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Baaghi Verdict: Hit or Flop

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Baaghi Verdict: Hit or Flop

Tiger Shroff and Shraddha which was released on 29 April has performed well at the box office. The film that was an action romantic film has emerged fifth success of 2016.

Baaghi receives mixed to negative reviews but was liked by masses. The weekend was the third highest of this year behind only Fan and Airlift. The film that was made on the budget of 47 crores has already recovered the whole costs.The makers have also generated good profits within one week.

Let’s also take a look at Baaghi hit or flop business economics.

Production Cost
35 Cr
P & A
12 Cr
47 Cr
Satellite Rights
20 Cr
Music & Others
7 Cr
Distributor Share
29 Cr
4.90 Cr
60.90 Cr


Baaghi Verdict: HIT

Baaghi has emerged straight hit at the box office within one week. Looking at the trends it seems that Baaghi will go on to become super hit as there is not major Bollywood release thus weekend. We will update this verdict when required.

Baaghi was produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and UTV Motion Pictures. Both have generated good profits in the span of one week. Even the distributors are in safe hands as the distributor share was 35 crores. Tiger Shroff has now become one of the super hot actors in the trade as it is his second straight hit.

Tell us what are your views about Baaghi verdict hit or flop in the comments section.


  1. Bolly arena fan Reply

    The film would have been flop if the different action wasnt there. Great work by Tiger…. Its a big hit only bcz of his outstanding effort,. (you can see the making video at the end of the movie),and also Shraddha was also superbbb (some people under rating her in this film) all in all its a good one time watchable film for all nd mostly its a must watch for action movie lovers.

  2. There are more 5 films succeess this year
    Sanam re and wazir was succeessful

  3. Ankush Dutta Reply

    Have you lost it Distribution Share in is way higher Check the fact it iS SS not Mplex

  4. Swastik kar Reply

    Tiger is the new king of bollyhood in terms of action,romance,comedy.

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