7 Blockbuster Films Rejected By Aamir Khan

Films Rejected By Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan has turned 50 and he has given some very big hits. It is a well known fact that Aamir is a perfectionist and takes one film at a time. Apparently, the actor has been very choosy in the process of becoming the big star that he is today. Aamir decided to pass some big projects which went to other stars, and became huge hits at the box office.

Here is the list of films rejected by Aamir Khan.

1. Darr

Darr_1993_Poster_By_tamercome_14Yash Chopra wanted to cast Ajay Devgn in Darr, but since he didn't get any response, the film went to Aamir. But Aamir also declined the offer, and ultimately, Darr found its villain in Shah Rukh Khan. The film started a close association between Khan and Yash Raj camp, and also gave an impetus to SRK's career.

2. Swades

SwadeshAshutosh Gowarikar and Aamir had become very good friends after working together in Lagaan. So Aamir was offered a role in Ashutosh's next Swades, but he rejected it saying that he got bored with it. While Aamir decided not to be a part of Swades, he was still present at the muhurat of the movie.

3. Joshshahrukh_khan_josh_02

It seems like Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan may never share the same frame for a film, but in the past there was one such opportunity which didn't materialise. According to a report, the role of Prakash in Josh was first offered to Aamir Khan. The report further stated that Aamir rejected the role because he felt that it was very small in comparison to Shah Rukh Khan's role of Max. In the end, the character was played by Sharad Kapoor



Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have proved to be an entertaining jodi onscreen in Andaaz Apna Apna. Apparently the duo was also approached to work together in Saajan. The makers of Saajan wanted to cast the two Khans together in the romantic tale, but Aamir Khan did not like the character offered to him. The report further stated that Sanjay Dutt loved the role and immediately lapped up the offer.

5. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun


The film which boosted Salman Khan's popularity - Hum Aapke Hai Koun...! was apparently offered to Aamir Khan. According to a report Aamir Khan was approached for the role of Prem. But he refused to do the film as he didn't find the script very appealing. It seems like Aamir rejecting the film, in a way, helped boost Salman Khan's career who made it big in Bollywood.

6. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

dilwaleShah Rukh Khan's career took off with Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge. Till date, it is remembered as one of his best films. However, according to a report, Aamir Khan was first offered to play the iconic character of Raj in the film. In the year when SRK's Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge released, Aamir Khan's Rangeela also hit the screens. SRK won several awards for DDLJ, and Aamir felt that he should have got an award for Rangeela. Post this incident, he stopped attending award functions

7. Nayak: The Real Hero

amrishpuri2607Nayak – The Real Hero, which starred Anil Kapoor, was initially offered to Aamir Khan. Aamir was offered the leading role of Shivaji Rao, but he turned it down. Eventually the film went to Anil Kapoor, and the film went on to be a huge success at the box office. It was a path-breaking film in Anil Kapoor's career, and is counted among one of the best films till date.

We will always wonder how these would look with Aamir Khan in the lead. Tell us which movie Aamir Khan should not have rejected in the comments section.

Source: Times of India, IMDB

22 comments on “7 Blockbuster Films Rejected By Aamir Khan”

  1. Yash ji ne nikal ke phek diye the usko (DARR) .after disaster prampara and too much attitude..or jab tak thi jaan usko kabhi apne direction me na leni ki kasam bhi khayi thi..jo unhone pori ki..
    Pichda khan pichad ke rah gaya....hahahaha

  2. bollywood arena am SRK fan even Josh or Swades kab block buster hui thi...lol
    swades critically acclaimed movie ...but josh is semi hit..kuch bhi feko mat.

  3. I love Aamir Khan . He knows which film is best suited for him and didn't make mistake rejecting those film.

  4. bollyarena swadesh-2004 Movie is a flop so why you calling blockbuster?
    josh-2000 Movie avarage

  5. mr sarook,aamir ko thnx bol,agar aamir darr thookta nai to aj tmra career maya mem saab jc d grade movie me hi end hjata.

    1. Bhai hum sab aamir ke fan hai but iska matlab nhi kuch bhi post kro..koi movie reject nhi krta kbhi kbhi date issue ya role issue ho jta hai n waise bhi ek actor sab films nhi kr skta and for Darr check the facts that yash chopra!! Yes the name the man himself who was making so much great movies for so many decades..the actor who was 5 yrs old than asked him to make changes in the script..yes aamir may be a great actor but at that time of his career he should hv not directed a legendary director abdand too after his disaster Pratigya and that naag nagin film etc. B C grade films as I said so he was out and so he didn't THUK On Darr..no one dares not even amitabh on a yash chopra film..infact amitabh went to yash chopra for work when he was totally flop on 1990s so Mohabbatein happened that brought srk & amitabh together for the first time bcoz yash ji wanted a supetstar that time to revive the career of amitabh the two greats were brought together and rest is history and when the matter of rejecting films is there then SRK REJECTED LAGAAN 3 IDIOTS RANG DE BASANTI ETC. AND MANY OTHER FILMS ALSO OF OTHER ACTORS!! CHECK THIS http://www.mtvindia.com/blogs/shows/fanaah/7-bollywood-movies-you-wont-believe-shahrukh-khan-rejected-52192719.html.. YES I KNOW AAMIR WAS GREAT IN THESE MOVIES BUT AT THE SAME TIME NO ONE HV DONE BETTER KKK KIRAN IN Darr so its the destiny of the film that chooses its own actor and the so called B grade movie Mela is also there and srk did the B grade movies during his early days which all actor do .Amitabh did so many even later during 1990s but aamir did when he was already a superstar..AGAR BOLNE KI AJADI HAI TO it doesn't mean that I post anything without facts and being a fan is good but not a blind fan and It doesn't mean that u post shits about others and DEBATE with proper FACTS like an sensible person and not just ut patang posts..Counter anyone with facts not with gaali galoch bcoz gentleman argue over facts and rubbish just shout..do take care and understand this..NOTHING PERSONAL !!


    1. Dear Bollywood Arena Suraj Barjatya had never and ever approached Hum Apke Hain Kaun to Amir Khan. Just for your knowledge Suraj took Shahid Kapoor for VIVAH even after had a discussion with the great Salman Khan. In an interview Suraj told the media that he always write script keeping in mind Salman. So ur information is 100% wrong.

    2. Aamir ko role nhi pasand aaya its ok.Tum is baat ko kahan se kahan le kar ja rahe ho.Aamir ne film zpni marzi se chodhi thi kisi ka career bachane ke liye nhi n haan i thank him for that kyunki srk se better obsessed lover koi ho hi nhi sakta tha yeh to sabko pta hai chahe koi maane ya na maaane.I respect aamir khan as an actor he has been a part of wonderful films like rang de basanti,ghajini,3 idiots,pk and many more.If u knew anything about bollywood tum kabhi srk ki insult kabhi nhi karte.As you did that so i assume u know nothing.
      Kisi fan ke desperate comments padh ke tujhe itna bura lga ki tune kisi actor ko insult kiya.Uske fans ko bhi bura lgta hai.But haan i m not a kid jo teri baat ka gussa aamir pe nikalu.He is a good artist i respect him and if u think a little more u can realise ur mistake.
      Haan tu to chutiya hai ye to samajh gya.Aamir ko afsos hoga agar use pta lga uska tere jaisa fan hai so f**k off n kisi dhang ke bande se poochh srk kaun hai vo tujhe btayega.Tab tak apna homework khatam kar nhi to teacher class se bahar nikal degi beta.

  6. The another day you were saying Dar, Josh, and dilwale dulhaniya le jeyenge was offered first to Salman Khan. And now you are saying Aamir. I'm so confused

    1. Darr, Bazigar and Chak De India was first offered to Salman Khan. Shahrukh Khan himself had confessed that on Comedy Nights with Kapil Show last year. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge was offered to Amir Khan first. I read on Bollywood Hungama about this fact.

  7. Bollyarena you always print good articles but today you are writing swades and Josh is blockbuster which is not correct Swades is flop and Josh semi hit and yes suraj always offer first to Salman in 90 not possible to approach Aamir for hapk

  8. I think Nayak was actually a big turkey at the time, if I remember correctly. It contributed to the decline in Rani Mukherjee's career graph until it was resurrected by Chalte Chalte.

  9. srk ko thanks bolna chahiye amir aur salman ko verna uska koi carrier hi nhi hota. verna to srk tv pe foji serial karta hi rah jata.

  10. Absolutely bakwas article...

    Swades & Josh were Blockbusters according to... Really lol

    And coming to HAHK Sooraj Ji never ever approached Aamir for Prem's role...

    Jo Mann mein aa jaye woh chapoge kya???

  11. BollyArena plz kuchh bhi mat likho.Haan aamir was offered Darr but trust me u can ask the director Aditya chopra Aamir was never approached for DDLJ n aamir was never approached for HAHK.Sooraj barjatya never approached he said in his interview he had written that role keeping salman in his mind.
    Rest of it can be true i dont know much but u should get info from proper sources before writing articles.

  12. i dont know about anything else tow facts are true DARR was offered to aamir and sharukh later came years later lagaan was offered to shahrukh then aamir came . apart from all this everyother story is just story . i am a great fan of aamir he is best actor and superstar we have while i like shahruk too despite bein an aamir fan i agree dar's role could only be done by shahrukh only it could not have been done by aamir while bhuvan in lagaan could have only been done by aamir and shahrukh .. so respect both these legends..

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