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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil 9th Day Box Office Collection

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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil 9th Day Box Office Collection

ADHM has shown good growth on its second Saturday. According to the official figures, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil 9th day collection will be around 5.85 crores.

The overall trend was decent on its second Saturday though the big growth was missing due to the holidays’ effect. The drop in the 2nd weekend was mainly in places like South India, Mysore and in Rajasthan to some extent.  Ae Dil Hai Mushkil 9th day collection has shown a 25% growth. The first week already had many holidays so the big growth can be missed in the second weekend.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil box office collection in 9 days will be 90 crores. The film will cross the 100 crore mark and will be a success. But for a clean hit, it needs to hold for one more week.

Day 113.30
Day 213.10
Day 39.20
Day 417.75
Day 513.03
Day 67.63
Day 76.18
Day 84.56
Day 95.85
Day 106.55
Day 112.55
Day 122.35
Day 131.51
Day 141.30
Day 150.70
Day 161.19
Day 171.51
Day 180.52
Day 190.49
Day 200.48
Day 210.46
Day 220.21
Day 230.40
Day 240.52
Day 250.20
Day 260.19
Day 270.21
Day 280.20
Total112.14 Cr

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  1. Disappointing considering an established A class Director with an amateur 1 film director matching same figure or slightly lower yet the whole lot of domestic and international audiences are proving that
    Public Audience Critics <Paid Review critics!

    • Shivaay is disaster overseas and flop in India lol. Paid bots like you still in delusion. Disappointing is 120 cr superstar Ajay film flopping badly. What happened to all the destruction?

  2. It needs to cross 100 cr to be a clean hit so it’s already sure to become one !

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