7 Photos that prove Ranveer Singh is the coolest Bollywood celebrity

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Ranveer Singh Photos

Ranveer Singh is surely one of the strangest celebrities we will meet on the social circuits established on the Indian shores. While 99% of our celebrities are quite poised, dignified, well-mannered, diplomatic…in other words, quite boring, when they attend such events, Ranveer becomes the life of the party whenever he makes an appearance.

People may say he is attention-seeking, but seriously, how drab it would be to only see Page 3 parties with suit-clad gentlemen and champagne-sipping ladies. It’s celebrities like Ranveer Singh and Lady Gaga who are the reason why Page 3 photographers don’t quit their job out of sheer boredom.

Here are 7 photos of Ranveer Singh which proves that he is the coolest Boolywood celebrity.






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