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Annabelle Creation 5th Day Box Office Collection

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Annabelle Creation continues its excellent run at the Indian box office. The film has grossed 3.50 crores on its first Tuesday which has taken the total close to 30 crores.

The film is a hit and the lifetime gross will go over 50 crores as it will maintain a solid pace in the second week too. The worldwide gross of the film is now $164.5 million.

  • Previews: 2.50
  • Day 1: 4.50
  • Day 2: 7.0
  • Day 3: 8.0
  • Day 4: 3.75
  • Day 5: 3.50
  • Total: 29.25 cr


  1. super..
    None of our A list actors have tried horror genre.. i meant the khans and kumar.. i think they should try..

    • What for? Just for earning 40-50 crore? Khans or Akshay Movie will be considered as flop with 40-50 crore…

      • Akshay Kumar is a big star now. He was not that big at the time of bhoolbhulaiya…

        • akshay kumar big star now , isiliye 2nd weekend me flush ho gayi tepk from hollywood movie

          • You are not getting the point at all. Akshay Kumar is no more a 40-50 crore star… He is a 100+ crore star… Horror movie can earn 40-50 crore only. Even this Hollywood movie is also going to earn just 50 crore max… That is why it doesn’t make sense for Akshay Kumar to do a horror movie now… Earlier , when bhulbhulaiya came, he was a 40-50 crore star only and that’s why he did that movie…

  2. Lol no they should not. Bollywood horror movies suck from the set that have been made.

  3. Agree with u Jeet …there is get scope in horror genre…one of them will have to try..

    • It was Ramsey brothers who used to make real horror movies in India.. Apart from them, there has been no one making quality horror movies…

  4. Agree with u Jeet …there is grt scope in horror genre…one of them will have to try..

  5. “IT” movie to india me kamse kam 40-50 crore esilly collection kar legi aur 2017 ki 6th hollywood ki hit movie hogi
    1 . fast & furious 8
    2 . spider man homecoming
    3 . logan
    4 . the mummy
    5 . annabelle creation

  6. it will definitely cross 50 crores…
    Showing indian horror movies to hollywood is like showing dhinchak pooja songs
    The ghost will also be like “selfie maine le li aaj”

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