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  • Salman Khan’s Tubelight teaser will be released in four days. The makers have released a new poster which features Salman Khan and Sohail Khan.

    Salman shared the poster on Twitter as he wrote, Mazaa aayega… […]

  • Bahubali 2 Day 3 Box Office Collection Update: Baahubali 2 The Conclusion is rewriting the box office history in India. The film has record-breaking run in the first two days as it has collected 40 crore plus. Now […]

    • @Bollyarena,What are the regional collections of day 2 ?

      • My prediction of 44-46 will be right
        Wait and watch
        And will shatter dangal record very easily

      • Bahubali 2 is no 3 in American box office weekend charts with 10 million usd WOW what an achievement such a proud moment for indian cinema.

    • I think it even surpass my prediction 1500 Cr WW Gross second dongal 760Cr lolololol

      RIP Bollywood

    • where is tingu star fan parshya? That’s the power of bahubali.ise kehte hai stardom.jay mahesmati now waiting for tubelight I am a Salman fan but ek baat sabko accept karni hi hogi ki Aisa hype Aaj tak kisi bhi movie ka Nahi tha chahe koi bhi star ho but Aisa craze kahi par bhi Nahi tha.south main Aisa craze Kai movie ke liye hua hoga.but poore world main same craze that’s unbelievable great going bahubali.loved it.

    • Tickets are being sold in black…. Wow
      Housefull shows are reported from all over India and worldwide means in 9000+ screensscreens which is extraordinary…..
      Sure shot bahubali wil cross 1000cr worldwide gross might be in 2nd weekend itself…..

    • No holiday in Mumbai and Delhi bit still Housefull shows are being reported from their and tickets are also being sold in black…..
      Bahubali earth shattering record…

    • Tomorrow is a holiday except in few states like Maharashtra and Delhi but still movie will collect record breaking collection on Monday….
      Check out book my show it has already sold more than 40% seats all over India on Monday and today all seats are booked so tomorrow booking will get a boost..

      Hoping movie will cross 800crgross ww till monday… . Bahubali…..

    • Dangal record will be history very soon

    • My predictions for 3rd day hindi version collections will be 52cr

    • Bahubali 2 vs ipl
      won in bahubali 2
      love bahubali 2

    • kids watch-tubelite
      mens watch-rahnuma
      legends watch-bahubali

    • Maine kaha tha release ke pehle ki bahubali 1500 crore ka business karegi without China release

  • Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection on Day 2: According to the estimates, Baahubali 2 has collected around 40 crore on the second day in Hindi version. The figure is again flirting with all time record.

    The […]

    • Bahubali hai re bhai
      Tere sallu ka ek ek record todega prdp ka record toh gaya hi
      Phir bb ka record todegi
      Phir tere sallu ka attitude todegi

    • My prediction of Fri 40
      Real 41
      My prediction of sat42
      Real 40.25
      My prediction for sun 44-46

      Parshya bhai looking at the trend our dangal will be beaten very badly
      But sad mat hona …..

      In Hindi it will touch 400
      Anyone can bet with me ???

    • Bahubali 2 agar Xmas period me release hota to school college band aur open week ke karan 450+ crore ka business karta Hindi language me.

    • Bahubali India Footfalls : 4,11,60,000

      Only film to cross 4 Crore Footfalls Mark in Multiplex Era ….

      Mark my words Bahubali2 will collect 1500 Cr WW Gross and cross 7 Crore HAHK footfalls too

    • 2 din nhi…continuously 3 days brother on non-holiday with IPL…

    • Mene toh kaha tha 300-330 hogi weekend

  • Who would have thought that a Telugu film will open with over 100 crore on the first day and Hindi dubbed version will set all-time record. Well, the unimaginable has been done by Baahubali 2 The […]

    • What we can do here one fans trolling other fans, there is a sensitive issue but a man who is only trolling actors. Now its high time to do something else otherwise regional cinemas will overtake bollywood and who is the idiot telling Prahbas is bigger than khans even he is no where to Ranbir Kapoor, one movie can’t make you Superstar.

      • Superbbb article Bollyarena
        Bahubali se khans ki aukat toh pata pad gayi
        They only want festivals to release and hamesha festivals ke liye ladte rahte hai..
        And prahbash has taught them a gud lesson
        And finally I sud like to say
        Prabhas is great actor than any other actor in Bollywood ( reality is bitter but reality is reality)

        • Shi kha Bhai
          There is hardly any hit of khans without festivals
          There non festival releases struggling to recover costs

    • Khans just blocked festival dates that’s it without blocking festival dates they WONT CROSS 130 cr. They are big ‘0’ Z-E-R-O….lol

      Except English media presstitutes nobody cares them.

      • Khans are just blocking dates because in india we need festival to enjoy, in South when big movie released there is a holiday for that but in North we have only one holiday on Sunday or any festival,people didn’t spend so much money on non holiday

    • High ticket rates, shows started at 4:30 AM, 100% occupancy, low entertainment tax.

    • Bahubali2 producers have given official collection is -121cr…..
      But according to box oofice India the official collection should cross 122cr….
      First time in history box office India is giving high collections than the producers of this movie….
      This is called fair and accurate collection by producers….
      Bahubali2 rocks and shock the entire nation….
      Check this out—

    • I salute to all 3 khans for what they have given to Indian film industry…they have maintained their stardom for more than 25yrs… now they have to make pan India movie with good directors else Bollywood will be finished…..
      And god knows what will happen to Bollywood when these three will retire……

    • After Bahubali, all these 100/200 crore clubs seem like joke. By the end of extended weekend on Monday, all Bollywood box office records are going to be dust. 1000 crores world wide is now a guaranteed return & beyond that where it stops in its final run is anybody’s guess.

  • Bahubali 2 2nd Day Box Office Collection: The most awaited film of the year Baahubali 2 The Conclusion has finally ended the dull phase at the box office. The film has got an Earth shattering opening in all over I […]

    • My prediction
      Hindi42(will beat prem ratan again)
      All version 130
      Worldwide 450-500
      Only one hero in India
      All r total waste except akki aamir

      • Proud Proud Proud of south industry. I have been following south movies from last 6 years and I have always liked there movies more then Bollywood. Bollywood does not get out of that rom com….g..and women centric movies..every time I see news women that women this come on men how much.I would like to ask all of u google it today what has women invented. The answer will be nothing..women cries on one thing that we give birth are bhai yes you do give a birth but that is nature given. If nature would have chosen me then I bloody don’t have any issue…grow up India stop following western.. I kno how English men’s are feeling now here in UK..

      • Who is akki???
        Accha who Jo big budget movie me saath clash krta hai aur publicity le Kr 100cr cross Kr jaata hai bit aaj tak 150cr bhi cross nhi Kr paya…..

    • These are Unbelievable Figures considering how much the 1st Part had done in the opening day/Weekend! Dangal Lifetime Colelction is in Danger!

    • Befikre tu fikar mat Kar record bante hi hai tutne K liye

    • I don’t think any movie in the near future would be able to break the record opening of 121cr on day 1 unless a movie features Salman Khan and Rajnikanth together.

    • Tubelight 40cr cross karna mushkil hai kyunki ye film ramjaan mai release ho rhi hai ….isliye jyadatar muslim nahi dekhenge

    • It’s the beginning and the conclusion has to come.

    • Bollywood cannot produce new movie like this because they believe in stardom this time I cannot even act now and how can they give the best movie that’s why we should not throw star we should respect to the director writer so but he wouldn’t can produce also such movie like bahubali

    • I think if this record will not break by robot 2.0 than mahabharat will break this

    • Bollyarena why don’t hindi films have that kind of reach in all of india I mean if you look baahubali 1&2 robot I and kamal hassan’s chachi 420 and hindustani have done well all over india I can’t name you one hindi film that has done big business in south why is that?

    • Parshyakyu ni najar aa rha
      Jalwa of good content
      Amir is a superstar because of good content
      If his movies is not good then I will be like talash
      Enjoy parshya one week is remaining for records of amir

    • Who is salman in front of prabhas….
      Bahubali2 is not a Hindi movie but still it has broken salman Hindi movie record where he is considered as a king…
      Being a dubbed movie it crosses salman khan opening day in Hindi that too with less no. Of screens than salman movie and occupancy on morning shows is close to 95% by box oofice India….
      This is storm by prabhas….

    • Bhai plzz return to earth from pluto

  • According to the official figures released by producers, Baahubali 2 has collected a massive 121 crore on the opening day.

    It has collected a record breaking 41 cr in Hindi dubbed version. The collections […]

    • Itna collection kar liya
      BA’s ab manipulation mat karna …

    • If not robot 2.0 then no movie in coming 5 yrs will broke this record…. .
      Bahubali 2 rocks……
      Movie has earned more than 170cr in day one nett worldwide collections…. . Truly amased by this collections…..
      Hoping 500cr nett in first weekend ww for bahubali 2…

    • As per your calculations weekend will be around 371 Cr not 360,all time highest nett collections in Indian cinema.

      Anyway,1500 Cr gross 700 nett…….. just insane and remain for another decade.

    • Beta parshya kaha he beta
      non holiday our ipl
      phir bhi 41cr ka collection
      dagal xmas day sirf 42cr lol
      powar in baahubali

      • Rajamauli Dangal banata to itna kamata kya?
        Par Aamir bahubali mai hota to jarur kamata..

        • Bhai ye thoda jyada ho gya….aamir in bahubali…
          Not a single khan,akshay,hrithik or rajnikanth can take the role of bahubali and can do better than prabhas akka real bahubali….

        • lekin tab movie ka naam hota chota bahubali

        • hahaha…..

          mjhe to aamir khan ko bahubali ka acting karte hue soch ke hi hasi aa rahi hai

          aamir bahubali ke role me fit hi nahi baithta hai

          par Dangal me koi bhi healthy hero fit baith jaata

        • Parshya bhai the only Bollywood actor that would have suited bahubali is finished now that is sunny deol in this time I can’t see anyone do a better job than prabhas. Khans no akshay no hrithik no in jodha Akbar climax the villain was more intimidating than him ajay maybe newcomers no and I don’t have much knowledge of south actors but I wouldn’t mind watching prabhas in a mainstream hindi film reminds me so much of sunny deol.

    • Saw bahubali2 an awesome film wow I think baahubali1&2 are in the same league as sholay and mughl e azam as greatest hindi films of all time I’m surprised how no one from Bollywood has tweeted how super this film is they were praising rubbish like noor and Mirzya.

    • Plz don’t compare with sholay and Mugle azam. Those film is original peace and golden movies and also those films no one use vfx

      • bhai sholey K time pe vfx Nahi tha par to bhi ek goli se 3 log marte the movie soch vfx hota to kitne marte.but still love to watch sholey because of its dilauge

      • Brother watch bahubali and you will say WOW I took a friend of mine who dosen’t watch south movies and said why don’t Bollywood have that kind of scale.

    • Aamir bahubali me kaun SA role karta? Guess haan bhalaldev ke father ka

    • idhar sab yede hai.
      non masala movie ko masala movie ke sath compare kar rahe hain…
      ane do TOH ko bahubali ka bhi WW ka lifetime record break hoga…
      abhi china baki hai mere dost….China me Dangal…
      Dangal-900cr…..without masala….
      koi kar sakta hai….
      no no no……..

      • Tera amir chota bahubali hahahahahaa

      • Dongal 900 Cr in China!! lol … If it collects even 9 Cr in China i never comment this site again… Challenge!

      • I agree parshya bhai dangal is offbeat film that’s why I consider aamir no 1 actor of India as he can do a non masala film and it will do well I don’t think anyone else can do that on a regular basis.

      • Dekh lo Bhai TOH ke time mein bhi yhi rahunga and yes bahubali2 ka collection todna impossible for him….
        At that time saaho will release with no rajamouli then we will see which movie will have better collection…..
        Saaho or TOH….

      • Lagta hai aap nhi sudhrenge…
        Bahubali2 dangal Ka collection including China ek week mein hi todega….mark my word parahya Bhai….

  • Actor Rana Daggubati says Baahubali is a career defining film for him as people from the industry now have more trust in his vision as an artiste. The actor essays the role of Bhallala Deva in the epic film which […]

  • Baahubali 2 has smashed Kabali opening day record in India by a margin of more than 70 crore. The film is currently the number one opening day grosser in India.

    While no film has even crossed 50 cr mark in […]

    • ye mumbai waly filem banatei hai koi har jagar faltu ka romance

    • New comer prabhas beat rajni Anna by a margin of 70
      That’s a reply an epic one
      But as we all know father is father
      So bahubali will be beaten by robot….
      Mind it

    • Great –
      Amir ka namonishan khatam –
      uttar gaye paint – Chritsmas star ki
      only Dhoom 3 due to dhoom franshise and Christmas factor

    • Bro not full movie only first half hour is leaked from full movie and bahubali2 is 2hrs 47min film so you can’t do anything by watching only 30 minutes…..
      And yes it will face less than 50% drop on its first Monday and because of low prices on weekdays….
      People also have Jio at the time of dangal then why they preferred to watch the movie in theatres and it collected 387cr in domestic….
      And a movie like bahubali is a must watch only in theatres with friends or with family….
      650-700cr in weekend is guaranteed in ww(gross)…..
      Only you download it but others will watch this on theatres not once but for twice,thrice,four or may be five times…..
      I have also watchd it on Friday morning and have booked Sunday and Monday late night ticket…..
      This movie will also get repeat audience….

    • Abey pk-47m
      Not a joke..understand..
      And dangal will be 55m after China

      • Bhai tu to hyper ho gya….mujhe overseas Ka actual collection pata nhi that isliye I think likha but don’t take tension dangal collection will be broken in a week guranteed….including China…..

    • lol dangal xmas day 42cr
      baahubali 2 non holiday 41cr
      powar in baahubali
      kyuki ipl me bhi release
      baahubali vs IPL won in baahubali
      Beta parshya

  • Bahubali 2 has created history as the Hindi version of the film has set an all time record. It has beaten Salman Khan’s PRDP and Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year which were released on Diwali.

    Baahubali 2 Hindi […]

    • Saaho re bahubali…….
      Bahubali 2 rocks…

      • hindi version record might get broken in coming years – but all languages bo collections – will not be beaten in future
        in think robot 2.0 will also not .
        Great film – great collections .

      • Hahahaa gud to sees that
        Without any festival
        It beat the records of salman and srk and amir
        All 3 beaten by prabhas
        From today only prprabhas rockkkzzzz

    • Bahubali super movie

      Bahubali 1 make more circuity for bahubali 2 to takes biggest opening

      And it’s happen

      It will make some unthinkable records in coming days which will be difficult to broke in future

    • It will break every record

  • Bahubali 2 Worldwide Box Office Collection: The magnum opus Bahubali 2 has set the box office on fire. The film has taken a gigantic start at the worldwide box office beating each and every record.

    After one […]

    • World wide
      Baahubali beat bb&sultan in just 3days

    • Ohh my god…
      Really unbelievable…
      Will bahubali beat Dangal WW?
      Wait for monday…..

    • Progress dekh ke aisa lag raha hai Dangal ka record to 7 din me tod degi
      Rajamauli ko salam…

    • First time tere muh se kuch sahi nilka .
      7 days bhi mujhe zyada lag rahe he .
      Baahubali will rip apart dangal ww in 5-6 days

    • 1 month chalegi yeh movie pakka
      1000 pakka
      Likwa ke lelo

    • indian films that can do more than 700cr due to bahubali or aamir brand

    • WOW really nice, that makes me more proud of my country

    • Proud Proud Proud of south industry. I have been following south movies from last 6 years and I have always liked there movies more then Bollywood. Bollywood does not get out of that rom com….g..and women centric movies..every time I see news women that women this come on men how much.I would like to ask all of u google it today what has women invented. The answer will be nothing..women cries on one thing that we give birth are bhai yes you do give a birth but that is nature given. If nature would have chosen me then I bloody don’t have any issue…grow up India stop following western.. I kno how English men’s are feeling now here in UK..

    • Saaho re bahubali…… Bahubali 2 rocks….

    • Right bro

    • Good parshya pehli baar sahi kaha tumne.dekh kitna like Mila tere ko

  • Bahubali Day 2 Box Office Collection Update: The much awaited Baahubali 2 The Conclusion has arrived and has already created box office history. The film has crossed 100 crore mark on the first day in all over […]

    • My prediction is 35 on sat
      And 40 on sun
      All time blockbuster
      All Bollywood industry gone in front of bahubali

      • I ha a very superb game for all user
        Wanna play
        Game is to predict lifetime collection of bahubali
        Press like (1like =2crore)
        And for dislike (1dislikw =0 crore)
        After 24 hours we will predict collection by calculating total likes and dislikes

    • Bahubali WW
      Overseas -250cr

      Dangal WW
      755+150(expected in china)


      Don’t forget Dangal is non masala film whereas bahubali2 is masala film.

      Dangal budget-90cr
      Bahubali budget-350cr

      in my openion
      Aamir is biggest megastar of India..
      Mano ya na mano..

      • Bro @parsya….
        The total budget of bahubali franchise is 350cr… you should add collection of both the movies…..

        Bahubali 2000cr worldwide….nett figures….
        Dangal 650cr ww after China..nett figures…(entertainment tax should be removed while counting collection as one is Hindi movie and other is regional, and yes tax is received by government not by producers)….

        Note– Bahubali was a regional movie released on a normal weekend with no star value for north market still beat records in north,no tax free status,only 2 open weeks,released during IPL(no movie survived during IPL butbut bahubaliahubali created history)….and Dangal was Hindi movie released in biggest weekend I.e Christmas with tax free status in several states with 5 open weeks….

        Now do the comparison after seeing all these things you will get the answer why bahubali is highly bigger than dangal…..

        • Are bhai Aamir bhi to akela tha
          Koi action gana wana romance bhi nahi tha..aur ek baat Aamir ka to main role bhi nahi tha
          Demonetization tha.dirctor bhi jana pahchana nahi tha brand bhi nahi tha aur kya kya nahi tha fir bhi wom and akele 900cr buisness..
          Bahubali craze hai mai manta hoon par kitne din…monday se dekh lena…
          India gross-600cr jayegi.

          • Parashya yes keep continue to prove

            You know what I mean

            What you are 😊😊😊

          • @parshya brother aamir khan is a brilliant actor i know….. But this time prabhas nailed it totally….
            Domentization hue more than one month and 10 days ho chuka tha…. So situation lagna normal ho gya tha…..
            Aur ha bahubali 2 gross nhi balki nett 700 cr krega pakka hai… Tum bhi dekhna bhai lifetime collection…
            Total gross collection worldwide of bahubali 2 will be more than 1500r although it will face clash from 2nd week in worldwide from guardians of the galaxy….
            Wait and watch bro…

          • Sab bata naa kya kya nahi thaa

          • Oops…your fandom has blinded you :(

    • Day2-33cr
      Day4-20cr(weekend and suspense and over hype is over now)
      Total-around150cr(5days only Hindi)

    • one word epic
      now its difficult to break bahubali record
      hard works always pays

    • Bahubali franchise has left an indelible mark in history of Indian cinema, not only because of its staggering box office records, but because it is a perfect reply to the so called Bollywood supremacy and dominance over regional film industry. Despite being talent laden regional film industry has suffered a lot and I feel time has come to change this for good!

    • Abe parshya bewkoof dangal xmas release thi.aur 5 open week bhi thi.bahubali ke samay to IPL bhi chal raha hai

      • bhai rajkumar @parshya ko kuch bhi Bol de koi farak Nahi padta kyunki wo unwanted person hai Isi liye wo negative person ho gaya hai.aise person ko thoda time sunlo uski bhadash nikalne do.

    • I have bahubali 2 in pvr 1st show on friday…. And the movie is awesome, exceptional and totally goosebumps……. When I came out of theatre again i booked night show of bahubali on Sunday and Monday…
      Happy because I am going to watch it twice more in coming 2 days……

    • @gd

      Bhai fans ko chamche nahi bolte. Aur mai idhr hi hu. Ukhaad le jo ukhaad naa hai.

      Bahubali 2 a must watch movie

  • The much-awaited Tubelight teaser will finally be out on May 4. The director Kabir Khan has confirmed the news on Twitter.

    He shared a new poster of Tubelight and wrote He will arrive in “5 […]

    • ATBB on the way 300 + crore easy….

      • ek aur big star like amir —
        who waits for best holiday session to come —
        otherwise yeah dekte nehi hai-
        swagat nehi karoge hamara – robin hood pandey of holidays like Amir – the laash actor

    • None is interested in fusslight
      Who want to see a mental patient in cinema hall
      Waise tubelight ki jagah naam hona chahiye tha kyonki part2
      Which was the highest grosser of the year

    • Jyada ummid mat rakhna sallu fans Dangal ka record nahi tutega jab tak TOH nahi ata.

    • Megastar?
      Hahaha 😂
      23 sal se hum yahi sun rahe hai par bechara Ek ATHG nahi de pa raha aur idhar bahubali non holiday pe ATHG ban rahi hai..
      Aamir ne 6 movies mai 5 ATHG diye

    • No comments;
      before watching, teaser,trailer,
      And songs
      (Aamir fan)

    • All time blockbuster bhai jaan
      Can’t wait teaser or logoo ne batain kar kar ke mar jana hai bhai ke khalaf per bhai hum tumhare sath hai.

    • Jalne waloon ka moo kala . All time blockbuster bhai jaanu

    • ya sab secret superstar dekhe gee-
      Amir gira phir diwali pe hi {festival session}
      chalo clash of golmal kafi hai iski aukat dikhane ke liye
      wait and watch

      • Abet why r u forcing me to bash srk..
        SS Me Aamir ka cameo hai…
        Ye bat apne dimag me dal de..
        Bet lagani hai to laga TOH will do 1000cr WW
        Hai dum srk me to pehle 450cr par karne de usko…
        Aur sallu ki chamchagiri band kar..

    • 400-500cr in indiya all time record bollywood 900cr..

    • 01st day 50cr, 02 day 52cr,3 day 55 cr .all time block baster…new king khan salman….

    • Hahaha.
      Good joke..
      Ur favourite excuse hai udhar coz of pre eid… Weekend 105cr.

  • Bahubali 2 has done the unthinkable. The film which opened to houseful shows yesterday has collected a massive 120 crore plus on the opening day in all over India.

    Bahubali 2 has done some gigantic business in […]

    • oh my god…..
      indian history ke sabsy badi film ab issy badi film kon banayega…

    • Dhoom 3 released on christmas.

    • Bollyarena plz hire me
      My all prediction are right
      I told ki 40+ hoga
      Waise waiting for sallu frustrated fans
      Kahan ho sab
      Bina eid bina diwali ke prabhas ne sallu ka diwala nikal diya

      • @Roric
        Sallu fans ko pata chala sallu holiday ke bina zero hai..
        Sallo hamesha uski picture holiday ke din release karta hai..
        Take opening acchi miley…
        Aab dekhte hai fusslight kitna kamati hai wo shayad masala film nahi..

        • Talaash record smashed in day 1 by huge 47%⬆

          Aamir ki kisi movie ne weekend me nhi kiya bhai bahubali ne ek din me tere dangal uncle ko dhobi pa had dedi

        • @parshya thike chal I agree with you salman zero he lekin agar salman hi zero he to tera aamir to minus me hoga 😂😂😂

    • I don’t understand why people here are only bashing salman . If they want they should bash the whole of bollywood . If you are bashing bollywood’s biggest superstar only then that proves that srk aamir sab bash hone ke bhi layak ke nahi rahe .

    • And why are people doing all this gamdagi especially parshya instead of appreciating indian cinema

    • Ha G google pe jake G word ko search kr na wahi Teri Bollywood banati rahegi…G fo…

  • Baahubali 2 is going to set all time records even in the Hindi version. The collections are likely to be in the range of 40 crores.

    The previous record is being held by Salman Khan’s Prem Ratan Dhan Payo which […]

    • lo kar lo baat

    • Baahubali The Beginning Day1 BOC: 5cr
      Baahubali The Conclusion Day1 BOC: 40cr*
      It has done 8 times more business than the First Part!!

    • Aaaj salman ki aukat pata pad only eid made star
      We sud be proud on akki and prabhas jinhe holiday ya festival ki koi zaroorat nahi
      WO khud apni movie se mahaul festival jaisa bana dete hai
      Where r u parshya come let’s teach a lesson to sallu criminal fans

    • wow!!! this is the potential of Indian cinema

    • Bollywood needs to try harder actors are surviving on name not content Friday we saw the true potential of what a film can achieve if content is there.

    • Parshya toh bina pendi ka lota h
      Jo 2 din phle kh rha tha ki bahubali 2 amir ki dangal ka record nhi tod skti
      Ab 1 st day craze dkh k amir se promotion krne ko bol rha h China k liye
      Always stand on your words parshya
      Jaiiii maheswari

      • Still i think that bahubali2 will not beat Dangal after china release..coz
        Now dangal-755cr
        Dangal-900cr After China
        China-50cr(coz bahubali failed in china)
        Final bahubali2-850-900cr
        Dangal(non masala)>bahubali(masala)

    • Hahaha
      Prem ratan bartan dhoke jao -40cr on diwali
      And bahubali-41cr on non holiday..
      See the sallu fans aukat of chota star sallu..
      You want compare masala films then compare wanted with gajini
      Dhoom3 with kick
      Dhoom3-36cr..2013 all versions non holiday
      Sultan-36cr on eid..2016
      Sallu holiday ke bina zero hai…
      Wait for masala film TOH sallu fans ko pata chalega opening kisko kehte hai..
      Hamesha inka rona pre day bahubali ko kaunsa holiday mila…
      Aab pictur clear hai holiday per hi sallu acchi opening deta hai..
      Fusslight will not cross 30cr on non holiday and also bzh.
      Aab bakwas mat karna..
      megastar sallu
      My foot…

      • Bollyarena it’s high time that you ban this tingu from here . Every1 here are talking about Baahubali and appreciating Indian cinema and here he is spreading negativity .
        He is the only user who always gets more dislikes than likes

    • baahubali spelling to thik se likhle ha ha ha ha ha … itna lokpriye movie na naam vi tu thikse likh nahi paraha to soch tera dimagi halat kaisa hai

    • Abe bewkoof kya sirf salman hi holiday PE movie release karta hai.dhoom 3 kya March me release Hui thi,PK kya Feb release thi,dangal kya April release thi kyun release date bhool gaye.hater sirf hate karna jante ho .aur Kuch nahi

    • Parshaya ki akal strike PE chali gayi hai

    • 120+ opening day k bad bi movie 600 crore hi kmaygi thode
      bht toh knowledge hogi parshya aapko box office ki
      U know dangal ka record todegi bahubali2

    • Amir ka record dangal me manual ho giya ahahahah so sad for you amir fan ro sir pakar kar

    • Bollyarena plz give corret collection its 38+ not 40+cr

  • Bahubai 2 has finally arrived and has taken the nation by storm. While 100 crore lifetime is considered a benchmark for many films, Baahubali 2 has surpassed the mark in just one day.

    The largest online […]

  • Bahubali 2 1st Day Box Office Collection: The biggest release of the year, SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali 2 hit the screens today. The film was carrying unprecedented buzz and hype before the release. The craze was […]

    • Watched Baahubali2 today and it was really Good! First Half was Superb, the Second half was Good too but not as good as the first Half. The Suspense (Why Kaptappa Killed Baahubali?) Was Superb! The VFX were average, some things looks fake, but there were some Beautiful Scenes too! The movie was a bit long. The direcrion Was Good, Story was Good & the climax(Last 5-8mins were also good). The Big War at the end of the movie wasn’t as good as the War in the first Movie.
      Acting: Prabhas was Fantastic. Anushka was Very Pretty and did a good Job. Rana, Ramya, SathyaRaj & Nassar did good too.
      Overall it is a Very Good movie, It will be loved by all the sections of the audience.
      I’ll rate the movie 4/5!

      • Waaah nice ek din mai 100
        And srk ka lifetime 82 crore mai atak jaata hai
        And in Hindi it will be 40 and lifetime will be magical 1000

        • Roric, teri srk se itni jalti q hai,

          Tere akki ke 4 movies back to back hit kya hogayi, tumlog ko lagta hai akki is megastar now. Bhai independence day ke din pata chalega, akki bada star hai yaa srk.

          Tab tak tera gutter jaisa muh band rakh

      • Like if it will touch 100 in one day otherwise dislike
        Let’s see how many of u think

    • Day1: 38.7*

    • Day1: 36.7cr
      Lifetime: 300cr
      Verdict: ATBB
      It’s tough to predict the Lifetime Collection, Final Prediction on Monday.

    • First film to cross 1000 crore…

    • Criminal khan’s idiotic movies won’t get this collections in Hindi belt even in festival dates … lol

    • Ohh my god..
      Hila ke rakh diya..
      Lets see..whether bahubali beats dangal WW or not..

    • Bahubali should promoted by Aamir in china..if this happened then definitely 1500cr WW..
      Come on Aamir help rajamauli in china
      Without Aamir it will be very dificult for bahubali2 beat Dangal in china..
      Plz Aamir do the primotion of bahibali2
      It will be proud moment for india if u do this…
      Some haters will not agree with me but this is the need for bahubali.
      All r zero in china without Aamir.

    • North India me aamir NE promote kya tha bahubali ko .North America me aamir NE promote kya tha bahubali ko.bina logic ke baat mat karna bewkoof parshya .dangal 1st day collection 29.46 crore 4000 screen me ,bahubali 30+ crore in 3200 screen samjha parshya ab bol North India me aamir Khan NE promote kya tha.China me 100mn$ ka business karegi

    • Beta parshya
      baahubali hindi 1st day 40+collection
      tubelight 1st day 50cr ka collection karegi
      tubelight 1st week cross 280cr net india me
      sultan ka 1st week ka collection 208cr that
      wait and watch
      love baahubali and salman khan

    • watched the film…….

      Bahubali 2 delivers and lives upto all the hype…..

      Bahubali 1 was marginally better though…….would say half star difference really!

    • Well, now this all clears up……..for all those saying that salman is better than srk or Aamir better than srk (because of box boffice)…well in that case prabhas is baap of all khans…..but nowadays it’s more about a better film than a star…..bigger star is just an added bonus……

    • Just wait and watch 2.0north me 36 cr ka opening dega Akki ka bahut sal sa massy movie nahi aaya hai RR 2012 me 15 cr ka opening diya tha sirf 1500 screens pe

    • now i have a fear that people spent so much on bahubali that they cant go to watch tubelight lol

    • pehle 150 too bnane de akki lol

    • When will srk join 150 cr club without deepika

  • Baahubali 2 Overseas Box Office Collection: Baahubali 2 has taken an insane opening on Thursday in Gulf, USA and other territories. The film has set all time record in many of the markets.

    As per the estimates, […]

    • Watched Baahubali2 today and it was really Good! First Half was Superb, the Second half was Good too but not as good as the first Half. The Suspense (Why Kaptappa Killed Baahubali?) Was Superb! The VFX were average, some things looks fake, but there were some Beautiful Scenes too! The movie was a bit long. The direcrion Was Good, Story was Good & the climax(Last 5-8mins were also good). The Big War at the end of the movie wasn’t as good as the War in the first Movie. Acting: Prabhas was Fantastic. Anushka was Very Pretty and did a good Job. Rana, Ramya, SathyaRaj & Nassar did good too.
      Overall it is a Very Good movie & Is a Must Watch! Don’t miss this movie! It will be loved by all the sections of the audience. I’ll rate the movie: 4/5!

      • I HV also watched movie
        All parts of movie were superbbb but songs were bad
        Go and watch and enjoy
        Jio re Jio bahubali

    • gajab 5 sal ka mehanat aakhir meetha hi hota hai

    • Waah kya movie hai.Hollywood fail ho gaya ,mujhe ab bhi yakeen nahi ho raha ki hum Indian aisi movie bana sskte hain,garav ho raha hai mujhe .SS rajamouli NE kar dikhya sir aapki movie NE nonholiday ko holiday bana diya .aab yakin ho gaya ki aapki movie ko holiday aur 4 or 5 open week ki jarurat nahi

    • Parshya kahan hai tu bahubali 1500 crore world wide without China release ,without Xmas release,without 5 open week

    • watched the film…….

      Bahubali 2 delivers and lives upto all the hype…..

      First half is marginally better though…….would say half star difference really!

    • This is the end of Khan era, Indian film industry is no more khans driven, big shock for all Khan fans
      All khans together can’t put these numbers

    • hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa
      goooooooo joke

    • Yeah Baahubali 2 was a masterclass…
      It has beated Hollywood but robot 2.0 is coming and it will be a universal exception for filmmaking I hv already watched 2.0 it was mind blowing…..

  • Rose Ratliff became a registered member 3 years, 8 months ago

  • Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection to cross 100 crores on the 1st day?

    The much awaited Baahubali 2 The Conclusion has arrived and has taken the box office by storm. The magnum opus has started with a riot in the […]

    • MAST FILM jabardast

    • It will be the first dubbed movie to cross 200 cr barrier in bollywood and will set a new benchmark for others film makers in the industry from regional language and hindi as eell. It will leave many stars behind from bollywood like akshay kumar and Ajaydevgan who never touched this magical figure of 200 cr and other big actors who failed ro achieve this mark from 2016 onwards even with festive release like SRK and Hrithik Roshan. A big shame on them atleast we have Salman and Amir who can be said that their fill will be atleast competing with the bahubali brand.

    • In odisha all halls r full for next 3 days
      Craze is beyond words to tell….
      It will cross 100 easily …
      And lifetime 1000

    • Are you from odisha .. Roric

    • 1st day 105 crore
      2nd day 95 crore
      3rd day 120 crore
      Weekend: 320 crore Lifetime all india: 600 crore.
      Hindi: 1st day 33 crore
      2nd day 30 crore
      3rd day 40 crore
      Weekend: 103 crore Lifetime: 270

  • Baahubali 2 Reviews by Critics: Baahubali 2 has received positive reviews from critics. The average rating is 3.6 so far while the more reviews will be updated later.

    Good: 7
    Neutral: 1
    Negative: 0 […]

    • Except ‘Khan’gress Presstitute rNDTV everybody given positive review for Bahubali. No doubt khan-gress stooges are so jealous

      • My rating 4* ……… expected more from it.First part is better and gripping.
        Everybody knows positives let come to negatives

        Anushka shetty looks little fat.

        2/3 forced scenes …. other than that nobody dare to make a movie like this in India for another decade.

    • Jisne bhi 4 se kam diye hai
      WO doob ke mar jaaoooo plzzz
      Plz Bollywood arena gv ur rating

    • Mera to dil hi toot gaya film dekhkar….kuch jyada hi ummeed laga baitha tha….
      My rating : 3/5

    • i watch the movie last day matting show dut i didnt like it 1st one is mach bttr flim then this one lot things r vry cnfuing vfx r poorly capture. n something like missing in the whool movie ,if Baahubali 1 n baahubali 2 in 2getter it will so so movie 3* ok bt if they split 1 will 4.5* n 2 will 2*
      bt only merit of the movie vfx r just good nothing spl… final call its 1 time watch is good

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