After Nana Patekar, yet another actor who has decided to work for the drought – affected farmers is none other than Akshay Kumar. The actor, who also participated in the ‘Dizzy Goals’ challenge for the Global Goals that tackles issues like poverty etc, has now decided to work for the development of India.

From what we hear, Akshay Kumar will be donating around Rs. 90 lakhs for the drought relief fund in Marathwada. It is being said that the actor will be giving away these funds in monthly installments by paying Rs. 15 lakhs for 6 consecutive months and the actor’s personal assistant will visit the village Beed to donate the funds.

In fact, a proud wife and the author of ‘Mrs. Funny Bones’, Twinkle Khanna shared her thoughts about the noble step her husband is taking on the micro blogging site, saying, “Mr K makes hay when the sun shines & that helps him to do this when drought strikes-every bit helps-pitch in folks!” She urged the superstar’s fans and his colleagues to support this cause and help the farmers.

Source: Bollywood Hungama


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