2.0 First Look

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The logo of magnum opus 2.0 is out. The film stars superstar Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar.

2.0 first look will be launched on 20th Nov at 5 PM. It will be live streamed on Lyca Productions Youtube channel.

Check out the logo and tell us your views in the comments section.


Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has turned Super Villain for 2.0




  1. Bollywood arena here you call Akshay sir just Star,Bollywood indicine calls Ajay Actor sometimes I don’t know why the Khans are being so overhyped while for the 2 most hardworking superstars from 1991 to date that have had ups and downs but either one gets piles of offers from directors or the other continue to enjoy Biggest festival release dates like Diwali. Not fair at all,I know Ajay Devgn is always a target for mockery while Akki no mater how well his movies turn out to gross on non holidays still is very underated whether you like it or not you can’t take away an Akki or Ajju hard earned contribution to bollywood. NEVER!!

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