Bahubali 2 set for a grand release in China in July

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The big news is here. Baahubali 2 The Conclusion is all set to hit the theatres in China this July. The film will be promoted and released on a large scale in the country.

Currently, Aamir Khan’s Dangal is doing historic business in China as it has grossed more than $100 million and is still going strong. It has also become the highest grossing non-Hollywood film in China. The massive success of Dangal will surely benefit Bahubali 2.

The film will be distributed in China by E Stars, the same company that is distributing Dangal. The producers of BB2 are expecting the film to beat Dangal in China. “This sets a new target for us. With Baahubali: The Conclusion we are now at $220 million worldwide, without China. Our target now is for China to give us the biggest lifetime score of all time for an Indian movie,” said Francois da Silva, who handles international sales at Arka Mediaworks.

Here are the highest grossing Indian films in China.

Secret Superstar760*
Bajrangi Bhaijaan35.20*
Dhoom 324.0
3 Idiots16.80
Delhi Safari10.65
Happy New Year1.68
My Name Is Khan0.50


  1. I bet it will do $ 150-160 mn minimum. Aamir believes he is unmatchable over here. Let’s wait for this record to be broken.

    • How many million did Bahubali 1 earn earlier in China? Chotti chotti ankhen aur bareh bareh sapne :)

    • but….aamir ki Dangal success ka….

      bb2 ko fayda mil skta h…😂

      mtlb bb2 jo b kmayegi…aamir k nam se kamayegi…

      “aamir ka naam pr , dekh lo re baba”

  2. Jattu engineer Reply

    Lol it’ll be a flop there,they can’t even fake overseas collections like they are doing in South India

    • In North India it earned 500 crores,why do you people talk about south India very badly,what bad we did for you North Indian people.

      • Monish . its because the south indians run major business in the globe see guys like Sundar Pichai.. … and we have good basic education infrastructure we excel in every industry since we have good morel values and nationalism . we never divide people .. in global IT industry companies knows this .. and north always have jealous

  3. prince sharma Reply

    even holly two big movies gotg2 and king arthur didnt much you aspect from bb2. Poor vfx,long runtime,failure of 1st part.every week in china there is new release.local movies are not able to collect 15m$.now what you aspect.

  4. prince sharma Reply

    lagta hai jitna profit E STAR ne dangal se banaya hai usse jyada loss hoga after distributing bb2

  5. Bb2 target should be to break 3 idiots collection in china coz its tough for bb2

    Mungerilal ke Hasen sapne

  6. दोस्तो इन सब को छोडो और फिल्म देखो “Hindi Medium”…real masterpiece of art.

  7. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Only Aamir rules in china..

    No chance for balubilli

    Aab sabko Pata chalega Aamir kya chiz hai

    Come on dikhado dum 💪

    Book ur flights and go to China ✈

    BB2 wale sun rahe ho na tumhari izzat ka Sawal hai

    • We indians already showed our dum here in India.U Chinese go back to China and settle there.

  8. This is a very common fallacy to think that you can recreate something without understanding what made it work. Both Dangal and PK worked in China due to 2 factors:

    1) Immense popularity of Aamir Khan due to DVD watching of 3 Idiots. I have met hundreds of people from China and everyone has seen that movie

    2) Emotional connect (superstition and girl empowerment).

    Bahubali 2 will NOT work in that market. Other overseas markets has Indians watching the movie. There is no significant such Indian diaspora in China. Max $3-$4 M due to hype. Add some awesome marketing and huge release and you could top $10-$15M! Don’t think anything more is possible under any circumstance.

  9. They will do max 50cr and that’s down to company backing them but public see these kinds of film once a year at least in china with better production values the only reason dangal has done well is because of aamir his 3 idiots dhoom3 Pk built him a foundation and name rajamouli sir does not have that so that’s why I think the record won’t be broken you need to walk before you can run or else you will fall flat on your face.

  10. It seems like very few percent of chinese have watched Bahubali 1. So nothing much to expect from China…

    Best case is 50 crore maximum