A filmmaker sues TEPK producers for stealing scenes from his short film

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Akshay Kumar’s Toilet: Ek Prem Katha has run into legal trouble. The film that revolves around the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, has been accused of stealing scenes from a short film.

Mumbai Mirror reports that documentary filmmaker Praveen Vyas has sued the makers of the film for allegedly copying the plot and scenes from his documentary Manini that was adjudged as the third best film out of the 4,500 entries submitted around the theme of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa last year.

Vyas has alleged that several scenes and dialogues from TEPK are a direct copy of his documentary and addressed the legal notices to the Bollywood film’s production and distribution company, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures. “Manini follows the female protagonist as she protests against lack of a toilet in her marital home on the first night of her marriage after female relatives wake her up before sunrise to tend to nature’s call in an open field. The scenes in Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’s trailer shows the same interaction between characters,” Vyas told Mirror.

But Shital Bhatia, co-producer and of the film and co-founder of Friday Filmworks, rubbished the allegations. “These allegations are baseless and border on harassment. The script of our film has been registered under our writers’ names, Siddharth and Garima, with the authorised industry association since 2013. Furthermore, the film has been in the public domain through various news stories since July 2015. We firmly deny all the claims made by this gentleman who is obviously misled. It is sad that genuine producers have become soft targets for this kind of nuisance,” the report quotes him as saying.

Refusing to budge, Vyas has sent a legal notice and a cease and desist notice to the makers. The report quotes him as saying, “Manini follows the female protagonist as she protests against lack of a toilet in her marital home on the first night of her marriage after female relatives wake her up before sunrise to tend to nature’s call in an open field. The scenes in Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’s trailer shows the same interaction between characters.”

You can watch the short film Manini below.

Via Mumbai Mirror


    • @bollyarena please block this idiot SRK varun fan . Jab se Akshay ki performace better ho gayi hai tab hi se yeh insecure SRK fans pagal ho gaye hai . I respect SRK but yeh pagal log Srk ka naam duba rahe hai

      • @ housefull I know u r our side( means u r akkian)
        But ab mai ab kisi ko block nahi hone doonga …
        Aur waise bhi arena wale kaafi criticism jhel chuke hai humlogo ko block karne ke baad

    • That guy wants to gain some fame that’s why he is saying so
      Iska haal bhi raabta jaisa case ki tarah I mean tepk willnt be guilty

      • @roric bilkul sahi kaha . Mai bhi yahi soch raha tha. Is praveen vyas ka naam kisi ne bhi nahi suna. Yeh aadmi laalchi lag raha hai . Yeh vyas jo marzi kr le na hi isko koi paise milne hai aur na hi yeh TEPK ka kuch bigaad skta hai .

        • @housefull
          Isko srk varun fan ko choodh na
          Yeh kabhi apne gaon ke bahar kadam rakha nahi hoga. Aur likhta hai he is from UK
          Waise tjh jaise akkian se milke khusi hui
          Whatsapp me on 7504304770

          • SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base Reply

            @gaon se Bahar tune kadam nahin takha hoga, im a UK born citizen!

            • SRK Varun UK haters Reply

              Jaa be gawaar SRK varun fan . Pata nahi kis gaon k keth se aaya hai aur baate UK ki krta hai . Nalayak tu na india aur na hi UK k layak hai. Tu dhobi ka kutta hai .

  1. I dont want to bash Akki as I respect him but an Akkian is commenting everywhere using my name. Dude, I have said nothing against your star, come out.

  2. SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base Reply

    Saale chor kahin ke! Bloody thieves!

    TEPK IS A STOLEN IDEA! He should get his rights if he is speaking the truth!

    • abeyy Raees movie pe bhi case hua tha….

      uss movie ko gujrat ke gunda Abdul lateef ka unofficial biography batya jata hai
      Abdul lateef ka beta hi case kar diya tha …ki ye uske baap ki biography hai

    • @SRK varun UK fan are u an idiot . I think u are suffering from some mental disorder . Beta akal se baat kr . TEPK ek bilkul naya concept hai. Yeh sue krne wala filmmaker bhi tere jaisa mental hai . Is idiot ne sirf paiso k liye yeh farzi case kiya hai.

      • SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base Reply

        @houseful maybe you are right but you know how the society runs, you are guilty till you prove yourself innocent!

        The filmmakers need to get proof but then they can get proof with money and power like Salman accident case haha!

        The rich rule
        And the poor suffer!

    • @srk varun fan don’t u have manners . How can u use such a language . U are such a shameless creature . People like u don’t deserve to comment here . I should be blocked by bollyarena.

    • Kung fu Yoga Reply

      Oh SRK k fan . Language dekh apni . Ek to tu TEPK k baare mein bura bol raha hai. Upar se gawaro wali language use kr raha hai . Yeh sab news galat hai. Tu apni zubaan mat kaali kr. Acha nahi lagta.

  3. TEPK seems to copy the same, Aksgy isvtrying to become copy master like salman does

    Tepk COPY the concept of manini 2 minute short film and made 2hrs film with Mirch masala.
    COPY copy…….
    Now toilet also not original watch short film manini you will get the reality of copy TEPK.

  5. Dear @parsya if u really amir fan and u really like original concept of Amir movie then u condemn TEPK it’s a based on short film manini. Otherwise u r really akshay fan and making fool to show being die hard Amir fan

  6. Prashant abhishek Reply

    This is the tight slap on faces of SRK haters who are calling JHMS is copy of see Akshay is copying scenes from short films.

  7. I have just watched the short film Manini. I don’t know whether TEPK truly has taken any idea from Manini or not; but even if TEPK took some ideas from Manini there is nothing wrong in it. There are so many films which are made with same kind of story. And here TEPK didn’t copy the scene ditto.

    • This is the reason why the filmmakers told that it is copy….
      U all curious to watch manini….in just few hours..

      • Obviously few people will watch this film and then only other people will get to know third party or neutral point of view. After all it won some award in IFFI among 4500 entries and thus producer has some credibility. Now Judge in the court also watch this film …

  8. both are inspired from true events so surely there will be some similarity

  9. Yeh news farzi hai . Koi lalchi filmmaker paiso k chakkar mein yeh false case TEPK k makers kar daal raha hai . Is Pravern Vyas ko jail ho jaani chahiye.

  10. srkins most foolish fan base how they copy short film with 3 minutes for long film like TEPK or they are forget that JHMS is actually copy of hollywood movie WHMS

  11. Ek theme par aaj se pehle kitni filmein bani hain sabhi ko pata hoga. Lost and found drama all are almost same story. Ab kuch naatak jyada hone laga hai. Kuch nahi hoga movie badi hai samay par release bhi bas short film maker now suddenly will get a national recognition. Nothing harmful going to happen.

    Kitni baar ek hi dialogue bola gaya hoga Luke “kutte me tera khoin pi jaaunga”, “Bhagwan ke liye mujhe chhod do”, ” Bandook phenk do tumhari Behen ya ma ya Biwi mere kabze me hai”.

    Ek do dialogue ek jaise aa hi jaate hai. Ab toh aisa hai ji ek bhi film aise disputes me aa hi jaati hota Kuch hai nahi.

      • @sayar tu kaafi chaalak aadmi hai. Mitha – Mitha ban kr bakwaas krta hai tu. Please tere muh se suit nahi krta .

        • Sayar Akkian Reply

          Ye aisa hi he. Pur jane de apna kia. Karne de bakwas. Ye SRK ka fan bhi nahin he. SRK ka naam le kar us ki bajata he. Fake SRKian he pakka

      • Sayar Akkian Reply

        Ok wouldnt use it now. Was pissed off at ur some comments but no more use ur name. Sorry

      • Sayar Akkian Reply

        Ek baat bata doon. Tujhe koi bhi SRK fan nahin manta. Hai to tu fake SRKian kuch bhi bol le

        • Jo tum Sahi Samjho. Mein yaha faltu ke srk haters se ussey toda defend karta hun. Haan, koi blind fan nahi hoon. JHMS se khus nahi hoon

  12. Tepk will become flop people don’t have time to watch 5min village problem in 2:30hr which is airing everyday on TV during interval where big b promoting sauch bharat and trust me it irritates very much i am 100%sure tepk rejected at metro cities

    • @king how mean u are. This is a serious problem nd u r calling it a village problem . Beta ek baar apni ma behno ko kheto mein bhej k dekh subhah. To tukhe pata chale ki problem hoti kya hai aur akki sir kitna great work kr rahe hai .

      • SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base Reply

        @Utsav rajpoot the movies are a week apart but they will still
        Clash in the second week so bring it on!

        We are waiting for you!

        TEPK will get destroyed! Lmao ?

    • No no if the film will have good music and songs then it can be a …batane ki jarurat nahi

  13. Short film ki youtube views increase hongi aur kuch nahi hoga… Anyway, the short film is not bad, but if they want to claim it as a copied idea, then their ‘ideas’ need to be changed! So stupid a claim really!!

  14. Dekho jaise hi pata chala ki film manini k kuch scenes copy kiya hai tabhi 100+log ne usi wakt dekh liya manini film….
    Free publicity pane ka acha tarika hai..

  15. @Srk and varUn fan tere Srk ki adat hai copy karne ki akki original karta hai ye sab paise banane ke liye stunt hai thik hai na ur Srk is a bloody cheater or to or jab film ka clash hota hai to wo sala zyada screen leta hai paise dear tab to tum log kuch nhi bolte ho Aukat me raho nhi to jhad dunga achche se kaabil ko 40% screens mili thi nhi to raees garibo ban jata or jis rakesh roshan ne use kam diya usi ke sath dhoka kiya to kaun hai be imman ab bata beta dusro pe ki Chad uchalne se pehle apne ap ko dekhlo idiot fool

    • SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base Reply

      @rakesh Roshan ne uska kaam nahin diya, he got it with his own belief and hard work nahin tho rakesh roshan tujhe kaam kyun nahin deta haan!

      SRK rejected KNPH that’s why Hrithik Roshan was born in to the industry!

      And the Kaabil matter I agree he used his power to get more screens or maybe the theatres wanted to give him the screens because you can force the theatres to give you screens!

      So get another excuse because the matter here is about TEPK being a robbed script or not?

  16. @king kabhi tere ghar pe aisi dikkat ayi nhi isliye bhok rha hai tu gaddar hai desh ka tujhe ni dekhna to mat dekh ja apna kam kar chal fut

  17. thakur sahab Reply

    Srk ki koi b movie copy nhi h….or rhi bat raees ki wo movie biopic thi ….naaa ki copy….
    Nd akki ki 80% movies copy h like-Rawdy rathor….bhoolbhulaiya….etc

  18. Or ha Srk and varUn fan tune kaha hai ki har jagah har city me Srk ke 20 fan clubs hai to fan Kyo flop hui sab film semi hit Kyo rahi festival pe Kyo release karta hai Srk non holiday par 100 crore Kyo nhi de paya jawab de tere is logic se

    • Bhai jake overall career check karlo
      Sabse jyada blockbusters, ATBB, HGOTY SRK ke pass hai and Akki ne holidays pe bahut saari filme release ki hai jaiseki Ab Tumhare Hawale, Janeman, Aitraaz, Blue, TMK, Action replay
      And FAN non commercial hokar bi Brothers se jyada kamaliya. Brothers mai to Siddhartha Malhotra aur Jacqueline farnandez bhi thi
      SRK has 4 movies above 3cr footfalls, DTPH almost 3cr, Pardesh-Devdas-Mohabbatein-CE above 2cr footfalls. Sabse jyada overseas Blockbusters. SRK ne non-holiday mai HGOTY(Devdas), 2cr footfalls(Devdas, KA, Paresh etc) diya hai.SRK ne overseas mai 6 ATGs diye hai. Non holiday mai 2nd HGOAT diya hai-RNBDJ.

      • Correction, Fan ne brothers se jyada nahi kamaya par ussi range mai kamaya

  19. Abe tum Srk ke fans jaisa hamara standard nhi hai nhi to troll karna start kar diya na to chus ke fik dunga yad rakhna

  20. @thakur sahib agar aisa hai to jab Srk se pucha gaya ki rates biopic hai ki nahi to usne Kyo mana kiya ki it is a fiction film not biopic Kyo nhi accept kiya ki ye biopic hai taki case se Bach jaye or ab tum Srk fans keh rahe ho ki rarest was a biopic pehle decide to karlo ki kya hai kya nhi hai phir bat karna ake ham akkians se

  21. The concept is copied not 2 minutes film but concepts are always copied how many people watched manini and how many people are going to watch TEPK it’s going to give a social message to a wider audience the said maker of manini should be applauding makers of TEPK for giving his message a wider reach. P.s I’m no akkian I like aamir akshay salman srk ajay varun and ranbir but if I don’t like a film or trailer of there’s I will be trolling them regardless.

  22. Abhijeet Bhai
    Srk ne non holiday Pe 100cr di hai aur wo vi clash se Raees
    Rahi baat holiday ki TMK and blue Jaaneman aitraaz. Athws action replay Sab holiday release hi thi

    Grow ur knowledge brother

    • Oh sayar raees holiday pr release hui thi. Shayad tume pata nahi ki republic day holiday hi hota hai . Hume yeh nursery class mein sikhaya gaya tha . Lagta hai tum shayad school nahi gaye kabhi.

      • Oh Achha!! To phir airlift, Rustom bhi holiday release hui, kyun??
        Wo ek din ka weak holiday tha joki clash se negate hogaya

        • Rustom 2300 screens , airlift 2200 screens aur raees 3400 screens see the diff aur Airlift aur raees Ka collection me bas 5 Cr Ka diff hai

    • Sayar Loves Akki Reply

      @sayar keh to raha hai tu ki yeh tera aakhri comment hai par bakwaas tu phir bhi kar jaa raha hai . Kya Yrr itna chaalak mat ban .

      • Kaha kiya bakwaash, Akki ke baare mai kya bola maine?? Ab mera ID use mat karo.

  23. Salmanic Suraj Reply

    Only Salman is giving fresh movies in Bollywood. …. Others all copy cat

  24. This is a problem of India. Open defecation is a problem of rural India and people’s who leaving near railway line’s. Does the producer of manini tell that everyone across India copying his idea.. Cheap tactics.

  25. Among Akkians here I like @Utsav Rajput. He only gives reply when someone else does nonsense

  26. EK baat batao PK was similar film like OMG that means PK makers has copied OMG. It’s just the concept not the full story.

  27. chandra prasad Reply

    copy ho kuch bhi ho bas directors film makers accept kr de aur ,log bas entertainment chahte h ,ye 2-3 mins ka short movie me bhi effort hoti h bht lekin kitne log ko ye short movie reach hoga ,ab tepk se too reach hoga isms kuch galti nahi h bas sacch bol de agar copy kiya h too ,rights bhi le skte h bas

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