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Batman Vs Superman 4th Day Box Office Collection

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Batman Vs Superman 4th Day Box Office Collection (India)

Batman V Superman has a fair hold on its first Monday. The film as dropped around 55% from Friday but as that was a holiday. Batman v Superman box office collection on Monday is approximately 3.35 crore.

The fall is not that huge so the film can sustain in upcoming days. It will finish at 35 crore after the first opening week. Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice lifetime collection is expected to be in the range of 45-50 crore.



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
29.15  Cr


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  1. Bolly arena fan Reply

    It would have been collected atleast 65cr if they released in a better date bud it affected by so many releases like kapoor nd sons, Rocky H, Oopiri/Thozha,Kali(dulquer salman’s movie which became biggest opener in Kerala) also it is going affect by Ki nd Ka nd other big non hindi films

  2. Bolly arena fan Reply

    Dulquer salman(Mega star Mammootty’s son)another movie Kali is also rocking kerala boxoffice after his averge movie Charlie (35cr plus gross)

  3. Bolly arena fan Reply

    My mistake in previous cmnt -Charlie collected 45cr worldwide not 35cr

  4. Bolly arena fan Reply

    Highest grossing malayalam movies in Kerala
    Drishyam : 44cr
    Ennu Ninte Moidheen : 41..75
    Premam : 41cr
    . Amar Akbar Anthoni : 36cr
    Two Countries : 35cr
    . Banglore Days : 30cr
    Twenty20 : 27cr
    . Pazassiraja : 24cr
    Charlie : 23.50cr
    . Classmates : 23cr

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