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Batman Vs Superman 2nd Day Box Office Collection

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Batman Vs Superman 2nd Day Box Office Collection (India)

Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice continues to storm the Indian box office. The film was rocking big time in metros even on Saturday. As per the estimates, Batman Vs Superman box office collection in India on its second day is close to 7 crores.

It has also damaged Bollywood release Rocky Handsome severely as the later is struggling big time in multiplexes. The film has received mixed to negative reviews, but it could not stop BVS to take a superb opening. Today there is a cricket match so the growth can be limited. But still it is all set for the second highest weekend of 2016 beating all Bollywood films except Airlift.

As far lifetime collection is concerned, it will depend upon the hold on Monday. But as for now it looks like that it will fall short of Furious 7 and Avengers 2.



Day 1
Day 2
19.70 Cr


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  1. plz check best Hollywood trade analyzing sites .it is said the first day in india is 2.54 million $ …which is approx 17 cr rupees ….but u said 8.5+4=12.5…….an error of 5 cr….

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