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Aamir Khan raises the bar too damn high with Dangal

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Aamir Khan is known as a trendsetter in Bollywood. The actor has created many milestones in his career as far the box office is concerned. But it looks like that with Dangal, Aamir Khan has raised the bar too damn high. It will be very tough for any actor to match these historic numbers.

A Bollywood release can definitely challenge its lifetime collection in India. But the overseas and worldwide numbers will be impossible to cross unless it does a miraculous business in China too. Dangal worldwide gross is inching closer to 2000 crore. While the overseas gross is $200 million plus thanks to the historic business in China.

Dangal 8th Day Box Office Collection

Just like Bahubali 2 is a rare phenomena which comes once in a while, Dangal is also among these ones of its kind films. Indian films made on a big scale will never be as successful as Dangal in China because their audience will opt for Hollywood which has better VFX. Same goes for typical masala films which have party songs and dance. So it has to be something special and emotional like Dangal which can strike a chord with Chinese.

After it will finish its box office run, the difference between Dangal and the highest non-Aamir Khan starrer Bajrangi Bhaijaan will be 1375 crores which is too damn high. Needless to remind that other stars still have to beat PK in India & worldwide and PK and Dhoom 3 in overseas.

Highest Grossing Films in India:

Tiger Zinda Hai3392017
Bajrangi Bhaijaan3212015
Dhoom 32762013
Chennai Express2072013
Golmaal Again2052017

Highest Grossing Films in Overseas:

MovieCollection (m)Release
Secret Superstar$124.14*2017
Bajrangi Bhaijaan$74.25*2015
Hindi Medium$31.34*2017
Dhoom 3$31.082013
3 Idiots$26.02009

Highest Grossing Films in Worldwide:

RankFilmReleaseCollection (Cr)
3Bajrangi Bhaijaan2015626
5Secret Superstar2017571*
6Tiger Zinda Hai2017558*
7Dhoom 32013558
8Chennai Express2013395
93 Idiots2009392

Tell us which film do you think can challenge Dangal box office records?


    • Devansh tiwari Reply

      No film can match this bar set by Aamir with dangal except one and only
      Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan
      #peace out..

      • jo log…mene pyar kr liya , muje pyar ho gya…mere jesa koi pyar nhi kr skta…..

        ve dikhvti log….DDLJ dekhte h??????

        Or jo log sach me pyar krte h….true love krte h…

        ve Rangeela ??or 3idiots dekhte h…..?????

        @raj_kumar …..bhai jb srk dhul khata fir rha tha…tb aamir Superstar bn chuka tha…..Dil , qsqt , hm h rahi pyar k…..

        jo Bazigar se phle release hui thi…?

    • These collections r fake and aamir is doing it to beat bahubali
      So plz no one trust on these collections
      And bahubali is far better than dangal
      If u conduct a pole on amir movies that which movie of aamir u liked the most then majority will like 3 idiots not dangal

      • Arpita- pahle pole aur poll ka difffeence jaan le. Baad mein collection fake hain ya real uspe comment kerna

      • @arpita

        medam ji , china jake poll kar ….pta lg jayega…

        BB1 ne sirf 7crore bnaye , china me.?????????????????????

        Or Dangal 300 crore aage BB2 se…..

        or tere papa ka Gar nhi h china , international hollywood market h china…..or ye international overseas figure h…..

        local figure nhi???

        or world ka best transperent Boxoffice h china ka….naki DosaBoxoffice???

        kue k mendhak?…..150crore k fan….jyada ka nhi soch skte???…

        enke liye to 150crore bnane wala hi…global star hota h…..

      • Robi-angry thug Reply

        Arpita ji,,,,,apka ka to eyes bhi fake hain, ears bhi fake hain,, khud ko real kar lijie phir sabkuch real lagega,,,, apko to main bahat kuch kehna cahtahu lekin ladkia ke sath kehna bura hoga,,, your favorite star apko dump kia uska bhadas aamir ke upor, cup hojao aur aamir ki fans logoki kuch chiz apke upor por jayegaa

  1. I think no one can beat the record of pk in near future and dangal in very far away

  2. I hope TOH will be better
    Fir dekhna ye damn too high bhi kam padhjaega

  3. yes ur right may 2.0 will beat
    aamir is most famous indian actor
    ab lagta hai ki agla toh will be big may be first indian fm to cross 3000 cr

  4. dhAakAd Anup Reply

    Dangal was Released in India,
    At the time of DeMonetisation &
    With No Full Holidays.
    And In China
    Dangal was Boycotted by the Biggest Multiplex Chain Wanda.
    Otherwise It would have Crossed 2000Cr even
    1935CR in Historical Milestone in Indian cinema,
    Aamir Khan is Game Changer Record Maker,Record Breaker & TrendSetter.

    • Christmas holiday 2 holidays best story yad n adita chopra n kia kaha amir ka kamal n story ka kamal h

  5. Dekhlo Sallu fans ?
    Aamir-the biggest global megastar

    Not like ur local star..
    It’s impossible to beat ww record of
    Aamir-the biggest global megastar

    Sallu Kitna chance lega chalo bacche ko aur 2 chance hai tod sake to tod de
    Varna retirement le le tumse na ho payega.

    Thanks bollyarena for Fantastic article

    Fusslight +BZH + Remo’s dance still will not beat Dangal ww

    BTW TEPK is going to beat fusslight trailer YouTube views ?

    This is d stardom of eid made local star

  6. @NN

    bhai aamir ki total 20 hits h…???

    hm h rahi pyar k
    Jo jita vhi sikandar
    Raja hindostani
    Dil chahta h
    Rang de basanti
    Tare zameen par
    Dhoom 3

    or Semi hit…Talash
    classic ….Mangal pandey (not like Ashoka?)
    ………………andaj apna apna
    ………………akele hm , akele tum
    ………………Dil h ki manta nhi

    Aart movie….Dhobi Ghat….

    Ab dikha Srk ki Okaat….

    ek din aamir 1000 million b cross kr lega…………tb b hatters khenge….

    1000million doller cross krne se koi …… aamir india ka biggest star nhi bn jata???

    • LOL, HHRPK, Mann, JJWS, DCH etc aren’t hits. If you include these as hits then SRK has 30 Hits…!!

      • @NN

        bhai kyo rota h

        HHRPK…super hit h…….jo BOI ki list me nhi h……

        kyoki BOI k pass 1994 se phle ka data nhi h…..

        or ese to flop ki list b Srk ki jyada h???

        Bhai movies ka vajan dekh……………… ……………….?

        quantity mt dekh….quality dekh…….

        or tu yh to maan hi chuka h….china me Aamir , Tom cruze se b jyada stardom or collection h….

        so clear h…..aamir ki movies English me , or hollywood leval pr release ho to….

        Aamir world ka biggest Acter hoga…?

        • Even according to Indicine HHRPK is above average. not even semi-hit. so BOI will never give it hit verdict. LOL, in China aamir is bigger than tom cruise…!!!!??? Keep dreaming. Then Sonu Sood is bigger than Aa ir. LOL

          • @NN

            bhai ja jake muh dhoke aa…

            sonu sud ne chinease movie me….jeki chen k sath kam kiya tha…

            naki indian movie me……

            Tom cruz pichle 15 saal me etna hi stardom kmaya h….ki uski movie Aamir k 5 saal ka stardom nhi tod payi ???

            bhai tune hi pichli post pe….comment kiya tha….ki…china me Aamir , Tomcruz se jyada collection kiya h….?

            or weibo pr dekh…..Aamir ka China stardom……

            or bhai ….jb BOI k pas data nhi h actual…to chindicine k pas kese hoga….

            • @mahaveer

              Bhai mana ki amir ki movie china me acha collection kar rahi….ye bhi sach hai india ka best actor hai……but stardom me agar tom cruise se compare kr rahe wo bhi collection k basis pe….toh bhai….

              Tom cruise ki ab tak movies ne 8962 million dollars (57000 cr) ki kamai ki hai….
              Aur amir ki total movie iska 1/10th yaani 5700cr bhi nahi… kon se 15 saal and 5 saal k stardom ko bol raha hai guru….
              Yaar salman srk tak thik tha…..
              Even baahubali 2 se bhi kar rahe toh bhi maana….

              But sidha tom cruise hadd hai bhai…..jara si ungli kya pakda di tuje sidha sir pe baith gaya tu….??

              Bhai is ek movie k collection pe ye mat keh dena china me jakie chain ka stardom isse kam hai…??

              • bhai @bahubali……

                aamir ki movie 150 country me release to hone deta …vo b english me…???

                or kya Tom ne 15 saal me etna hi stardom kmaya h china me ??

                or ye baat….pichle post me @NN ne khi thi…

                jo world k sabse bde Super Star…SRK ka fan h….???????????????????

              • @bahubali

                yhi to me smja rha tha….

                bahubali k time tu b Prabhas ko aamir se bda dikha rha tha ,

                ab jake akkal aayi h..???….

                or tu b to box office k figure deke…Tom ko bda bta rha h….

                ese hi mene china figure deke….aamir ko china me Tom se bda btaya…

                • Abe baccho wali baatien krega…..2009 se amir china me movie release kr raha hai…toh dangal ko hta kis movie ne acha collection kiya raha…..2009 se tom cruise ki movies china collection dekh le aur add kr liyo….aisa na ho 25 saal k amir k overseas collection se jyada na nikal jaye……..(57000cr and 5700cr me difference nahi dikhta jo mujko boxoffice collection dikha raha khud jaake dekh pehle)

                  Aur world me release krne ko mna kiya koi….english me dubb krne ko mna kiya koi…..krta kyu nahi fir jab itta hi global star ho gya toh….tom cruise se upper hogya toh…

                  bhai wo teri trah bol bacchan nahi hai…..usko pta hai kaha meri movies kitta kmayegi…ussi hisaab se release krta….aur pehle telugu tamil sahi se release krwa …english me tab baat krna….

                  Aur prabhas nahi….always baahubali k liye stand liya hu….jaake thik se comments padh ……fir baat kiya kar….chomu

                  • @chuhabali


                    2009 se nhi 2011 me release hui thi 3idiots

                    3idiots india release k 2 saal baad release hui thi China me…

                    tb tk 90% Chinese ne movie dekh li thi….?????

                    bhai 5 saal me hi aamir ne Tom ki china me bja di???

                    or ydi Aamir hollywood star hota….to Tom ki okaat vhi hoti…jo Salmaan or srk ki h aamir k samne…..india me???????????????????????

                    Tom ki mummy ka budget b 50times jyada h dangal se? fir b???

                    or Aamir or Tom me sirf china me compare ho skta h…kyoki ek hollywood star h , or ek bollywood….

                    so china perfect h compare k liye?

                    • @lalluveer

                      Ye hi toh stardom hai tere chomu ka….ki sath ki sath release ni hota….pk bhi release hua kya ukhad liya…uski saari film kam se 500cr kama rahi….

                      aur lallu laal ek movie se ek country k dam pe bhaukne se kuch na hoga…..

                      nahi toh accept kr baahubali….ne buri trah dhoya sabko india me ….stardom baahubali actor ka jyada hai fir amir se

                      last 5 year ka sara collection jod le amir ka baahubali 2 k akele ke collection se kam hai….india me??

                      Matlab tere tuchiye se logic se tu khud k star actor ko chota bol raha tu lallu …….?????

                    • Imagination me toh tu perfect jo possibke nahi hai… kabhi ho sakta wo baatein krega aur unme jee ke khus reh…..sala amir hota hollywood ammir hota choliwood……abe toh 25 saal se tune rok rakha hai usko….jaane de fir….jis baat ke sir na paav sari wahi baatein krega aur paglo ki trah hasega

  7. Dear Bollyarena,

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  8. @Mahaveer
    Why r u behind srk? And Aamir has delivered flop in festival also
    Remember Aaa -Deewali

    And he took 13yrs to beat Ddlj in domestic forget world wide

    I respect Aamir but u keep on blabbering bakwaas then I can’t help

    • @sayar …..

      bhai jaan….Amir ne MELA apne bhai ko lonch krne k liye bnayi thi….

      Or bhai tum ab yh socho SRK ko….Dangal ko break krne k liye kitne saal lgenge….

      Or DDLJ kachra movie thi….muje ye tb b pasand nhi thi….jb me kisi ka fan nhi tha….

      esse badhiya to aajkal TV serial aate h……………..keval song badhiya the….ve b pUre nhi the….

      or @sayar bhai….srk fan sabse jyada aamir ki twitter , facebook par buraayi krte h….srk ki tarah…

      srk mansik rogi h…no1 bn na chahta h…or sbi no1 bn ne ki soch rkhne wale uske Fan bn gye h

      • Yes Bhai ddlj kachra movie thi ye audience pole karwa ke aapne puch liya hoga to sach hi hoga,11 Filmfare award mile the isko saayad jury member aapse kam talented honge

        • @raj_kumar

          bhai….tum filmfare ki baat krte ho , jo us time yash raj ka gulaam tha ??

          jisse tv chennal vale TRP badhate h….

          bhai Rustam jesi movie b aajkal National award jit jati h……..or Dangal or Rangeela dekhti rh jati

          • Mere Bhai ye main nahi keh raha hoon ye sachai hai ki ddlj kafi popular movie hai .saare log galat nahi ho sakte ,tu srk ko hate karta hai isliye ye keh raha hai

    • Sayar Bhai tu mere piche pada rahta tha ,aur mai tere comment ko hamesha like karta tha aaj bhi mai tere comment ko support kar raha hoon kyunki mai janta hoon tu sahi hai,aaj kal to jhuth ka hi bol Bala hai,sirf paisa chahiye ,chahe wo kahin SE bhi AA jaye .usse hi sab Kuch decide hota hai.mere aur tere Jaise sache log ki koi jagah nahi ,isliye ab SE kisi bewkoof SE baat mat karna kyunki wo Kuch nahi samjhega.kyunki uske akal PE fake collection ka parda pada hua hai

  9. Mahaveer Bhai jab srk mega star tha tab aamir ke doodh ke daat bhi nahi tute thein,aapke hisaab SE Sam warthigton world ka sabse bada mega star kyunki avaataar me wo lead actor tha aur kamayi 2.78bn$ hai

    • ha bhai…avtar me to…world ka biggest acter….

      SRK tha…?????

  10. Abhi is janam me to Salman ya SRK , Aamir ka record tod nehi payega likh ke lelo.

  11. This is AAMIRable collection!
    “Excellence ke piche bhago.. kamyabi apne aap apke piche aa jayega “- so true for Aamir himself

    • So this article says dangal is a big hit in china but it won’t be the case everytime. So dangal is a big achievement for Aamir and dangal team which is now accepted by BOI. READ THE ARTICLE carefully

      • arey yaar.. ek numbr ka gonchu ho tum.. just a glimpse..

        Dangal has rocked the box office in China as it looks like finishing at around $190 million which is over 1200 crore but this does not mean much to Hindi cinema or Indian cinema and does not alter the International picture for Indian films..

        samaj aaya?.. nahi??..chod de yaar, u r like any other aamir fan deprived of brain and full on arrogance.. wierd combination :D

        • @jeet

          bhai indian cinema ko to nhi milega fayda…kyoki sirf 4 indian movies release hogi….

          pr Aamir ki vajah se….Srk or salman ko to fayda mila na???

          Srk ne to apni okaat k anusar kma liya , ab Salman ki okaat dekhni h…chineas actress k sath….

          or aamir ko thanks bolo…jiski vjah se chinease log…bolly movie pr bharosa kr skenge???

        • What did you understand. The achievement is good for dangal and Aamir but it won’t help much for other Indian cinema in china or no scope for regular Indian movie due to restricted release policy of Chinese govt. If you can’t understand clear meaning then don’t come here to bark. At least don’t teach aamir fans. You dumb people shamelessly accept aamir makes good movies that’s why it earns more money not because of stardom. But still you dumb people like non aamir bad movies just because you hate the actor. This is the best example of you people being a dumb.

            • @Mahaveer
              We Aamir fans are honest and we love aamir because of his good movies and performance. Others in fact accept shamelessly that they like inferior movie or actor. Which means we Aamir fans are rich with our choice and others are dumb and they don’t mind being dumb


      Me tooo laughing yaaar, only akki can cross 5000 in whole world…………akki akki akki akki akki

      JAB HARRY MEETS SEJAL will be biggest disaster due to akki toilet

    • Anyway let everyone read the very first full paragraph

      Dangal has rocked the box office in China as it looks like finishing at around $190 million which is over 1200 crore but this does not mean much to Hindi cinema or Indian cinema and does not alter the International picture for Indian films. The success could be huge for Aamir Khan as it may turn out that he could be the first mainstream India star to crossover, it may not be the States but China is the next biggest market. This only time will tell, a genuine crossover is when someones films are competing with local films of that market and that has happened with Dangal.

  12. Comment:@Mahaveer….amir the global star??…??????

    amir the content made flop star…apne dum pe movie chalane ko bol use…

    amir the flop star…. Conte made star..


    he deserves an award for sidehero in jungle…


  13. @PJ

    bhai….ye movie Mahaveer singh fogat pr bni h….so lead roll kiska hua ???

    or dekhna Secrete superstar me Cameo roll me b aamir Srk or Sallu se jyada kma lega…

    ese khte h…Okaat…??…

    or bhai , content movie Hindi medium kitna kma gyi ?? 60 crore??

    content k sath Aamir b hona chahiye…

    or Sallu or srk…big Directer , big costar , Masaala , big heroin ,big set , songs Made star h…

    Masala made star???

    farji movie bnane vale…local fanfollowing vale star??

    chep movie star….

    Aamir to non content movie ko b ATBB bna skta h ….kisi or star ne bnayi h ????

  14. @PJ

    bhai Dangal Aamir k Dam pr hit nhi h ?

    to jayra or fatima ki vjah se ATBB h.

    eska mtlab…Jayra or Fatima ka stardom Srk or Salman se jyada h?

    bhai Sallu or srk ko pta h…bina Masale k movie nhi chalti….massla means????

    (song , chinese actres , pak actress , big directer , big produser , love song ….)

    Or tu kya content less or brain less movie dekhta h ?

    jiski jesi okaat , usko vesi movie milti h…..

    Aamit ko TOH milti h…?

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