A day after the logo of Thugs Of Hindostan was unveiled on social media, Aamir Khan has introduced the “biggest thug of all” Khudabaksh, played by Amitabh Bachchan. 

Check out the motion poster below.


  1. Looks like khuda gawa 2… But all will say 500 crore 1000 crore due to Amir Khan presence in the movie..

  2. Lol sir really know how to read the plus of the audience. They were waiting for the first look and you are giving them in style . The background music nails it . Awesome, Bollywood here comes thugs

  3. Ladies and gentlemen presenting you the most spectacular Indian movie experience of this century, Thugs of Hindustan.Thats how exactly the movie should be ! This movie is going to be massive massive blockbusters.

  4. Very veey wrong written of hindusthan orginally ,it is something looking illeterate sense of making


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