Aamir Khan in YRF’s next releasing on Christmas 2018

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The film, Thug was anticipated as the most expensive Bollywood film ever. The movie produced by YRF will have international VFX and action will be on Hollywood level.

Initially, the project was offered to Hrithik Roshan. However, the actor did not sign the film and asked the director Vijay Krishna Acharya to make few changes in the script. A few months back Vijay again went to Hrithik with the changed script but it did not impress the actor either. At that time YRF decided to rope some other actor.

Victor has worked with Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3 and shares a good relation with him. When he showed the script to Aamir, he loved it at once and agreed to do the film. But there is a twist.

As per the reports, Aamir Khan has taken the matters into his control. Now the script will change a little and it will not be titled Thug anymore. As Aamir is known as Mr. Perfectionist, YRF and Victor has agreed to Aamir Khan’s terms and conditions. It was also expected to feature Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone. Big B has confirmed that he is part of the film still. It will be interesting to see if DP is also retained in the film. Aamir and Deepika have not shared screen space yet.

The untitled film will go on floors next year as Aamir has to change his looks and he also does not work on two films at a time. So first he will wait for the Dangal release and then will move on to next project. It is expected to arrive on Christmas 2018.


  1. Another disastrous decision by hritik…koi samjhayo bhai hr ko…..he is choosing bang bang ,mojo type movies over shuddhi, paani nd now thug…totally disappointed…amir signed this movie means script brilliant hai but for hr not….oh God..


      Comment:fully agree wid u bro @dinesh his choices r letting him down he is doing a marvellous hard work and effort in his every movie but his choices of script r letting him down
      hope fighter will have an awesome script

  2. OMG..what has happened to hrithik?? he is doing kaabil instead of THUG..

    I think it is over for hrithik roshan now…Akshay Ajay and younger actors will surpass him soon

  3. Hrithik refused Shuddi, Kabir Khan’s project and now YRF’s most ambitious project to do MD and Kaabil… With such disastrous decisions, it looks like he’s working hard to destroy his career.

  4. Thug will be huge hit even would be the highest earning movie ever….400 crores plus in India only…mark my words…so amir will open 400 mark also with thug… (for dangal m expecting around 325)…
    Highest earning movie of the year
    1. Dangal
    3. Shivaay

  5. Anyways all d best to amir….Amir is my 2nd fav after hritik…nd I hope hritik will bounce back with kaabil (hr nd yami both are blind, it seems good movie…audience will love it )….hr should explore himself to directors like prakash raj, vishal bharadwaj, imtiaz Ali khan, kabir khan, Aditya chopra, rakesh om prakash mehra,…..in future I hope hr will work with these directors…

  6. Romance Zindagi Reply

    @Dinesh sapne se niklo victor jesne Tashan jesi flop aur D3 jesi crap jo brand ke bajase chali o 400cr club start karega only hirani kabir khan ALR do it

    • dhoom3 ATHG AND ATBB THI ….bhul gaya kya? Aamir ki crap film ATHG and ATBB ban sakti hein par many actors could not give ATHG….WITH best WOM movie….shame on them………..

  7. wow…………wowwwwwwwwwwww…………….aab koi nahi rok sakta 400cr ban ne se………..
    Dangal-370cr in 2016
    Next-425cr in 2018
    i really happy today………..u made my day…….bollyarena…….thank u…..
    YRF MADE DHOOM3 150CR budget with Aamir
    again next may be 175cr or 200cr budget film with Aamir…
    YRF WITH salman 70cr budget movei………..aab bolo sallu fans kon hein asli Megastar….

    • Salman Fan Reply

      You just troll yourself and Aamir you know that…..yes YRF made movie with Salman with 70cr budget and in return Salman give them 300cr…..on the other hand YRF made movie with Aamir with 150cr budget and in return Aamir give them 280cr that too with best franchise of Bollywood, Aamir in double role, foreign locations with sports bike and cars which attract audience more…….so who is better now

      • ha ha …….YRF has faith on Aamir but not on Salman……thats why YRF made Sultan with 70cr budget get it……n then why not choosing Salman for Thug or DHOOM4…
        n DHOOM4 is not happening till 2018 after that may be …..at that time ritik will be the choice for DHOOM4

      • Dhoom3 286cr …………..2013
        Sultan 301cr……………2016
        just 15cr more ………..
        oversease ka record to tod nahi paya Sultan…………..
        aaab Dangal Sultan ke sath compare kar………..
        Dangal sultan se kam kamati hein to ………….hats off salman….ok fine….
        otherwise……..Aamir Aamir hein….he is in his own leage………….

        • Salman Fan Reply

          Parshya sorry to say but your comments are so childish, you behave like a child who keep shouting for his favorite toy until he gets it, same way you keep shouting and trying to prove Aamir is Bigger star than Salman while every sites are saying opposite……
          Your comment also proves that you are Idiot (sorry again), don’t you see the difference between a movie which had 3 weeks free run with Christmas and New year holiday where also school and colleges were closed for atleast 10 days……compare to EID release movie which have only 1 holiday (This year it was 2 partial holiday) and just 1 week of free run…..
          Also don’t forget Dhoom is a Big franchise factor too….on the other hand Sultan is a Wrestling movie which is new for Bollywood…

          Now please don’t say that Sultan have 5 days extended weekend and all 5 days are holiday (please don’t talk like other stupid’s), and also from 2nd week 2000 screen were reduce, which affects a lot…..but still it collects 300cr…..It’s not easy bro….Just use your brain if you have any….

          • Sultan is a Wrestling movie which is new for Bollywood…
            i think u have not watched krks review for sultan…what he said…
            Aamir ki vajah se salman ne sultan movie ki…..Aamir ne pahle wrestling movie choose ki bad mein salman ne but unfortunately
            salman ne pahle release kar di….

        • Salman Fan Reply

          Parshya no need to be happy so much because right now this news (Aamir is doing Thug) is just a Rumor, nothing is official….
          Similarly there is rumor that YRF is doing another movie with Salman which is sequel of ETT…
          So just chill until it’s officially confirmed..

          • ok bro…..U r not giving credit to Aamir for what he acheived without fan following (according to all except aamir fans)….u r talking only in the favour of salman…….ok
            then why dabang2 failed…after 3 years to beat 3 idiot…just i want a answer….
            dabang2 …..franchise,more screen,higher ticket price,christmas…
            and plz dont tell WOM is poor beacause there was a franchise backing and megastar…..salman NE ATBB SE BB bana diya….
            Aamir ne Dhoom3 ko ATTB/ATHG bana diya blockbuster dhoom2 se
            even if Dabang is ATBB,best WOM still could not beat 3idiot….
            plz give me answer……..then defend salman……

  8. I m not against salman but some sallu fans thinks that no one can challenge salman n they make a fun of other actors thats why i m trolling Salman fans…………..

    • Salman Fan Reply

      Dude read your above comment you just trolled your Aamir by yourself……and you said Salman fans troll Aamir, have you read your own comments, you are the biggest troller here who troll Salman all the time without any reason……I also visit Bollyarena daily but I hardly see comment against Aamir by any Salman fans, its you who spread hatered b/w fans…..actually Aamir fans are jealous because Salman also did Wrestling base movie, it’s your insecurity because of which you are all troll Salman, but what happen at the end Sultan became ATBB and enter into a elite club of 300cr…….but I am not like you I wish best of luck to Dangal for its success…..hope it earn that much which it deserve….

      • what about san sidiki,sahil,az and many sallu fans who r bashing Aamir…

  9. What is happening to ur site. I am asking this question from days and weeks. Pls answer me. Why are u not posting WOM articles . Why are you not having any Q&A sessions. This is the last time I am asking or this is also the last time I am coming to ur site.

  10. Salman Fan Reply

    @Parshya, bro I don’t know you are a Krk fan and when you said you are krk fan then I feel stupid if I try to explain you something……but still wan to say 1st check the facts then talk….Salman sign the Sultan story in 2013 (Even before Gunday shooting start which release in 2014), if you want then check the interview of Ali Abbas Zafar where he clearly said this…when he say yes to Sultan in 2013, then how can he sign the movie because of Aamir….

    • You have not given reply… why dabandg2 failed to beat 3idiot after 3 yrs…more screen, higher ticket prices, franchise, megastar… Still failed…
      Again jai ho,kick failed to beat dhoom3
      N now sultan,BB failed to beat Pk
      Fir bhi salman no.1 kuch sharm karo
      Wo filme jyada banata hein aur wo bhi eid pe isliye business hein…nahi to Amir ke samne kuch nahi salman

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