Aamir Khan to throw a success party for Dangal tomorrow

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Aamir Khan’s last release Dangal turned out to be the biggest blockbuster and highest grosser of all time. It was also extremely well received by the critics. So now, Dangal team is ready to celebrate the film’s phenomenal success with a big fat bash. Interesting even after six weeks, the film is still running in theaters.

According to the announcement, Aamir Khan, producer Siddharth Roy Kapur and rest of the Dangal team will be throwing a success party for the cast and crew of the movie. The party will be held tomorrow.

Recently there is a trend that producer and cast throw success parties just after the weekend without knowing the actual box office verdict. They probably do this early fearing that film might drop on weekdays. Leave aside average films, we have seen success bash for many flop films also.

But as we all know Aamir Khan is a perfectionist so instead of wasting his time, the actor already began preparing for his next Thugs of Hindustan. And now he is back in India and Dangal is also coming to the end of its box office run so it is the perfect time to celebrate the success of Bollywood’s biggest hit.


  1. Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

    He feel Ashmed as Sallu and Srk throw parties but this greedy guy dont like to appreciate others efforts…i think he is doing great better than Gandhi ji…

    • next 2 to 3 yrs dekhe ga , free slot /festival session ki . phir ayega film to hit hone hi hai .
      star power clash or non- festival main dekhti hai
      main dekhi thi .

      • Dr. Jhangir Khan Reply

        kya bat kahi hai vishal bhai zabardast…apne tu amirian ka pol hi khul diya…

      • Abe gochu vishal… Every time after creating a new record, Aamir gives 2 year time to Lallu n Srgay to beat the record….
        But they cant do it… So Aamir come with his next film and create new record…
        2017 mein Aamir ka koi bhi release nahi hai try karle atleast PK ki aaspass pohchne ke liye….

        2018 Thugs of Hindostan ke sath Aamir new record create karega…

  2. Roric - the srk hater Reply

    Aamir sir will u invite me and all Bollywood arena fans ??????

  3. Dr stop crying and enjoy raees is a hit jaa celebrate kar don’t get jealous at success of dangal

    • The word ‘will be’ is used by Srk fans and Sallu fans…

      Like, Srk’s next ‘will be’ ATBB…
      Sallus next will beat Dangal
      Aamir’s next ‘will be’ flop… Etc etc…

      9 saal se yahi ‘will be’ sun raha hoon….

      Aamir rules box office from 2008 (Ghajini)… No one can match his success….


  4. Dangal worldwide collection is 740 crore+.
    Deducting the budget and all other expences the profit will be around 600 crore+…

    According to bollywood news Aamir will get 50% (atleast 50%) of the profit as his share… So he will earn around 300 crore+ from Dangal itself…

    That will make him the highest paid actor in bollywood…

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