Post-Drishyam, Ajay Devgn continues to be a busy man. He was recently seen in a thriller Drishyam. The actor starts work on Badshaho later this month, even as he preps for the pre-production of his own much-delayed Shivay. He even went on a recce, eventually ditching Canada for Bulgaria. In an exclusive interview to DNA, he talks shop; revealing his slate of upcoming films.

Let’s talk about Badshaho. Are you playing a royal character in it?

No. The title works because of the story of the film. It’s about this character who lives like a Badshah or emperor even though he doesn’t have money. Milan and I have made some great films together. Like OUATIM, this one too has action, love and drama. It’s not comedy but has touches of everything in it.

Why is your film Shivay delayed?

I had Badshaho and Drishyam on hand, but I had told them that I could only start them after Shivay because I needed to shoot the winter portion in Canada. When Canada didn’t work out, I decided not to compromise and spoil my film. I decided to plan and take it to next year. When I had gone location-hunting for Shivay, I called the makers and said, let’s prepone their films. Now I’ve started Badshaho, during winter I will start Shivay and once that gets complete, I start shooting for Sons Of Sardar in 2016.

Did you have to revisit the budget of Shivay as it was too expensive?

I didn’t have to adjust the budget. I just didn’t want to compromise. The Canada schedule ran into union problems. The bottomline is that we are making a film and trying to be on par with Hollywood. But in the budget which Bollywood allows. So when I was shooting in Canada, their attitude was that we should spend like Hollywood does, which is economically not viable at all. I can’t make a film for `1000 crores! Since that was a hindrance, I decided to stop. I found a place (Bulgaria) in Europe, which had better locations and which was financially feasible too. I had problems with the locations in Canada too. The kind I needed were not there, which I found in Bulgaria. Also, there are no unions there and the government was very cooperative. The Minister of Tourism in Bulgaria, Nikolina Angelkova, was very supportive. My first schedule in Mumbai is in December for 4-5 days and then from January next year in Bulgaria.

Which is happening earlier — Singham 3 or Golmaal 4?

I don’t know… whichever script works out, better. Yes, there is an idea for Golmaal 4 and a seed for Singham 3, so we have to decide which one develops first and better.

Credits: DNA


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