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Bajirao Mastani Trailer Review

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Bajirao Mastani Trailer Review:

The trailer of much-awaited Bajirao Mastani was released yesterday. The film has gathered enough hype because of the names like Snajay Leela Bhansli, Ranveer and Deepika are attached with the film.

Let’s take a look at Bajirao Mastani trailer review to find out if it lives up to the hype.

Bajirao Mastani Trailer Review:

The trailer begins with a slow motion shot of Ranveer Singh dressed as Maratha warrior Bajirao riding a horse with Mastani arriving on her horse and overtaking him dramatically. In the next scene, one sees Priyanka Chopra looking heavenly in the nine-yard waving the victory flag.

The trailer is skillfully paced with sword fighting scenes, an intimate encounter between Priyanka and Ranveer and battlefield shots. Though there are not any steamy scenes between Ranveer and Deepika but still their chemistry is superb as Ranveer syas, ‘Bajirao ne Mastani se muhabbat ki ha aiashi nahi’.

The war sequences have been beautifully captured. The scene that stays in mind is the one where Ranveer jumps high up in the air to reach the top of an elephant to slay his enemy.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali impresses with his direction as always by expecting marshalling his characters in the complex as the trailer. Ranveer looks perfect as the hot blooded alpha male Bajirao while Deepika as Mastani and Priyanka as Kashibai do justice to their roles.

Dialogues laced with poetic effect have been carefully written though some dialogues especially by Priyanka seems to be over dramatic.

What’s Hot:

♦ Bajirao-Mastani aka Ranveer-Deepika
♦ Stunning Visuals
♦ War sequences
♦ Background Score


What’s Not:

♦ Some over dramatic dialogues


Bajirao Mastani Trailer Review: Verdict

Powerful, stunning, mind-blowing, breath taking… could just run of adjectives while describing Bajirao Mastani’s trailer. Now is a major threat to Dilwale. We just can’t wait for 18 December to witness this EPIC.

Business Rating:



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  1. sohel from dhaka Reply

    It will make dilwali aka queenwali aka sr gay a huge flop

  2. Guys first go and watch trailer,then talk ill about Dilwale. Only 366,227 views in 22 hours on Youtube. Itni buzz se toh movie weekend bhi survive nahin karegi.

  3. Dilwale 18 dec xmas tsunami Reply

    paid reviews…………..chutiyapa trailer crap bm………….biggg diaster

    • U R F**king Blind..and Dillwalo Fans 1st Started talking ill about Bajirao Mastani!!BM Fans Just Replying them.and I Can’t Believe That SRK sir Have Such F**king Fans Like U,Guys.U Just Making Fun of Yourself!!

  4. Dilwale 18 dec xmas tsunami Reply

    kitna bhi dam laga lo srk haters……………i know all srk haters support crap bhaji paw…………kuch nhi ukhar paoge……………..srk one many army……..srk king of clash…………….;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;……srk>>>>>>>>>>>>>> whole bollywood

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