Aamir Khan receives grand welcome in Turkey

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Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is in Turkey to promote his upcoming film Secret Superstar. The actor received a grand welcome in the country by his thousands of fans.

Khan was also received by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the Presidential Complex in the capital, Ankara. The actor said that he is surprised to learn about his huge fan following in Turkey and expressed his interest in learning more about Turkish cinema.

Speaking at a news conference said, “I didn’t know that in Turkey young people were watching my films. They kept inviting me and since then I [have said I] would like to come here. I am really keen to experience Turkish cinema and I am very keen to watch works of artists from Turkey. I am going to start doing that and up until now I have not really watched films from Turkey.”

Earlier, Culture Ministry said in a statement that Khan had been invited to Turkey during which he visited Istanbul and capital Ankara between Wednesday and Saturday.

Check out some of the pictures and videos.


  1. Show Stoppers and Master Class….

    All hail Indian Cinema Ambassador

    Aamir Khan!!!👑

    The man that can never be ignored!

    • 2.0 @ 2000 CR Reply

      Kudos to you….

      Top stars (Stardom wise)
      1. Aamir Khan
      2. Salman Khan
      3. SRK
      4. Akshay kumar
      5. Hrithik Roshan
      6. Varun Dhawan
      7. Ranveer Singh
      8. Ranbir kapoor
      9. Ajay devgan

      Top Stars (Acting wise)
      1. Akshay Kumar ( versatile can do any genre successfully)
      2. Aamir khan
      3. Srk
      4. Hrithik Roshan
      5. Salman Khan
      6. Ranbir kapoor
      7. Ranveer singh
      8. Ajay devgan

      • Akki ahead of Srk in terms of Acting? Even Aamir Sir? 😂😂😂 Good joke!!👍

      • Ceiling khan Reply

        Dude now you are being more idiot than devgn…akki is good bt in acting wise ajay is in top just hate will be..1)aamir ….2)hritik…3)srk…4) ajay…5)akki…6)ranbir..7)salman…8)varun…9)ranveer…note-it is not about stardom i am talking only about acting

        • Ceiling you are right but majority of us who grew up watching movies in our right senses knows Ajay is far far a better actor than Akshay. Akshay acting has improved drastically post 2015.
          Its hard to seperate Aaamir Ajay and Srk i too i am a Hrithik fan but in terms of acting no where close to the 3 of them but definitely at no.4.

          • Utsav Rajput Reply

            Akshay acting improved in 2015
            What about akkis acting in Jaanwar,herapheri,Sangharsh ,omg,s26, holiday before 2015

      • Wtf who is this guy?
        2.0@2000 what the hell is that?
        I think you are using personal grudges on someone. How can Ajay Devgan be at number 9! How can Varun Ranbir Ranveer be ahead of him? Even Hrithik is debateable. Acting wise is the worst Akshay on no.1 ? Jeez you crazy man.

        • Stardom wise
          Salman = Aamir
          Shah Rukh khan
          Akshay = Hrithik
          Ajay devgn
          Ranbir kapoor = Ranveer Singh
          Varun Dhawan
          Sid= Sushant.

          Actingwise Everyone knows

          Ajay=Shah Rukh
          Ranbir Kapoor
          Akshay kumar = Ranveer
          Varun= Salman.
          Am sure you are Akshay fan thats why you are playing this very expensive joke. Stop it

          • Karan Singh Reply

            I don’t know people are saying Aamir is no. 1 in acting?
            Srk vs aamir
            He can not beat srk in romance, negative characters and in dialogue-bazzi). All srk roles are more memorable than aamir. Who can forget srk acting in mnik, fan, devdas, darr, bazzigar, don series, swades, cdi. Remember these are not romantic roles. No one can beat srk in face expressions.
            Ajay sir vs aamir
            Aamir can not beat ajay sir in action, comedy, serious-intense roles & also in dialoguebazzi.
            Ajay sir took 3 months to complete every movie. So, this means few retakes or reshoots. Best actor will never take 2 years.
            So, I have watched only 6 aamir movies in my life. I don’t know about enough his acting but know one thing he never played tough roles which played by srk, hrithik and ajay sir. Aamir has not tried romantic&comedy roles. Aamir dialogues are also not popular like srk-ajay.
            Sorry Aamir fans. Nothing against you but tell me why

            • @Karan Sing
              hahaha good joke

              Arey bhai Aamir ki acting ek taraf aur puri industry ek taraf


              ye sab movies dekh le phir pata chalega acting kise kahte hai aur haan ye sab classic movies hai.

              tu bata srk ne kitni classic movies di hai.

              • Karan Singh Reply

                U also good joke 😂😂😂
                Aamir ki acting ek taraf aur puri industry ki ek taraf
                Aamir has not tried many genres and you are comparing him with whole industry
                Srk has more classic
                his all romantic movies are classics
                What do you want to say romantic movies are not classic?
                Those Aamir movies u mentioned are not tough roles which done by srk?
                DDLJ was not great movie according to script but srk made it one of the greatest
                Even u said in past articles, that ajay sir is better actor than aamir

                • Karan Singh Reply

                  The topic was who is better actor between srk vs aamir?
                  @parshya changed the topic which actor has more classic?
                  This shows they don’t have anything to say

                • Mahaveer@pk.ak Reply

                  @karan singh …

                  Negetive roll dekh aamir ka , 1947 earth me…tuje b aamir se nafrat ho jayegi….

                  Or bazigar…darrr😂😂😂😂

                  Khub over acting ki h Srk ne……

                  Har movie me srk ki acting same h….vhi haklana…vhi bahe felana…vhi dialog dilevry….vhi sadaa hua romance😦😧😩😟😲

                  Devdaas , mnik😂😂😂….

                  Ha OVER ACTING king….SRK hi h😂😂😂

                • Mahaveer@pk.ak Reply

                  Bhai Fanna or 1947 earth me kisne Negetive roll kiya tha…??

                  Srk apni puri life me aamir ne dhobi ghat me jesi acting ki h…..vesi b nhi kr paayega😂😂😂😂😂

                  Or stardom ??

                  Bhai Raees , or JBMS me SrK ka star power dekh chuke h…..etna masaala hone k bavjud😂😂😂

                  Acting ??

                  Aamir Roll k hisaab se acting krta h…jabki Srk ki har movie me sirf….Srk hota h…khud ko show krta h…

                  Romance ??…hath felana…jyada romantic movie krna….kkkiran bolna…to romance nhi hota h 😁😀….vese srk ne kitni movie me kiss kiya h ??

                  Dil , Raja hindustani , Qsqt , ham h rahi pyar k , mann , Fanna , Rangeela….me kya tha ??

                  Kya 6i6ora panthi krna hi Romance h😂😂😂😂😂….

                  Chelenging roll ??

                  Mnik me physicaly chalenge roll krne ko to tum ….chalenging roll to samaj nhi rhe ho 😂😂😂

                  100 crore ka promotion krke b , sirf 60 crore….vo b Romance king k😂😂😂

                • Swades CDi Daar veer zara mnik devdaas Anjaam Koyla kkhh few examples of his stand out movies

                  • Mahaveer@pk.ak Reply


                    Srk k dare hue Fan ab aamir , akshay , salmaan ki tarrife jrur krte h….but srk ko hi world ka greatest star mante h😂😂😂….srk uk fan base…

                    Darr , anjam, koyla Devdaas…me srk ne khub Overacting ki h…..

                    Srk ki movies sirf Teeneger or bachche pasand kr skte h…..

                    Mature or inteligent log aamir ki movie dekhte h….

              • Karan Singh Reply

                No @hameed
                I have watched only his 6 movies
                But if you watched srk acting in those movies then you can honestly tell me
                Was aamir in sarfrosh better than srk in all those movies I mentioned?
                Is sarfrosh role was more challenging than srk characters?

                • Physically no not much, acting wise he was superb! Problem is you ask yourself what drag people to come and watch Aamir movies? Means his Acting is definitely so appreciated. For me its hard to rank Aamir outside SRK and Ajay, I will still go for Aamir Ajay SRK if i had to choose. 3 of this generation most versatile Actors probably All time ranking with due respect to Dilip Saheb and Amitabh Sir

                • prince sharma Reply

                  #Karan go CHECK IMDB TOP 25 GREATEST ACTOR OF ALL TIME.
                  AAMIR IS AMONG TOP 3 and srk at 9th place

                • Mahaveer@pk.ak Reply

                  Bhai @karan_singh

                  jab tene 6 hi movies dekhi h to kyo bol rha h ki , aamir ne km classic ki h ??

                  Jo jita vhi sikandar
                  Hm h rahi pyar k
                  Dil h ki manta nhi
                  Raja hindustani
                  Dil chahta h
                  Mangal pandey
                  Rang de basanti
                  Tare zameen par
                  Dangal…and more…

            • You are right again. National award popular category RainCoat was completed in 14 days. Fastest bollywood movie to be completed but it was a Bomb @ box office.

            • @karan singh

              Watch ashoka,paheli,12ka4,duplicate,happynewyear Etc ect u vl understand meaning overacting.

              Srk is very extremely good sometime like chahat,darr,chak de india,mink but not always. Sometime he do overacting as well.

              But aamir is institution for acting. Go nd watch dhoom 3 nd duplicate. Both double role played by aamirkhan nd srk respectivly nd then u vl get to know the difference between class acting nd over acting

    • Where r haters now who use to troll aamir by calling him dwarf
      Plz haters suno size se Kuch nahi hota respect kamane se hota hai
      Jo aaj aamir worldwide kama raha hai aur Akki India mai

    • SRK, SK, VD U.K Fans Base Reply

      Now for all those saying AAMIR Khan has no stardom is bullshit, I’ve always said that his stardom level does not match that of Salman Khan, shah rukh Khan is miles, remember we are talking worldwide not only India!

      I have seen all the videos of AAMIR Khan visiting Turkey and one girl was crying, it was surprising, but I have to admit after seeing that and many other stuff that after Shah Rukh Khan heydays which were 97-2010, AAMIR Khan has successfully achieved stardom worldwide! I like Salman more than Aamir but Salman is not as famous or has stardom like AAMIR Khan!

      I have admitted it now!

      BUT for those who are saying where is Shah Rukh Khan this and blah blah! This stuff was achieved by Shah Rukh Khan in K3G days which was about 16 years ago! If you want proof you can watch Shah Rukh Khan visiting turkey videos! That doesn’t take away anything from AAMIR Khan!

      That extreme level of stardom has only been achieved by two megastars after Rajesh Khanna and Bachchan days and that is by these two megastars SRK and AAMIR Khan! TBH even Rajesh Khanna or Amitabh Bachchan did not have that type of stardom throughout the world! It was mainly limited in India!

      Women still haven’t fainted on seeing him though lol joke
      Got to give it to this guy though he achieved what no one else has other than Shah Rukh Khan!