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Bahubali 2 Vs Dangal Box Office Collection Comparison

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Bahubali 2 Vs Dangal Box Office Collection Comparison: Now it is almost confirmed that Baahubali 2 The Conclusion will be the highest grosser of all time. So it is time to compare the collections of Baahubali 2 with currently ATG Dangal.

When Aamir Khan starrer Dangal become the highest grosser of all time, it was thought that this record will remain unbroken for quite some years. However, within four months, this record is likely to be a history.

A Telugu dubbed film Baahubali 2 is doing historic business at the Indian box office. After smashing opening day and weekend records, the trend is phenomenal on weekdays too. It would be safe to say that this is the best trending film in the recent times beating the likes of Dangal and 3 Idiots.

It is interesting to note that Bahubali 2 has not any kind of advantage which Dangal had.



Baahubali 2

IPL Period
Extra Holiday
1 Partial holiday
Open Weeks
Tax free
Dubbed film


Dangal vs Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection Comparison

Bahubali 2 Vs Dangal Box Office Collection Comparison

After four days, Baahubali 2 has a big lead of more than 35 cr over Dangal. This will be widened after the first week. The only edge that Dangal has is that it collected massive 30 cr plus on second Sunday which was also a Christmas day. However, Bahubali 2 is likely to have the similar performance even without any festive advantage.

Update 4 May:

Bahubali 2 continues to lead over Dangal on weekdays. The film has comfortably beaten Aamir Khan starrer on all six days. Though the daily gap between both films has been shortened but BB2 is leading by a huge margin of 50 cr. It can beat Dangal lifetime collection in the third weekend.

Update 8 May:

After 10 days, Baahubali 2 is leading by a margin of 55 crore over Dangal. It has already crossed the 300 crore mark. BB2 will cross Dangal lifetime collection in the third weekend and is eyeing to reach 450 crore in its lifetime.

Check out Baahubali 2 vs Dangal collection comparison day wise below. The collections will be updated daily so bookmark this page.

NoDangalBahubali 2
Total387.38 cr505.98 cr
Day 129.7841.0
Day 234.8240.50
Day 342.3546.50
1st Weekend106.95128.0
Day 425.6940.25
Day 523.0930.0
Day 621.2026..0
Day 720.2922.75
Day 818.5919.75
Day 922.7226.50
Day 1032.0434.50
Day 1113.4516.0
Day 1210.4615.0
Day 139.2315.50
Day 149.1214.0
2 Weeks313.50 cr388.25 cr
Day 156.6610.05
Day 1610.8614.75
Day 1714.3317.75
Day 184.357.95
Day 194.036.95
Day 203.216.25
Day 212.976.05
3 Weeks359.85 cr460.0
Day 221.944.15
Day 234.066.35
Day 244.247.80
4th Weekend370.09478.60
Remaining Weeks17.2927.38

Also, tell us what are your views on Bahubali 2 vs Dangal box office collection comparison. Can Baahubali 2 beat Dangal lifetime collection? Write in the comments section.


  1. I had first predicted Baahubali 2 to collect 175cr before it had released, After it’s release it changed to 280cr, After Watching the movie it changed to 395cr. This pretty says that how much Baahubali2 has exceeded Expectations!
    This is My Final Prediction:
    Lifetime: 435cr(Hindi Version)

    • Best article I HV seen
      Good work arena and a great salute to u
      Waise parshya bhai naraj ho gaye honge but I was also confident that it will beat dangal
      My lifetime prediction is 430-450

      • Bhai @roric kya pata bahibali2 500cr Hindi cross Kr de….kuch bhi ho sakta hai as it is bahubali…..
        But it will definitely cross 400cr in Hindi only….

        • Differences till date is 56 can u bilieve that ??!!!
          Ab toh pakka dangal jayegi hi
          My prediction is 420-430

  2. Baahubali ek brand h isliye itni kamai kr rhi kuch log soch rhe honge prabhas ke vjh se chal rhi h pr usko janta kon h north India 10% se ziyada log nhi jante hone
    Ek bat or kattapa ke vjh se bhe chal rhi h or high tickets price

    • Sagnik maity Reply

      North m janta nhi for nhi itna kamai
      Janta to kya hoga soch

    • Reply

      main pakistan se hoon parbhas k fans pakistan main bohut hai parbhas k bad salman k fans bohut hai bahubali ne pakistan main dhoom machade hai

      • Imran Mughal Reply

        kahan dhoom machai hai g?Is actor ko to koi janta he nae hai

    • Highest earned movie without any big festival like eid or diwali etc… when it released everyone feel like festival. Thats d main difference.

    • Dangole all India nett 374 Cr (Including Telugu and Tamil dub)

      Baahubali2 all India nett collections

      1st day=126
      2nd day=89
      3rd day=101
      4th day=91
      Total=406 Cr

      Bahubali2 already thrashed Dangole …. Anyway it will beat in Hindi also in just 10days lol

      • Abey 388cr hai..
        Wait for TOH i challenge bahubali2 ww will be history.
        But it will be very difficult to break bahubali2s record in india.
        Worldwide will be safe till TOH..
        Aamir will thrash bahubali2 ww
        Wait n watch.
        Aamir-The biggest megastar of India.

        • And one thing Danagl was a non masala film and TOH will be a masala film.
          Wait n watch when Aamir does masala film all records will be history.ex.Gajini indias first 100cr movies.
          When all the superstar struggle to give 100cr, Aamir has given 200cr movie 3 idiots..
          If 3 idiots return released in 2019 then definitely 2000cr.
          3idiots return>bahubali2

          • Kaun masala film banane ko mana kiya hai. Raees bhi to masala film thi kyon nahi jyada business kiya. Bolne se thode hota hai. Bahuballi2 ka climax dekho, thrill, suspense,action sab achha hai

          • Waiting for TOH to even cross half of bahubali2 in its lifetime being a nasal movie…..

            • Ameer saifi Reply

              Do not fight each other…
              I thing we can wait…..and watch..
              When will be result out…

              Thn say….for that…

              Every star…right own places….

              Yes, Aamir is big & social star/worker..

              He can not break any records…
              He make records…..only other trying to break records…

          • Sabse paheli baat.
            Movie hero ko dekhakar nahi Delhi jaati.
            Bahutse logonka dimag programmed ho gaya hai ki yahi hero ho to movie achhi.

            Jra sikho Hollywood se wahapr movie hero me dum pr nahi story making etc se chalti hai

        • i think sir amir khan will break the records of bahubali 2 easily…

    • @Parshya … i thing so…. Bollyarena also tell us what is the production cost of Dangal and Bahubali 2. thanks

    • SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base Reply

      You idiot if Bahubali beats Dangal it would be a good thing, because then movie will try challenging that record and they’d also try making better movies taking Bahubali into consideration! So wish that Bahubali makes an all time record in every language, they should have made the movie dubbed in English as well and released it all around the world because you never know!

  3. gurdeep singh Reply

    100% baahubali beat the record of dangal
    jab 4 days main 34 cr ka fark hai to life time main bhi tod degi

  4. I also agree. Aamir has the who can make a non masala movie to all time great. Even he didn’t do any promotion of movie. People loved and watched phenomenal act of aamir and dangal time without vfx and high flying actions. Though congrats to Bahubali 2 that they created history

  5. Aab sab sallu kabhi ATHG nahi de sakta.
    Sapna sapna hi reh gaya poor sallu fans
    Puri career me sirf ek ATHG wo bhi madhuri ki badolat.
    Bechare sallu fans n sallu aab puri career me bahubali ke piche bhagte rahega.
    Indias biggest megastar gives 5 ATHG out of last 5 movies.
    No one has given more than 1 ATHG n here Aamir gives 5.
    Tell me one south hero aur bollywood hero who gives 5 ATHG in India.
    Sorry guys..
    No one catch Aamir..
    Sallu aab fusslight karke kya zande gadega.

  6. shame shame shame.. . inspite of 3 open weeks and more screen count.. aamir fake fans were popping, hopping and jumping around..
    just imagine what BB2 would have done on Christmas… phewwwww

  7. dhAakAd Anup Reply

    Tough Competition between
    India’s Biggest Actor vs
    India’s Biggest Director
    But Baahubali 2 is a Geat Movie
    Take a bow Rajamauli Sir
    You Deserve All The Success
    Finally 1st Time in last 10Years It seems Aamir’s Records are in Trouble.

  8. No one rajini,amitabj,dilip sallu,rajesh,srk,chiranjivi,pawan kalyan,prabhas,jr.ntr,mahesh babu,vijay,ajit has given more than 1 ATHG but Aamir has given 5 ATHG out of last 6.
    So Aamir is biggest megastar of India.
    Big big salute from all of us.

    • Arsalan Khan Reply

      Only Salman Khan has Highest grosser of the century (HAHK), only actor in indian cinema…This record is biggest record at box put ur 5 ATHG in tingu’s ass 😂😂

      • Hahaha
        Not Hum apke hai lallu
        Its sholey(indias biggest hit n footfalls)
        Now put ur hakl in sallu’s ass.

        • arrey.. tu tho gussa ho haya :D
          Bina dimaag ke log bhi aaj kal gussa hote hai.. kya zamaana aagaya..

            • tu Nahi hans raha hai public tere pe has Rahi hai @unwanted lonely parshya

  9. Bollyarena ……

    According to BOI it’s all India nett 374 Cr (Including Telugu and Tamil dub)

    Baahubali2 all India nett collections

    1st day=126
    2nd day=89
    3rd day=101
    4th day=91
    Total=406 Cr