…

  19. Love Bollywood Reply

    No probs bollyarena… We don’t expect exact predictions… Since your Directions are right and unbiased, we love it… Keep doing the good work…

  20. FAN_THE_500CR Reply

    bolly arena this is life vest jacket for me
    thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanka..

    shukriya ada kaise karo….thanks again

  21. FAN_THE_500CR Reply

    u are no1 rathetr than other site giving srk free advise raess postponed..thanks bolly good work

  22. no1 most trusted website i have seen bolly arena . keep it up and we know that only ur website gives the correct box office movies verdict and analysis .

  23. king the golden heart Reply

    @bollyarena… i request u guys to change the look of ur page…it looks very outdated and boring…i like this site very much…

  24. FAN_THE_500CR Reply

    you mean to say Fan going to get hit status? bcz sm other site also showing aditya through sucess party of Fan and announce Fan sequel pls pls answer i trust you more than anything am awake now even 2 am…need answer…

  25. i think your are the best site just 2 suggestions
    1. Improve your site background etc…below the mark
    2. In Q/A session do not answer questions like who has better persona etc….choose quality questions..

  26. Good site better than some fan created Site (I know u understood well)… but u will hav to luk on some points…..

    ★) be neutral whatever anyone say…. don’t be bias towards anyone. .. if u don’t support SRK then don’t support Salman too… or vise versa….
    ★) some articles were biased, I don’t know why but u should take a luk before publishing it.
    ★) you guys r doing good work, I luv this site… so u shouldn’t vanish the interest of visitors or readets by posting crap articles…

    These r suggestions or advise as a reader and these r not Orders so take it in light…

    I wanted to say more but u won’t say….

  27. Bollywood arena u r the best
    Mere comments ko bahut likes bhi milte hai yaha pe

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