Amitabh Bachchan advised to take the help of a physiotherapist

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Amitab Bachan has revealed in his blog that he has been advised to take the help of a physiotherapist for a complete recovery. Two days ago , he could not make to awards gala due to his illness.

All the Amitab bachan fans wants to know about his health condition then he revealed about his health condition in blog.

” All tests and investigations have been done thoroughly and with some of the most recognised doctors in the region and of the subject .. they are without any alarming result .. some medications have been altered and some physio is recommended, which I am doing and resting .. I function well, am off to the gym now and shall connect later on all platforms ..

“Your concern and worry is well taken .. but may I just say that please do not bear this on yourself .. I am under repair, and as you know if ever there is something that needs to be spoken of regarding my health I have honestly and most frankly told you about it ..”

We wish him good luck for his faster recovery. Get Well Soon.

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